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Friday, May 13, 2011

Finding Respect in a Cookie

Okay, so week two of this May Challenge has been a total challenge for me! If I make dieting look easy, well this week has been HARD. I'm not going to make any excuses, but will just say I have been so busy lately and it just caught up with me. I was juggling a dozen things, so proud of myself for doing it all and then boom! It all fell on the floor and shattered.  I let my refrigerator and pantry get low on the right foods, I let myself get frustrated with small things (my 3rd graders damn book report) and I over committed myself across the board. I set myself for failure basically.

Last night my 6 yr old was crying in bed. I went to comfort him (he almost never cries) and he told me "I don't get any respect in this family". Really, my tiny little Rodney Dangerfield? No respect huh? Boy, I could have told a story about how I feel the same, but instead I asked what would make him feel like he was being respected. He said "a cookie".  When I was done I said to the Hubby (who has been MIA for over a week and just got home that night), I want a cookie, I went and ate two cookies (we had only found the cookie hiding place a few hours before). Then I went to bed sad and feeling worthless. Stepped on the scale this morning to see my weight back up 2 lbs. I know two cookies doesn't explain 2 lbs, but it does show my mindset and lack of willpower. There has been small things, the wrong crackers, a few chips, there was a jelly bean incident and it all adds up. Or could be that I'm hormonal and that explains EVERYTHING! That is probably it.

The best part of this week has been my Sister M. I hope she doesn't mind me telling the world that she lost an amazing 7.5 lbs this. It is her first week back on the Belly Fat Cure after a year of not dieting. W00t! She read my blog post last week, and right there on the spot decided to start. That is a HUGE thing for her. So proud! She is my inspiration now.

My weigh in is Monday mornings. I do that to really help keep me true over the weekends. I'll post a chart so you can see how my weight fluctuated this week. I'm really hoping it will go back down by then :( If you struggled this week, leave a comment and us know how you overcame it. Inspire me, I need it!

 I'm making an Angry Birds cake today, but I won't eat any of it. The Hubby was gone for his birthday and was part of that big announcement this week (you can now play Angry Birds right from you computer! Click here to do it!) so we thought this would be fun. I'm also making a Japanese themed sushi meal for the dinner. I've never done that, so it should be interesting!


  1. Amber don't beat yourself up! Remember its a procrss.
    Y do u weigh yourself makes me crazy I weigh once a month perod I use a tape measure. Yesterday was my fall off thewagon day. This morning I am back on track I have lost over 40lbs on Bfc in one year. I REFUSE TO ALLOW 5lb BEAT ME!


  2. HI Amber, you remember how the weight goes up and down all the time? Maybe its the hormones or just being a woman. Don't let our emotions win and you will be fine.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Had not weighed myself in a year & a half...tried a pair of pants on every Friday and went my that. Dr. appointment this week...decided to "look"...had said before I got on scale...I'm in the 140's and I was...listen to your body. Don't let the scale be in charge. I've been so much happier not letting the scale tell me how my week has been. Just my own thoughts, but hey, why not?

  4. Amber, you are always a inspiration to me and others. I know it has to be hard sometimes when it seems people are always looking for you to inspire when you may need a little yourself. Just remember we are all human and make those slip ups every now and then. I have been struggling for the past month or so since my injury and need to refocus on the plan. I find all my inspiration reading everyones blogs and just knowing that nobody is perfect.....congrats to your sister that is so awesome.

  5. Amber, I smiled when I read your post, because if I substituted a few things, it would have sounded like it was coming from me. Cookies, peanut M & M's, crackers, bread etc. My kids are older and just came home from college, so my house has food in it that hasn't been here in awhile. Add to that some stressful situations this week, and it was the perfect storm. So when I said I smiled, I just felt that I realized we all have these difficulties and have more in common than we realized. You have been so successful in your weight loss efforts, me not so much. But I realized that even those who seem to have it all mastered can have a bad day, week, month. So your post actually made me understand that I will always have to work on this weight loss journer, stay focused and look to others to help me do that. Good luck and look forward, not back!

  6. Hi Amber,
    Well, you pretty much summed up where I've been since Thanksgiving. In the last 2 weeks I've tried to find dresses for up coming graduations and have been sad when looking in the mirror. Wednesday night I went to the store and bought 3 boxes of Uncle Sam's and a gallon of unsweetened almond milk. Since Thursday I've had my bowl of cereal every morning and I'm eating at least 2 crispbreads for lunch with cheese and lunchmeat. Thursday night I actually ate breakfast for dinner and was quite pleased with it.
    With the holidays and stress related to kids and the job, the delicious sweet treats were the reward I believed I needed. I find it very difficult when I go home to visit my family and everyone takes the time to make delicious food and desserts-if I don't eat it they take it personally so I've come to accept that when I do make these visits, I may not have any weight loss for the week but it means more to me that my family feel loved and appreciated than saving a pound or two at their emotional expense.
    I am beginning to feel better,physically, since returning to BFC and I look forward to experiencing some emotional benefits soon too.
    Thanks again for sharing so much of your experiences with all of us.

  7. Good for you Heather! Just keep it up, one meal at a time, one day at a time!

  8. Thanks so much for the kinds word, I really really appreciate it! ;-) I have to remember my mindset when I was losing so successfully, and I it was really positive. I had my goal in mind, and didn't let things get me down. The family bday party was a success, even though I messed up the seared Ahi (it was just plain old cooked Ahi). I didnt test the cake to see if it was done and it was still liquid in the middle when I went to frost it!

  9. Thanks for posting your failures along with your successes! It's so important that we all remember that a few mistakes aren't going to ruin this whole experience - if anything they help us to remember how important this way of eating is, and encourage us to get back on track as soon as possible instead of giving up. Here's to Monday! :)

  10. Liquid cake is just as sad as my cracked down the middle hoping the icing will hold it together cakes. My son had plenty of those kind when he was little... the love is there for you Amber! My May Challenge is limping along, but it's when we throw in the towel that all hell breaks out, so I will recommit in June if I haven't done so this week, over and over again, "just keep trying"... Aloha girl! P.S. At least I don't eat cake anymore, that's one plus*

  11. Hi Amber...it's been a long time since i've checked on all these BFC blogs. I marked my one year in February and am still plugging away. As strong as you are you will have no problem getting that extra weight off, even though you look awesome. I know how you feel though, i've been up and down for the last couple of months and i just panic because i don't ever want to go back to where i was!!