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Friday, April 15, 2011

Reader Profile: Rosalie Haggins

Did you all see Jorge Cruise is asking for dieter profiles last week, to appear on Oprah with him? Very exciting, and since I had my turn on a show with him I have my own opinion on who he should take! I vote for Anthony D'Amato and Rosalie Haggins! (He should totally let us vote, right?)

I interviewed Anthony awhile back (he has lost more than 150 lbs) and this week I wanted to do a Q&A with Rosalie. She has lost 83lbs and been on the Belly Fat Cure for over year. 

Rosalie is in her 50s, and I have found with dieters that this an important age, where you body responds differently to diets. She and I have a lot in common, diet wise, and I think we implemented the plan very similarly in our lives. I hope you learn something new here with my Q&A and I bet she will motivate you!

(Me) Tell us a little about yourself, age, height starting and end weight, sizes, etc.
(Rosalie) I am 52 years old, 5' 6 & 1/2" tall, starting weight was 238lbs, starting size a very tight 18 & 20's, XL, 1X, & 2X tops I am now 155lbs, wear a size medium top and size 8-10 pants depending on the material.

(Me) Have you always struggled with your weight, or did your gain it during a certain time in life?
(Rosalie) I remember being a size 14 way over 20 years ago.  I started gaining weight after the split up of my marriage. It was a very traumatic time in my life and my Ex tried everything he could to try to ruin my life. That did not stop until the kids turned 18.  

I remember being in Target a long, long time ago and even size 16 didn't fit and I just cried and cried right here in the store. Well anyway - it just went down hill from there with my weight and before I knew it - I was size 18-20.

(Me) Did you have a tipping point, or something that clicked, that made this be right time to begin a new diet?
(Rosalie) Not really. I got to the point in my life where I just accepted myself the way I was no matter what size I wore. My husband saw something on TV about Jorge and the Belly Fat Cure book. Although he loved me the was I was - for some reason he thought it was a good fit just for me.

(Me) Do you have a favorite product or food on the plan?  
(Rosalie) I love... cheese and eggs, and I love that I get to eat them every day. And I love to make pita pizzas, I eat them for breakfast and lunch all the time. And Shirataki noodles. they have 0 sugar, 0 carbs, and 0 calories. Awesome!!

(Me) What is your favorite meal, one you have frequently?
(Rosalie) My favorite meal of the day is Breakfast!! I love to eat a good healthy breakfast of toast, eggs, avocado, turkey bacon, and blackberries. and of course coffee.

(Me) What type of exercise do you do? 
(Rosalie) It's funny that people ask me that all the time and are shocked when I say none. I just walk every day fast with my 2 dogs anywhere from 1-3.5 miles depending on my mood. I love to walk! 

(Me) Do you follow the book and recipes from it, or just do meals that follow the S/C Value rules? 
(Rosalie) I have never really followed the recipes in the book, but I read through all of them several times and used all the ideas from the book to do my own thing. 

(Me) What is the toughest part of the day, eating wise, and how do you deal with it? 
(Rosalie) That used to be the evening. For the first 2 months on the BFC, I sat and held my stomach telling my hubby "I'm HUNGRY" !!! I read in Jorge's book that if you want to accelerate you weight loss to stop eating your carbs after 3pm and not to eat past 7pm, and that's what I did, right from the first 2 weeks on the BFC. It took about those 2 months until my body got used to eating this way. Now I know not to let myself ever get hungry!!!! I mean - to eat all my meals on time and not skip or go off my schedule too much. 

(Me) I remember you had a weight that you got stuck at for awhile, which seems to happen to most of us. How did you overcome it? 
I remember telling my hubby many times "I'm not losing any more". But I just kept doing it and tried different things. By not stopping or cheating is what made so successful. Eventually the weight has nowhere to go but off.!! 

(Me) Tell us about your blog and how it has helped or hindered your experience on the plan:
(Rosalie) My blog address is: http://purplerosy.blogspot.com/ I started doing my blog after reading Amber's blog all the time and thought it would help keep me focused to get my thoughts out. It has been a big help to me and many others,  I know now. You get a lot of support by blogging. I have met many, many new BFC friends and we all help keep each other on the right track. 

Here are her fabulous Before and After photos, how great does she look?!


  1. OMG!! I love this post and that you did a Q & A with Rosalie, I hope she wins the trip to the Oprah show. :) Then I can say I have this awesome friend who met Oprah. Plus she so deserves it. She and you as well Amber have really inspired me by reading your blogs. Its just so awesome and I can't wait until I have lost my 70 lbs. goal weight. :) What true inspirations you all are!!

  2. I hope Rosalie gets to go too! She's done a great job, and it's her turn to shine. Thanks Amber for post your wonderful blog. I'm wondering now about Anthony D'Amoto too. Those pics you took were last May 2010. Do you keep in touch and have you seen him recently or heard from him? Wondering how good he is doing now. Can you interview him again? Just wondering. JORGE PLEASE TAKE OUR FRIEND ROSALIE!!!!

  3. Wow, she really deserves to go on the show, what an inspirational story. What she says about not doing exercise is interesting - we don't have to go to the gym and work out, it can be part of our life, like riding to work, or walking the dog. Then it doesn't feel like exercise - so she thinks she doesn't do any, when in fact she walks 1 - 3 miles a day.

  4. Kasey - I do keep in touch with Anthony and he has lost more weight. In fact, I dont think he could lose a pound more without floating away! He is doing great and Jorge has included him in his next book!

  5. hey I was just wondering if you knew of any online resources for looking up s/c values of whole foods like fruits and veggies? thanks!

  6. Nice post Amber!!! I agree Rosalie should be chosen to go on Oprah w/ Jorge. She deserves to meet him just like you did. You girls are proff positive it works!!
    Have a happy Easter!!!