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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belly Fat Cure iPhone App

This week we finally have a Belly Fat Cure iPhone App! It is $4.99 and tracks your daily food consumption and S/C Values. It is an electronic version of the planner that Jorge Cruise provides in the book. Here is my review:

Pros: This is a professionally done app, very pretty and nicely made. It is a product of Oceanhouse Media which has made iPhone apps for several of Hay House Publishings authors. The graphics are great and it is very visually appealing.

Along with tracking your S/C Values and food log, it also tracks your waist circumference and weight (and has nice graphs to show your progress). There are some quotes from Jorge, sample menus and information from the Sugar and Carb Counter book. It has 7,500 foods already entered, but you can add your own too.

There are several things that I really like about the app. Like that it includes fiber grams in the foods list and carbohydrate grams, not just the Carb Serving. I also like that it has a Quantity, as it makes tracking and entry easier. I also like that it has so much information about the diet and isn't "just a tracker' and is really almost a digital version of the counter book. Plus, did I mention that it is pretty? Cuz it is.

Cons:  The app is preloaded with all the foods from the Belly Fat Cure Sugar and Carb Counter book. However both list foods that contain artificial sweeteners, which ARE NOT ALLOWED on the plan, yet they are listed as if they do. One of the promotional photos of the app even features Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt. Ugh. It is also missing all the great recipes from the original Belly Fat Cure book, which I think should have been included in the list of foods. Wouldn't it be great to just enter Great Ground Beef Tacos from page 195?

It is also pretty difficult to enter in your daily food intake. There is no search for the foods, instead you have to drill down through the types of foods. You can only enter your data from your iPhone/iPad, there is no web entry/interface (but that is common with many apps).

And lastly, I don't believe it counts your Carb Servings correctly. Which is really unfortunate as that is the most confusing part of the BFC plan. This is due to the error that the app just totals your daily intake, instead of meal totals. For the record, you mark off you Carb Servings per meal and DO NOT rollover the extra grams to use later. Using this app would allow you more carbs than if you tracked manually. Makes you wonder if they had anyone who actually DOES the diet test the app. Simply adding a meal category would solve the only real problems with the app. (I could be wrong about this, since I only had a short time to test it. Let me know in the comments if this is the case, as I'd love to wrong about this.)

All that said, I think it is worth the $4.99 for iPad/iPhone for Belly Fat Cure dieters. Oceanhouse Media informs me there are no current plans for an Android version of the app. Personally I would use the app just for simplicity's sake, with hopes they would correct the Carb Serving error.

If the price is too steep, the Cons are too many or you don't have an iOS device (Like me! I had a borrow a friends iPhone to review it), you can download the extra paper trackers from the book HERE.  Or you can use my spreadsheet for free  (I spent a lot of time making sure it tracks your S/C Value per meal, along with daily totals) I'd love to hear what you all think of the app. We have waited so long for it, after all!

Update 5/19/11 3pm: This App has just been pulled from the AppStore. According to Oceanhouse PR "This App required modifications to it's features". Hopefully they are fixing the issues I mentioned!


  1. I have the app. and it doesn't count carb servings correctly, as you mentioned. That was the big bummer. I do like that I have a list of foods in my phone with carb/sugar/fiber counts handy. This app. needs work.
    Hope they fix it. Right now I carry a notebook with me to write down all that I eat. I'd love an app. to do this.

  2. I dont have the equipment for apps,but,wondering whatever happened to the book that was supposed to come out

  3. I was not impressed at all and I am out 4.99:( Maybe it will work better when they release it again.

  4. Amazon says the book will be shipped Sept 13th. They have changed it a few times, so who knows for sure! Id love to hear comments from anyone else who bought the app or checked it out! It still not available for sale again.

  5. When will they come out with an app for Android?

  6. Here is a great app I found for Droid users
    It tracks both daily carbs and sugar intake by using the food journal, it also keep track of calories and sodium if you are interested in tracking those items.
    It is a 5 day free trial, then if you like it; it is only 7.95!
    I love it!

  7. There is a new app available for BFC on the app store called FifteenSix. It just tracks your sugars and carbs each day, but it's only $.99

  8. Tim, thanks for the heads up on the new app. I can't locate it at all though. I was thinking of doing my own app for Android with the same concept of Keep It Simple Stupid!

  9. Doing a search the FifteenSix never came up, however I found it - it is called Countii and the web address is fifteensixapp.com. Thanks Tim, otherwise I wouldn't have even done a search! :)