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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Product Review: Fage and Greek Yogurts

Fage Total Greek Yogurt, (500g) 17.6ozWho would have ever guessed yogurt is high in sugar? After all, it is the staple of many well known diets. Well it is high in sugar, or if it isn't then it is made with artificial sweeteners such as Splenda/sucralose, aspartame, saccharin. Jorge Cruise recommends switching to a Greek Yogurt called Fage on his Belly Fat Cure plan because it is the lowest in sugar and stays within his S/C Value guidelines.

Fage is just one brand of Greek Yogurt, but it is the one specifically recommended by Jorge. Most Greek Yogurts I have found (Pavel, Oikos, Greek Gods, etc.) about the same low sugar count as Fage.  What is the difference in regular yogurt and Greek Yogurts? Greek Yogurts are thicker, more tart, and less sweet. The whey has been drained from Greek Yogurts, making them less runny. I had been a fan of Greek Yogurt long before I went Low Sugar, and I already enjoyed the taste. But it may be hard to switch for some used to regular yogurt.

Fage has an S/C Value of 5/1, so how does that compare to regular yogurts? I was shocked to find that the brands we are most familiar with have between 16-30 grams of sugar per serving. I was aggravated at this, since I had always thought yogurt was a great snack on a diet. I used to substitute non-fat yogurt for sour cream at home when I cooked Mexican meals. I thought that was a better "diet" choice, but I was wrong!

Jorge has several different recipes that use Greek Yogurt in the book and I have tried a few and they are delicious. But I found that my package of Fage usually went bad before I could finish it and it is pretty pricey. When I want yogurt, this is what I buy. But I would not say it is a staple of mine on the Belly Fat Cure.

Have you tried Fage and other Greek Yogurts? What did you think?


  1. HI Amber, hubby and I eat Fage yogurt. It is always in my fridge. :-)

  2. I also ate Fage before starting BFC, but end up buying Trader Joe's full fat Greek most often. Off topic, I just wanted to say that I've been following your blog since you began and love it! I hope you'll continue to post regularly even though you're in maintenance mode. You're a great writer and your product reviews have inspired me to try new things. I actually love Amazing Grass! I'm almost at my one year anniversary and have lost about 57lbs. And like you, I've tweaked and changed along the way. I'm not at a no grains point, but I feel that is the ideal route for me at some point. In the meantime I just try to really limit my grain carbs and make them as whole/complex as I can. I've also read about paleo/primal plans and most likely won't be that extreme. I can't imagine giving up dairy or nuts anytime soon! I don't weigh myself regularly at all, maybe every month or so. But at 49, it's the first time in my life that I believe this is how I'll always eat and that the weight coming off is permanent. That's such an amazing, freeing thing :)

  3. I mix Greek yogurt with some Truvia and 1/8 tsp of an extract (lemon, almond, raspberry, etc.) ~ yummy!! If I'm feeling really ambitious I'll even throw in some frozen blueberries ;-)

  4. Hi Amber,
    I started off buying Fage yogurt, but now I'm buying Greek Gods. Only the green container has a Value of S/C of 5/1 for a half cup. The other Greek Gods yogurt have more sugar in them. I personally like the taste better than Fage. But like Fage, it also has Active Cultures. No point in eating yogurt when they are high in sugar, and don't have Active Cultures in them. The Greek Gods yogurt is from cows not supplemented (or treated) with rbST/rbGH. It's also an excellent source of Calcium, and we all need that! Nice blog!

  5. We make our own greek yogurt with a "Yogormet". The freeze dried starter is cheap if you buy in bulk and works really well (you can also use fresh or frozen yogurt as starter). We use 1 packet of starter for 2 liters and it works great. This way if you want to use raw/organic milk or whatever, you can.

    To make greek yogurt, after the cycle of cooking/incubating is done you simply place paper towels on the top of the yogurt container for a day or two as it sits in the fridge. All the whey is absorbed into the paper towels and you are left w/ greek yogurt.

    Since I am feeding a family of 7, buying this stuff can get expensive, especially since everyone loves it so much. We add in a bit of dried fruit, nuts, flax and whatever else suits our fancy.

  6. Wallaby Organic Yogurt just started to make a Greek yogurt that is really yummy!

  7. I wouldn't deny I love yogurt in every brand! :D I think yogurt is one of the best food to satisfy our sweet cravings. It can also give you the following health benefits:
    - Yogurt can help alleviate gastrointestinal conditions like constipation, diarrhea, and lactose intolerance, among others.
    - Yogurt can help boost your immune system.
    - For women, yogurt can discourage vaginal infections.
    - Yogurt can strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis
    - And, yogurt can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
    And with that, I say we all eat yogurt everyday!

    PS. I hope you find the best yogurt for your diet. Cheers!

  8. Do you know why it's a freebie on the 100 plan?

  9. I love Fage. It doesn't taste like much alone but it's really delicious with fresh organic strawberries.

  10. Fage with any fruit defeats the low carb benefits of this yogurt. Try instead flavoring the yogurt with a little sugar free jello powder. This does not add carbs and tastes good.

  11. Pavel's isn't Greek it's Russian and it is NOT thick, or sour. It is much much better tasting in my opinion than Greek and has been around for YEARS