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Monday, March 14, 2011

Steaz 0 Calorie Sparkling Tea on the Belly Fat Cure

Steaz 0 Calorie Sparkling Teas are a great option on the Belly Fat Cure, or any Low Sugar diet plan. I find these drinks really refreshing and light. Just the perfect amount of sweet for me. I prefer the Raspberry and Black Cherry. Of the soda replacements that have helped me kick the old Coke Zero, this is one of my favorites!

Steaz has several different products that are not Belly Good. This one comes in glass bottles with a twist off cap and says "0 Calories". They had a branding change last year and used to say "Diet" on the label, but nolonger. I found mine at Wholefoods and Amazon carries them too, but there seems to be confusion with the rebranding.

I had a friend who accidentally bought the wrong type of Steaz and drank a few for a day for a few weeks. Her weight went up when she changed nothing else, and then discovered one day that she had accidentally picked up the wrong ones. So be careful!

Steaz has a neat website, but annoyingly it does not show the Nutrition Facts correctly. I double checked directly with Steaz and they say the label is correct and says it is 0 grams sugar/9 carb grams for an S/C Value of 0/1 per bottle. They come in real glass bottles with a screw cap, so they aren't perfect for travel. But I love to sneak them into the movie theater!

Steaz has new flavors coming out right now and in a can! Can't wait to try them!



  1. I tried these, but the canned version. Peach Mango and Raspberry are great!! :)

  2. I've been drinking the canned ones too and am under the impression they are 0/0, at least from the nutritional information on the can. Do you know if that is correct?