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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belly Fat Cure Brunch

My New Years Resolution this year is to develop better freindships, which is hard to do as an adult when you move. So I invited over several friends to watch the Rachael Ray Show with me last week. (Otherwise it would have just been me, in my robe, with my morning coffee. And that is just sad, right?) I decided to make a low-sugar Belly Fat Cure approved Brunch for them all. They don't need to lose a pound between them all, but they are very conscience about their children's diets.

Here is what I made:
Tiny Crustless Quiches - These are really simple and SO good. I modified a recipe from Jorge Cruise's upcoming Fast Track book. Mine were basically ham lined mini muffin tins, egg, cream, finely chopped leek and asparagus, pepper and a little bit of Mozzarella cheese. I'm going to make a bunch of these and freeze them. SO GOOD!

Kale Chips - Surprisingly, lots of the women loved these! I've wanted to make these since I first started the BFC. The oven was warm from all my baking last night and I had Kale in the fridge, so I finally did it. Kale is so good for you I am thrilled to find a fun way to eat it. It is also a great source of Calcium. You can google it and find a dozen different ways to make them. Here is how I did it:

Wash Kale, and removed stems. Completely dry and cut/tear into smaller pieces. Toss with 1Tbsp Olive Oil and I added 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice and sea salt. Place on a large cookie sheet that is parchment paper lined. Cook for 15 minutes at 375, until crunchy.

Yogurt, Berries & Cereal - I had a big bowl of Blueberries, Blackberries and Raspberries with a low sugar yogurt next too it. I also had a few different types of low-sugar cereals in glass bowls with a scoop. I was thinking they could mix up a bowl with a little yogurt, fruit and cereal. The fruit was a hit, but the other stuff was a little clumsy.

Little Nuts & Chocolate - I put a mixture of nuts into mini-muffin liners, then broke pieces of Dark Chocolate into it. I used every kind of nut we had in the house (pistachios, cashew, pecan, walnut, etc) and a few different types of chocolate that I had on hand.

Cheese Tray - Who doesn't love a little cheese!

Hummus & Pita Chips - I used Trader Joe's Hummus, but it is easy to make too. The chips are a little higher in carbs, but totally allowed in moderation. Shop around for the ones with the best S/C Value.

Whole Wheat English Muffins & Nature's Hallow Preserves - This was a big hit. I have the Strawberry and Mountain Berry preserves and they are wonderful.

Smoked Salmon Plate - I placed it on a plate and used an icing tube to make the cream cheese look pretty. I sprinkled chives over the top.

BFC Mimosa - I served the regular Mimosas too, but a few friends humored me and tried this. I served the Champagne with Vitamin Water Zero Rise, which is kind of like Orange Juice. But I really don't think it was very good, and with just rather have my champagne straight up (so glad it is allowed on the plan!).

Coffee, lots of coffee and cream! Only one person asked for sugar and I have her a Sun Crystal packet ;-)

It's probably the last time any of them will come to my house to eat! But it gives you a little idea of low sugar items you could serve at your own get together.


  1. You have done so well...My "SADs" has kicked into full gear. I have been craving sugar like mad and have gain 10 lbs since thanksgiving. I keep trying to get back on track at no avail.
    Thank you Amber, for the updates.

  2. You have so many great ideas!! I am going to have to try those little quiches mmm!! :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Amber, I feel like you are an angel. Thank you for your well written blogposts and informational videos but I thank you most for your weekly report. Simple but so powerful. I started BFC 11/1/10 and hit 30lbs this week!!Week 15. I follow your weekly progress/blogs and your words encourage and inspire me.
    Kacy, NJ

  4. Hey Amber,
    I was inspired by your appearance on Rachel Ray last week so went out and bought the BFC book that night.

    1 week = 6 pounds minus one inch. This is as low as I've weighed in several years - feels good!

    I have so many questions that I'm having trouble answering.
    Have enjoyed moving through this website - you seem to be much more tuned into the readership than Sr. Cruise.
    How is your maintenance going?
    Thanks for doing this,

    Monarch Beach, CA

  5. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful ideas...the quiche sounds yummy. I was wondering if you could give me any pointers on hitting plateau. I have been at the same weight for over a month now and getting a little discouraged.

  6. Your brunch sounds delicious! I am going to try the kale chips. Thanks for sharing.":^)

  7. Nancy - That is so cool you found the blog after the show! Feel free to email me at meandjorge@gmail.com if you have a question. Maintenance is tough, I wont lie. Its a forever thing, but Im doing great! Im up a few lbs after the race on Sunday, but my body is healing my thighs are bloated (?!?)

    Diana - for plateaus you will need to start eliminating low fiber carbs all around. If there choices between breads & tortillas, choose the ones with the highest fiber. It was all about the fiber for me at the plateau!

  8. Love the ideas here!

  9. Thank you so much for your blog! I alsofound you after Rachel Ray. Bought the book and I'm down 7lbs. after the first week. Finally something that I don't hate!!! I drink a glass of wine most nights and still lose. I found buying chips (my weakness) in single serving bags- Pirate's Booty single has 0/1, really helps me not binge even thoughI haven't had the urge to since I started!

  10. Amazing brunch!! I find myself fixing brunch for guest a lot more now sense doing BFC. Please post your recipe for the crustless quiches :)

  11. I have been having trouble entering information into my copy of the s/c tracker. Even though the item is in the lookup table, I can't enter it into the appropriate day. Can you tell me what to do or give advice.

  12. Hi Amber - This is a bit off-topic, but I couldn't find a way to email you on your blog. I came across your blog last year when I tried out the Belly Fat Cure (though I'm now doing a different program as I'm trying to transition to dairy free/sugar free/gluten free lifestyle. I found your blog so helpful that I'm doing one for the other plan I'm now following (Tim Ferris' Slow Carb Diet.) Someone recently suggested I add amazon affiliate links (as you do), and I just wanted to know what your experience has been using them and if it's been worth the effort. I will keep doing the blog regardless, just wanted to know if you think it's worth trying to monetize it. Any feedback you could give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  13. RE S/C Tracker - Make sure you have saved it first. Maybe reload it?

    Laura - Ive been an Amazon Affiliate since the program first started, many years ago. (Ive had a website or blog for professional/personal purposes since 1997) I have only good things to say about it. It works well with this blog, because Amazon has so many products that I use! Low sugar products are very hard to find too. On whether it is worth the effort, I dont know. Its all about traffic and the type of items you link too. I link to pretty simple and inexpensive things, but my goal is to help my readers find BFC products, not to sell them anything. I want my blog to be a complete BFC resource, so it is worth the effort for me.

    I found something really good to get with my affiliates rebate and Im going to be writing about it soon!

  14. I'm no cook :) - could you please be kind enough to share EXACTLY how to make the quiches - they sound yummy! A huge thanks and keep up your great work.