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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Straus Family Yogurt

I usually have a bowl of high fiber cereal for breakfast on the Belly Fat Cure. But this month I am grain-free on Jorge Cruise's Fast Track plan. Fage Greek Yogurt is great, but I found Straus Family Creamery European Style Yogurt fits the plan really well too. This yogurt is more like a drinking yogurt, because it is very thin. Or like the ones I've had in Europe that come in a milk cartoon. It is incredibly tart and has no sweetness to the taste at all. I add a few blueberries or blackberries to it to help round it out.

As an added bonus, it is loaded with probiotics such as L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus and bifidus. Probiotics as crucial to a good diet and I am always looking for ways to get it in my foods and not just in pill form. They put the "good bugs" back into your digestive system, which are so important.

The serving size is 1 Cup and has 7 grams Sugar/14 grams Carbohydrates. I divide it in half and have a 1/2 Cup for breakfast to get an S/C Value of 4/1. If you are feeling adventurous or getting bored with your normal breakfast or snack, give it a try! Remember most brands of yogurt are loaded with either sugar or artificial sweeteners. Be sure and check the INGREDIENTS for the following items that you should completely avoid: Aspartame, sucralose/splenda, saccharin.

This particular brand may be difficult to find outside of California, but if you check your dairy section you may find a similar product. You can also special order it from Diamond Organics HERE.


  1. Amber - Thank you for keeping us posted on Fast Track - I'm always interested as to what is on your menu for the day. Someone made a comment on FB about you "being Jorge's official spokesperson" - maybe she should read your post and get informed. I will stay tuned to see how your grain free month goes and if you feel it is a lifestyle you can live with, if its worth it or just go back the basic BFC.
    Right now I'm wondering how much more spinach a gal can eat?? hahaha

  2. I saw that! I was just trying to help her, since I dont think the man will answer her. Oh well, she didnt seem to want help!

    I really see myself doing BFC with limited grains long term. That is how I have been maintaining anyways. I am really enjoying this though, Im even looking at it as an experiment! ;-) Maybe Ill do two months a year completely free of grains.

  3. It's a little like doing a cleansing. You don't want to do them often, but when it's necessary. I think your body will tell you when it needs a little rest from grains. Amber, I still like my Greek Gods yogurt in the green container. It's thick, and creamy, but not as tart as Fage. I haven't tried this brand Straus, but I think I may have run across it. I will look for it. All yogurt is not created equal so we all need to be in the habit of reading labels, serving size, and get those " good bugs" in it. Thank Amber for the product review. I think you make a pretty great Spokesperson actually.

  4. I've been tracking your blog for a few months. Somehow, I got a copy of Jorge's 7-day Challenge for Women Over 40. I have been following the meal plan for 3 weeks and have lost 7 lbs. I'm feeling great. My question is: has Jorge ever addressed kids' menus? Is 5/2 a good standard for the children also, or do they need more carbs for developing years? Thanks for any help. Renee.

  5. Kasey - Ill pick that brand up this week! Im zipping through my yogurts on the FT.

    Jorge has not ever talked about Kids on the BFC. But I do the plan modified for my kids with a lot of just common sense and then so research through in. The post is here: http://www.meandjorge.com/2010/09/belly-fat-cure-for-kids.html

  6. I found some sheep's milk yogurt by Old Chatham Sheepherding Company recently that fits in BFC. It's VERY tart for my taste, but is so thick and creamy and actually healthier than cow's milk yogurt. Here's a link about the health benefits compared to other yogurt and the company website: http://www.blacksheepcheese.com/yogurt_facts.html

    I'm still trying to figure the best way to eat this since I am used to eating Greek yogurt with honey. I've tried malitol liquid sweetener, truvia, and mixing in some Nature's Hollow preserves. So far I like it best with the preserves mixed in and am getting used to a tarter taste instead of the sweeter honey taste that I love.