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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Travel Food on the Belly Fat Cure

I am traveling this week for something that is so special, I'm hesitant to share it with the world quite yet. I'll share more once I get my head around it. But traveling on a diet is difficult, so I have packed up lunch for myself on the long flight. I find it a little harder to be out and about when I am grain-free like I am this month, so I am trying to be prepared.

Snack Pack:
Salame slices
Cheese sticks
Parmesan Crisps
Raw Pecans
Amazing Grass Wheatgrass packet - it mix with water on the plane

I am not going to stress over food on the trip, just do the best I can. I will also say that I have lost 6 lbs in Jorge's Belly Fat Cure Fast Track Class in these two weeks, so I am back to my goal weight. I am very surprised by the quick results, I was not expecting it to go so quickly. Let's just say, this has been a week of surprises for me!


  1. Well if it has anything to do with Journalism, then it should be you! I think all your followers agree that your hard work will pay off! When are you running the half? Can't wait to see the photo's from this event! Passion for something always pays off! Good Luck Amber!

  2. I really look forward to reading your blogs. I have just started on the BFC (finished my first week today) and I lost 10 pounds! I couldn't be happier! Your blog is really inspirational to me! Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone Amber! 10 pounds down 65 to go! Here I come sexy body! :)

  3. Hi Amber, How are you doing? Sounds like you made some great choices to travel with. great job on the 6lbs. Take Care :-)

  4. I think I know where you are from your tweets! Amazing! Give us all the details when you can!You're still my inspiration as I try to lose this weight!

  5. I think we all know where you are/were now...AMAZING!!! Hope to hear all the details soon!!

  6. I just saw Jorge's post on FB. Congratulations on your appearance on Rachel Ray. I was so excited for you. You sure deserve the spotlight you have done so well and you are such and inspiration with your blog and on the Fast Track site (I follow you there too). So happy for you. Please let us know when it will be on the air.