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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Questions About Rachael Ray Appearance

I got several questions about Monday's Rachael Ray Show. The whole process of appearing on the show was so surreal, I'm still recovering from it. There were so many inspiring stories on the show, and mine is really just a side note. I feel humbled to be included at all. I invited over a bunch of girls friends, made a low-sugar brunch (which I'll post about later) and sat down to watch it.

Here's the 411 on my experience:
Q: How did you get picked to appear on the show?
A: The process worked something like this, although I don't know all the details: Jorge Cruise's staff gave the show profiles of several dieters (I had signed a release form last year that allowed them to do that). Producers then interviewed me over the phone, just for background information on the segment. I was interviewed a 2nd time by a higher level producer, who basically asked me the same questions. I was in the checkout line at Costco during that call! At the end she said "We may ask you to join us on the show" but there were no promises or details. I got a call a few days later saying they had picked me, which I totally did not expect.

Q: Rachael mentioned that people who participated had makeovers and clothing, did you get that?
A: No, I did not. I wore my own clothing and did not have a makeover. That was for the amazing guests who had lost hundreds of pounds. Their stories were SO fantastic! The wonderful makeup artist for the show did my hair and makeup on the set. I was amazed with how he made me look. He worked wonders with my hair and eyes. Cuz that is not how I normally look!

Q:  Did your blog have anything to do with getting on the show?
A: Yes, I think it did. Jorge and his staff are familiar with the blog and the producers had seen it too. They specifically asked to use the timeline photo on the show. It helped that I was very well informed on the diet and felt very comfortable talking about the plan. The Belly Fat Cure is really a huge part of my life, I eat, talk and write it.

Q: Are you and Jorge Cruise friends?
A: I have met Jorge on a few different occasions, usually just long enough to snap a photo or make a quick video. We did not hang out in NYC together, even though I invited him to join me for a drink.

Q: Did you get to meet and talk to Rachael?
A: No, not past the interaction you saw on TV :(

Q: Where you nervous?
A: My sister says I had on my "about to cry face" and I kind of agree! In that moment I was not nervous, but building up to it I really was. I typically have a lot to say, but it takes me a moment. I like to think about it for a second and didn't have the luxury of that on TV. So I was really concentrating. They cut out some of the conversation and a part where I said I never dreamed I could run a half marathon. I also talked about how in my timeline photo you can see my demeanor change into a happier person.

Q: If you are training for a Half Marathon, isn't that how you lost the weight?
A: No, I got to my goal weight about 7 months ago and just started training for the Half about 2 months ago. I am only able to do this BECAUSE I lost the weight. I am 100% sure of that! I think it has also helped tighten my body and I might have had more lose skin without that consistent cardio.


  1. Hi Amber! I missed the RR show because I was working on Monday and I dont have a DVR. I tried going on her site to see you, but she only showed the 2 ladies who were on stage...boo hiss! Can you post the video on your site?? Would love to see it!! Thanks for all that you do! You are such an inspiration to me and I read somewher on your blog where you were so excited about the plan one night you did a little fist pump & said you were gonna be the best client he ever had on BFC. Mission accomplished girl!! Congrats on your appearance and your amazing success!

  2. Hey Amber, I have to say you did look beautiful for the show but of course I think you always look beautiful. I am sure it was fun having someone do you hair and makeup. I was just a little disappointed that you did not get to say a whole lot about the BFC and how you did it but like you said you got to be on the show and that was exciting in itself. Maybe next time you will get more air time....lol

  3. Thanks so much Diana and Sherri! I talked a little more, but it got cut. I was really there to be a working example that the plan really works. Other then my little part, I was completely in the dark about everything else that happened until I saw it play out. Now I just have to figure out how to get my hair like that on a daily basis...

  4. Amber,

    I just started the BFC almost 2 weeks ago and so far I have gained a pound. I am pretty sure I have been accurate with counting all my sugar and carb servings. I also have been drinking the BFC drink! Help I am feeling discouraged.


  5. Newbie - Skip that BFC Drink!! Add your fiber supplement to water or coffee or something that is 0 carb. I think that is the biggest no-no in the book. It is not intended to be an everyday thing, only to help you get it down. If you are having a Sobe or Zevia be sure and count it properly too. If you are having them everyday, Id recommend cutting back a bit too.

  6. Ok I'll Skip the drink! Its not been everyday just the past few days. My first week on the plan showed the weight gain. I decided to start the BFC drink since I thought I was having "false belly fat" but again have gained a few more ounces. Very frustrating!! I did not expect to lose 9lbs the first week or anything, but weight gain was not in the cards either!
    Thanks for the advice Amber.