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Friday, January 28, 2011

More From Before

I realized while getting ready for the Rachael Ray Show that I don't really post many before and after photos on the blog. I have my Timeline photo, but that is pretty much it. Well, I had to dig through years of photos for the show so they could show a good before photo. That was such an experience! I felt so sad looking at the photos. I can remember how I felt in the those moments. Mostly I noticed how I am just absent from photos. Or if I am in a photo, I hide behind the Hubby or my kids. Positioning them strategically in front of me!

When I was asked to be on the Rachael Ray Show, I really thought about why I would do such a thing. What is my purpose for that and my intent. My intent is that a women who is overweight, feeling helpless or hopeless can relate to me and know there really is a solution. You can take back control of your life and weight, from wherever to disappeared to. You really can! It may not look like it now, but I was desperately unhappy for a time. And I was officially OBESE, not just overweight. So in the spirit of that, I wanted to share some before photos with you all. My weight in these photos is about 196 and I wore a size XL, 14-16. They were taken in the year leading up to starting the Belly Fat Cure.

Your solution may not be the same as mine. If it's not the Belly Fat Cure, maybe it's Weight Watchers, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Paleo or whatever.  But YOU can do this.

This is my AFTER photo taken last night. This was my alternate outfit for the show, in case my first choice was too dressy. I am now 143 lbs, size 8 jeans and Small shirt. I had to rebuy an entire wardrobe, because not even my underwear fit anymore. Notice a difference in my smile from all the BEFORE photos? That is real difference here... not sizes, weight and charts.

 Can you imagine what your AFTER photo is going to look like?!


  1. I can totally relate, Amber! I always have to OK the photos before they get posted anywhere by my husband. LOL Glad you posted more pics because it was hard to imagine that you once were really overweight from your time line. It's the "real life" photos with family that make me say, "yeah, that's me!" Am so proud of you and continue to think of you as a great inspiration! After I pop this kid out and get well again, I plan on cutting back again on the hidden sugars. It's so hard when your tastes change but I'm sure they'll change back when I'm struggling to fit into regular clothes again. LOL Can't wait to see you on Monday! :)

  2. Wow Amber!! Look at how far you have come!! I understand the feeling of hiding though. I did the same thing before. You look beautiful either way to me. :-)

  3. Amber, All I can say is Wow! You look great and I cant wait until I get there. I have been stuck at a plateau for about a month now and getting a little frustrated but I know it will come off eventually. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I cant wait to see the show!

  4. You do give us hope Amber. You look healthy, fit, and happy, and thank goodness you have stopped being a statistic. Some women don't have a problem with obesity, but the U.S. is trending up to their necks in it, and it takes a lot of effort to change. I spent my my forty's with about the same weight as your are carrying in those pictures, and now in my mid fifty's I'm finally doing something about it. Thank You!

  5. Amber, you look fantastic!! Cant wait to see the show!! Thanks for your blog...love it!

  6. Hi Amber!
    It's "BFCFT" from the FT 4 week program! I can't wait to see you on RR today! It's funny, how can you feel like you know someone that you've never even met?! You are so relate-able though... and I too am a mom of 2, age 41, etc. Keep going strong and thanks for letting us share the ride!

  7. Congrats! You looked great on Rachael Ray today!

    I have a question - is a carb serving only things like bread and pasta and cereal or potatoes or do you count the carbohydrate grams on packages of other things too?

  8. Thank you so much for your kind comments! Its so funny that I felt the need to write a post to prove I was obese just a little over a year ago. Seriously, most everyone in my life now claims I was never overweight. Maybe they are being nice ;-)

    BFCFT - I totally know what you mean! Ive "met" some many wonderful people through this blog and diet. We all have so much in common.

    Anon - Carbs are a little more complicated on the BFC. Count all the carbs on the nutrition label the same. 4-20 = 1 serving. If you look at the posts under the button MOST POPULAR you will see a long explanation of that. Its easy once you get it down.

  9. Hi Amber - congratulations on your weight loss! I saw you and Jorge on Rachael Ray today - I went out and purchased the book and am deciding if I'm going to give the plan a go or not... I do have a question for you though :) I heard you mention that you are training for and running a half marathon soon... are you still using the FBC eating regimen while training - or have you had to add in additional carbs/sugars? I ran my first half marathon in October - and I can't imagine getting through it without my gel packs! Curious if you've had to adjust w/ the long runs or not... Thank you so much in advance... Your story is great!!

  10. Traceypb - My half is this Sunday! Yes I have stayed on the Belly Fat Cure all through training. In fact for January I took it a step further and am doing a new no grain version of it (Jorge calls it Fast Track) to get off a few holiday pounds. I decided not to do the gel packs, they are full of sugar. And maybe I am making a huge mistake, I dont know! But this week, I going to have grains and up my protein. Wish me luck!!