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Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Challenge: Week 1

I am so truly excited to have so many readers joining me in my Weight Loss Challenge this month! It is going to be so much easier to do with friends. If you are doing the BFC, I encourage you to use my S/C Value Tracker. I am using it again and surprised when everything adds up! Oops, I had 5 crackers and 2 squares of chocolate. And I forgot about that yogurt for breakfast. Those little things add up! I am making a few changes to tracker too, like adding calories since many people seem to want to see that. (I don't count calories, just sugar, carb, fiber). As you can see, I went over with carb servings and was very close on sugar on the first day I tracked. But it is great, beacause it points out things I didn't notice. For starters, I clearly needed a more filling lunch so I wouldn't need that big snack. The chips should not have been eaten at all (Damn you potato chips and your crunchy goodness)!

I'm pretty hard on myself, although I'm better since I hit 40. But I am mad (MAD!) when I see very recent photos and I can see those extra pounds in my hips and thighs. Everyone keeps telling me I look fine, except my Sister M who always tells the truth about this ugly stuff. I should take a new photo for my timeline, because I don't think I look like that end photo right now.

Speaking of my Sister M, I am desperately trying to get her to join me this month. She has been off the diet wagon for about a year now, and I am worried about her. Not worried about her being overweight, but about how her weight is effecting her life and health. I've been trying to get her to see it as a disease, like alcohol addiction. Some of us, our bodies convert carbs and sugar into fat at a higher rate. We have raised insulin levels and that causes us to crave empty carbs. We can eat endless amounts of those empty carbs, trying to get that "full" feeling. But it never happens... until you feel sick a while later. I think she doesn't want to start another diet, because she has failed so many times. Why start another one, when you know you will fail again? So this month I want to be a good example to her, show her it is possible to cure yourself of obesity despite your gene pool. I KNOW she can do this too, if she would only put herself first and surrender fully to the Belly Fat Cure plan. (She has written here on my blog several times, you can read more HERE. She is my Awesome older sister.)

For myself, I am trying to picture the end result and keep a positive attitude. I know I can get this 9.5 lbs off, it is just a matter of time. I know I can control my eating and not feel deprived. I know that feeling a little room in my size 8 jeans is going to feel SO much better than those chips are going to taste. I know I can do this, and so can you all!

Leave me a note about how the first few days have been. Has it been easy or a real challenge? If you have already cheated, just move on and start today fresh! We have the whole month of May to get this right.


  1. Thanks for the information on the Marathon training...I will definately start ASAP! So far so good this week, I am hoping to see a significant loss by Monday (my weigh-in day), I will keep you posted.

  2. Glad I saw your tweet and link here. I really need to get back on BFC. I completely abandoned it last month (or was it the last two months??) when I was traveling, working crazy hours, and emotionally drained and stressed over a death in my family.

    When I started the BFC Fast Track I planned to keep up that eating plan until June 1. In June I'm traveling to Italy for a Cooking Tour, so I will obviously have to abandon it since every meal we cook includes pastas, pizzas, desserts, etc. I had hoped/planned to keep strict until June 1, however, to put my healthiest foot forward when I got to Italy.

    Well, I've failed at that, but I need to get back on track this month. No sugar, very low carbs, and back the gym. That's my plan to start the summer. I'm hoping that following on twitter and on your blog will help to keep me motivated. :)

  3. Just sitting here thinking about where i'm going to go for lunch and get a text from Sister A that she's blogged about me. She won't give up on me. Reread all the nice comments and encouragement everyone has given me.

    First inclination..."thaaaanks... [in my best sing-song voice]..i sure wanna get back on..but not in that place yet..." BUT.. with tears in my eyes. I'll just say Yes.. I will. I'll fake it until I can make it to the pink cloud. What i'm doing isn't making me happy..so why hang on to it? For this meal, (and of course - i skipped bfast and starving now)i'll be BFCing. 1 meal at a time, 1 day at a time. I love you Amber.

  4. Eeek! So proud of my sister for joining us!! Those first steps are the very hardest, but the most important. LOVE YOU MISH!

    Monday is my weigh in too, but down 1 lb today. Im going on a girl's wkend to Sonoma so I have to very careful not to ruin that 1 lb loss!! Wish me luck.

  5. You can do it Amber AND so can you Sister M!!!! Have a great time in Sonoma. Hopefully we will all be happy to report a weight loss next week.

