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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Somebody Bring Me Some Water

Brita 42629 Slim PitcherThe most daunting part of the Belly Fat Cure for me was giving up my beloved Coke Zero. I was like the Charlton Heston of diet sodas "You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands". Well, that may have been exactly how it went down! But thankfully, I saw the light and listened to Jorge's message about artificial sweeteners. I really think this is The Key to his plan (other than giving up sugar) and I don't think he talks about it nearly enough. Maybe he doesn't know how the overweight community relies on artificial sweeteners, I don't know. But I went cold turkey on Coke Zero and I am so glad I did!

Water was crucial in giving up diet sodas. At first, water didn't taste so good. It was just bland, maybe bitter, but just not good. My Mom was dieting at the same time and was really struggling "just to get it down". Turns out us sugar addicts really don't like water! I pulled out an old Brita pitcher I had, put in a new filter, and it has been a life saver!

I keep my Brita on the counter, and if I'm going to be in another room for several hours, I take the Brita with me. I don't keep it in the refrigerator for two reasons:
  1. Out of site, out of mind
  2. It made the water too cold, and me too cold when I drank it
In the beginning I added lots of things to my water to make it taste better:  squeezed lemon, sliced cucumber even cinnamon. I still make iced tea, but not daily like before. The good news is that eventually, I didn't need that. I like water now and find it much easier to "just get it down". As I have moved my kids away from so much milk and orange juice, they have learned to like and ask for more water too.

Jorge Cruise also talked to us in class about chlorine in our water and how that affects our body and digestive track. He actually recommended we use bottled water, shocking to me since my family had just sworn them off completely. A little research backed up his chlorine concerns, but suggested that just leaving water out in an uncovered container for 24 hours removes most the chlorine. (Read here for more on that) Strangely, the book doesn't mention this and I have never heard him mention it since, but it was a big deal during our class and changed how I looked at my tap water.

Like everything else in the world, Amazon carries Brita, but so does Walmart and Target. They come in cool colors and shapes and are typically less then $10. I really recommend picking one up and seeing how times a day you can drain it!  I also LOVE these Contigo water bottles. I carry them in the car and in a bag for day trips. Costco sometimes has these and with an occasional rebate. They DO NOT SPILL (as a Mom I've used lots of water bottles and these are the Rock Stars of water bottles) and they come in pretty colors too! Both Brita and Contigo products are BPA-Free which is really important to me.

Are you drinking enough water? Do you have a trick to getting enough or something interesting you add to it?



  1. Your post is an interesting one. When I was a kid we drank water with all our meals. As a grown up I still like water, and it a my number one choice when thirsty. I let my thirst guide me in drinking water. I don't believe we "meed" to drink a lot of water beyond our natural thirst. Thanks for the chlorine tip and I think I will take your advice and pick up a Brita.

  2. Water is also my drink of choice. My mom always drank a lot of water and I think I just picked the habit up from her. Living in the country, we are on a well so we had a whole home water system installed. With that comes chlorine and so to combat that, we had an R/O system installed. It makes drinking good water easy! thanks so much for all your tips, and your example! You make these lifestyle changes feel like we aren't doing it alone...

  3. Hi Amber,

    I love your blog, and congratulations on your success! It is truly inspiring. I just started BFC; purchased the book last week, found your blog, downloaded your tracking spreadsheet (thank you SO MUCH for this -- it's very helpful).

    I don't usually drink enough water but am making a conscious effort to do so; I'm envisioning that it's helping to release fats and toxins and excess water. My refrigerator has a filtered water dispenser, so I don't need to buy bottled water.

    One unrelated question ... is there a BFC forum/community online that I can join? I find Jorge's official BFC site sadly lacking a good deal of information; many of the links don't work. I find forums very helpful for research and sharing information.

    Thanks again for the blog, and keep up the great work! :o)

  4. Great idea about leaving the pitcher on the counter Amber. Just got mine out. Funny how a change so simple can make a difference.

  5. Hi Amber I too was one of those that drank a lot of diet coke and coke zero. I love the flavored ones. I quit cold turkey also, but I already drank water all the time. Once in a while I miss the coke zero's, but when I do I just drink a zevia or blue skies soda.
    Have a great day :-)

  6. It is so embarrassing about my past water habits! I would never have let my kids get away with that, so that is why I wanted to write about it.

    Madolyn - SparkPeople has a big BFC group that one of my readers Diane has started. I think we all agree Jorge's FB page isnt what it could be. Especially when it comes to supporting dieters. Maybe I can get Diane to do a little chat with me and talk about the SparkPeople page! Here is a link: http://bit.ly/hHT4y2

  7. Hi Amber- I am very interested in the Fast Track Program and have searched all over the internet to try to figure out when his Fast Track Book will be out....any ideas when I can purchase the book?

  8. There is a link to pre-order the Fast Track in the upper left hand corner of my blog. The current release date is Sept. Have you signed up for Jorge's email club? Its is free and just recently he sent a link to the FT basics.

  9. Yes- signed up yesterday, but haven't received anything as of yet. i am very interested in the fast track as the BFC didn't really help me lose because I only have about 8 lbs to lose and think I really need to go grain free, which I have been doing for the last 2 weeks- just need more information. I bought the Primal blueprint, but would like to see Jorge's plan. Thanks for your response.

  10. Amber, I've searched all over sparkpeople and can't find Diane's group. Any ideas?

  11. I started the BFC on April 30th and decided to give up Diet Soda at the same time. The diet coke idea came about before I had his book, I just had a friend that was on it and was having great results so I did his one-week thing online first and when I started losing weight, decided to buy the book and was like "oh, good thing I already gave up soda!" One thing I have noticed since then is that I am ALWAYS THIRSTY. Like...slightly-parched-mouth-GIVE-ME-WATER-NOW thirsty. I thought I would have such a hard time drinking water because I had tried upping it before with disastrous results. I think it must have been because I was still drinking A LOT of soda. Like...a lot. I too loved Coke Zero with a passion! Did anybody else get SUPER thirsty when they started BFC or is it just me?

  12. What about Brita and all the other hard, clear plastic containers carrying BPA chemicals that are sooo toxic? Just drink water from the tap! Be careful of BPA!!!

  13. I don't trust anything that says 'bpa-free', fyi. MANY companies (especially those made in china) lie to consumers. use glass.