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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dark Chocolate Review Part 3

Who knew that on a diet I'd be writing so much about chocolate bars? That, my friends, is the beauty of a low sugar diet plan like the Belly Fat Cure! I have Dark Chocolate pretty much every night. Sometimes it is just a single square. Other nights, tougher nights, it is a whole serving.

Most Dark Chocolates that have 80% or high Cacao are allowed, since they are typical  low in carbohydrates and have 5 grams or less of sugar. Dark Chocolate is also allowed on the Fast Track also, just make it a half serving size.

Some of these bars listed here are hard to find, see my previous Dark Chocolate reviews (Part 1 and Part 2) to get a complete picture of the chocolate you could be eating! In the past year I have reviewed over a dozen different chocolate bars, and yet, there are still more! A few of these are a little higher in sugar, so adjust the serving size so you don't go over 5grams for this snack. My favorite of all the Dark Chocolates is Ghirardelli 86% Midnight Reverie, which I review in Part 1. It is the easiest to find (Thank you Target and Lucky's grocery) and I can usually get it 2 for $5.

Valrhona Noir Extra Amer 85% - This is a wonderful dark chocolate bar that is now available at Trader Joes for $2.99. It has a very dark taste and very little sweetness to it. If you are just getting used to dark chocolates, this may be a little too bitter. If you are a conessour, you will love it!It has 5grams sugar/15grams carbs for an an S/C Value of 5/1 with 6 grams of fiber.
Alter Eco Dark Blackout 85% Chocolate Bar, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 4)

Alter Eco Dark Blackout 85%- My Sister M bought this for me and it is really good! We even shared it with other sister, who is not on a low sugar diet, and she liked it too. It is very smooth and creamy. She couldn't remember where she bought it, but eventually found it at Whole Foods. If is 6 grams sugar/14grams carbs for an S/C Value of 6/1 with 5 grams of fiber.

Madecasse 80% Cocoa - The Husband put these bars from Madagascar in my Christmas stocking, says he found them at a food fair at work. These aren't my favorite, but the Husband really likes them. There was a taste that I didn't recognize in it, even though it simply cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter. I love this company, though. They have a great story and Fair Trade product. 7 grams sugar/15 carbs S/C Value: 7/1 for half the bar. It claims 1 gram of fiber.

Organic Panama Extra Dark Chocolate - This 80% fairly traded chocolate from Equal Exchange has to be one of my new favorites! It is really smooth and doesn't have any after tastes. I found mine at Whole Foods. It has 7 grams sugar/15 grams carbs for an S/C Value of 7/2 for 1/3 of the bar.
Dove Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Chocolate Creme Candy, 3.4-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)

Dove Sugar Free - These taste much sweeter than the other bars because it is sweetened with the sugar alcohol Maltitol. Long time readers of my blog will know that Maltitol causes an upset stomach in many, including myself. So this is not a favorite. But it is a good transition into the real deal dark chocolates as you lose the taste for sugar. I found these at Walmart.

I would love to hear which is your favorite Dark Chocolate bar on the Belly Fat Cure or any other low sugar plan!



  1. Hi Amber
    Like you my favorite is Ghirardelli 86% Midnight Reverie.I want to thank you for all the good information you post. Also, thanks for suggesting we contact other posts. I did that and have enjoyed following Rosie, Helen, Kasey, and Sherrie. I need to do a lot of work on myself.
    I need the support of all of you Dear BFC Friends.

  2. Thank you Linda! My whole goal here is to share what I have learned about myself and my diet. I know what it feels like, to have that WANT but not the tools to implement change in my life. It is with us all, sometimes we just need a little nudge (or kick).

  3. My favorite so far is the Endangered Species 88%. It's rich and smooth and readily available at my grocery store, 5 minutes away. Whenever I need it! :)

  4. Chocoperfection bars they come in dark, dark with almonds, and milk. I also like Carbrite chocolate bars lots of variety, but it has malitol.

  5. I like the Ghiradelli 86% Midnight Reverie, and especially like that I can buy it in the little individually wrapped squares. It helps me portion control. I ordered them direct from Ghiradelli.com and they had free shipping and a coupon code discount at the time of the order, so it was a better buy than what the stores had.
    That being said, my absolute favorite is the Green & Black Organic 85% dark chocolate. I love this brand, and find the chocolate so rich and creamy and not at all gritty tasting. I'm always open to new ideas, so I'll try some of the suggestions too. Thanks for the reviews.