  6. Thanks for posting this out there. I'm right with ya. I'm mainly trying to stick with his fast track and no grains but alas the tiny group of us that have been at this a year are at crossroads where some of the team members have met or exceeded their goal weight. I still have a long way to go. We've all lost about 50 pounds since starting last year. For me, i've gone from size 24/26 to 14/16 in shirts and 18 in slacks. I'm wearing a size large norma kamali shirt I never thought i'd fit in...it's one of those wear it 10 different ways things. Being able to get in this shirt comfortably was just the push I needed. See I gave it away along with some other dresses well over a year ago. I feel happy to have them back and able to get in them. I'm gonna be joining in the plan with you during May. Onward and upward :-)

  7. Hey Amber! I am glad to be here and supporting you in the May challenge - it really is easier with others joining in! I've done really well most of the days this month so far, with one notable exception. Yesterday I mistakenly thought I could eat 'just a slice' of homemade cheese zombie ( homemade bread stuffed with cheese.) Not so. I ate way more than my share, and woke up this morning up over a pound! Yikes! That is no way to start off a challenge. Anyhow, back on track!

    And I just wanted to say to Sister 'M' - one meal at a time is the best way! Mess ups are way less consequential that way, and you can get right back on track the next meal. Like I did with the zombies yesterday.

  8. Count me in for at least 5 pounds. Thanks Amber!

  9. I'm in, Amber! This is the end of my second week on BFC and my first week, I was down three pounds. My weigh-in is Monday, too, so I hope to see a loss. As of today, I'm down 1.4 pounds.

    You're my inspiration and I love all of the tips, reviews, etc....thank you so much for keeping me on track :)

  10. Hey I'm in! i was just thinking this morning that finally in may i have no birthday parties or occasions that require birthday cake etc until july so this is good timing for me too. i have 15 lbs i want to lose. good to know you guys will be doing it as well! congrats amber on your relay! so happy you got to do that. us 40 year old moms dont always remember to do fun stuff for ourselves like that and it important that we do. great job girl!

  11. Guess I'm in, a week late, but in nonetheless. Saw myself in a video from a birthday party last week and I'm definitely back on the BFC in the morning.

    One thing you might mention to Jorge is for those of us who basically had no results, getting a couple of tests could make all the difference in the world.

    I found out in March that I had a very low vitamin D level. Then I started on Synthroid on April 29th because I also have hypothyroidism. That likely explains the 'whopping' 8 pounds I lost in 5 months last year.

    Either one of those issues alone can make losing weight all but impossible, but together... And I've found I'm not the only one dealing with both of these problems. Seems to be pretty common, and should be addressed.

    Sure wish I'd known this last year. I might not have freaked out quite so much when I saw the video. :(

  12. I'm struggling too, but I agree that every meal is a new beginning.When I make a bad choice, I'm really trying to let it go and move on. What else can you do. If you give up you will just gain more over time. Good luck to everyone. Hope to report a loss next week!

  13. Thanks Amber for posting about your wt. gain too. It shows us that this is something we have to continue to monitor - its not just a diet, but a lifestyle. I think it took courage to let all your followers know you gained a few, and its encouraging to all of us to take the May Challenge. I live in WI so beer and wine is my down fall. I just don't know what to do to drop the last few - I have lost a total of 20# and feel I probably should consider this my idea weight, but just want to drop 3-4 more and it seems IMPOSSIBLE.

  14. I started a 10 day detox cleanse today...cutting out grains, dairy and alcohol (boo!) to help kick start my body into eating healthy again. I am focusing on lean proteins, veggies and a few nuts these 1st few days. Also will do a Jay Robb protein shake mixed w/ water for a snack. I'll report back and let you guys know how I do!!

  15. Hi Amber- I'm BFCFT from Jorge's FT in Jan. (Online program we did.) I lost 10 pounds total- that's all. Still have SO much to go. Anyway, I found this interesting in your Blog just now:
    Some of us, our bodies convert carbs and sugar into fat at a higher rate. We have raised insulin levels and that causes us to crave empty carbs. We can eat endless amounts of those empty carbs, trying to get that "full" feeling. But it never happens... until you feel sick a while later.
    I have ALWAYS had this theory, too! My family (sadly) develops adult diabetes (overweight) and I feel like it's "in my genes" to not do well with lots of sugars/carbs. My husband can eat a big ol' sandwich and be fine. Me- I'm bloated afterwards, sleepy, etc. Seems like my body does NOT do well with them- yet it's what I LOVE/crave... So hard! Keep up the good work.

  16. Can I jump in late? I just bought the book yesterday.--Susan




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