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Friday, January 14, 2011

Belly Fat Cure Fast Track Class Day 5

I am on Day 5 of being Grain Free. That means no pasta, breads, rice, or fiber supplements like Benefiber. In other words, it leaves quite a bit out of your diet. When I tell friends I'm grain-free the first thing they ask is "then what DO you eat?"  So here is what I eat on Jorge Cruise's Fast Track:

Coffee with Heavy Cream
1/2 Fage Greek Yogurt
Blueberries (handful)

Snack:  I usually have one of these as a snack in the afternoon or evening
Iced tea or hot tea with 2 squares dark chocolate
Celery plain or with 0 sugar Taziki (its a Greek yogurt based dip)
Sliced Salami

Lunch: This sounds like breakfast, but I cant stomach this kind of food too early in the day
Eggs (sometimes egg salad, sometimes over easy with cheese)
Bacon or sausage patty
OR some type of lunchmeat with cheese, sauerkraut & pickle
Spinach salad or sauted spinach, or celery

Grilled Fish, Chicken or Tofu* (see below)
Sauted asparagus or zuchinni or other green veggie

*My household is a little complex with food now days, so I don't cook red meat much. The Hubby is Vegan, and while he doesn't care what I eat, I just try and simplify.

A few important things to note about the Fast Track and how it differs from regular Belly Fat Cure:
1. Eat loads of green vegetables, fill up on them. They are where you get your fiber and nutrients
2. There is no counting anything and very little measuring. Its KISS - Keep it simple stupid.
3. No grains of any kind
4. There is next to no talk of sugar alcohols on Fast Track. I think is smart, they can really impede on weight loss and I thought it was a mistake to include them so liberally in the BFC. (IMHO)

Surprisingly, or not, Jorge has added more fruit to the program. But actually they are a tiny amounts that I'm sure are 5grams or less of sugar a serving. So technically they were really allowed before. You can have 1/3 of a banana, for example.

Jorge has invested in a new website for the class, which is far superior to anything he has had before. Each member has a profile where others can get to know us and a great community dashboard. I have noticed the tone and attitude of the group is extremely positive and up beat. The setup really encourages lots of chatter among the members. So much chatter, that I can't even keep up with it! But that sense of community will really help with people's success.

Jorge has a short video every day for us. Mostly they are tips, tricks or product recommendations. His team is pretty active on the community answering questions, and several people have had calls from his staff this week. Jorge has a new look too! Gone is the Blue American Apparel t-shirt that we always see him in, and I say good riddance ;-)

So, I am feeling great 5 days into no Grains! It is certainly easier this time than it was last time. I really struggled with breakfast last time and ended up skipping it a lot. But not this time. I don't know if I could/would give up grains forever, but a month or so is a good start. I do not feel deprived (although I longingly walked down the cereal isle and found a one that fit the BFC...) or hungry really, but I do feel like I am being VERY strict with my food intake.

I'm very excited Gary Taubes new book is out! I just put this on my library list and will review it once I'm done. Jorge frequently references Gary's research on his diet plan. It is said to be sort of a condensed version of Good Calories, Bad Calories.


  1. Thank you Amber for sharing your experience with the Fast Track. I wanted to start this as well because I have both books of BFC, but I am worried if I try this, I might fail with no grains. But I have 70-80 lbs. to lose and I wanna see faster results to start to get me more motivated so I hope I can do this. Again thank you for sharing. It helps to know what other people eat and have had success with eating. =)

  2. Sounds quite a bit different from BFC. Lost a total of 50 lbs last year on BFC.

  3. Ending week 2 on BFC and I am still adjusting to limited grains, so it's encouraging to hear that you are going grain free! Thankfully, you didn't have to give up chocolate! Looked at your reviews and got the one you recommended...YUM! Down almost 10 pounds today. Thanks for having such a great website...have learned a lot already.

  4. Great post! I have been doing BFC sense Aug. I have not stepped on a scale, though I have done from a sz 12 M/L to a sz 6/8 S/m . I have fallen off the wagon for a few days @ a time, but always come back. Do you think the fast track would be a good jump start for when I take a few days off??
    Are avacodos & nuts okay w/ the Fast Track? Thanks-K

  5. Amber, Can those of us not participating in the paid fast track program access the new web site. I am using the materials from the last fast track program, but would love to have access the site.

  6. Going grain-free wasn't as hard as I thought. I feel i am doing well on the fast track, i've really been loading up my plate with huge salads and LOTS of veggies. one morning i had a wonderful omelet with spinach, mushrooms and cheese. for lunch one day i had cucumber slices with a dab of goat cheese and a bit of roasted chicken deli meat on top, along with some red pepper slices and hard boiled eggs. last night i had a hamburger patty on top of avoocado slices and sauteed mushrooms topped with cheese and bacon. one night i roasted a huge pan of butternut squash, turnips and brussels sprouts. i am down about 5 pounds down since Monday. Aunt Flo came to visit this week, so thank GOODNESS for dark chocolate. i've been eating from an 85% bar, it has actually tasted surprisingly sweet!!

  7. oh, i almost forgot about the asaparagus we had last night, grilled in my george foreman grill!!! yummo!

  8. Hey there Amber-
    Gotta ask how the fiber issue is...as this was a BIG factor in the original BFC class. I have a hard time imagining that spinach and the rest have as much fiber as Uncle Sams and the tortillas. Does he promote using powdered fiber? Are beans allowed? So glad that you are doing so well!

  9. Hi Amber, Glad to hear your first week is going good! So you can have greek yogurt and fruit? I know it's no grains but does he limit the amount of sugar ? Still around 15 grams?
    Thanks! Julie

  10. On the Fast Track you get your fiber from lots and lots of green vegetables. And it does the trick!

    There is no official counting of sugar and carbs on the FT. But to me it is exactly the BFC minus all grains and limited sugar alcohols and beans. So yes, greek yogurt, a little fruit, cottage choose, protein shakes, etc. And no, he is nolonger recommending fiber supplements, except as a last resort.

  11. Awesome review Amber. I'm loving the Fast Track. I never thought I could go off grains but it's happening and it's easier than I imagined it would be. Having fun on this journey with you.

  12. You mentioned your household includes a vegan hubby - so I'll ask this question: I'm a lacto (non-ovo) vegetarian and am trying to find out if I can do this diet. I have over 50 lbs to lose and had a hard time on BFC. Tim Ferriss recently put out the 4-Hour Body, which seems strikingly similar to the grain-free fast track, but he includes a once-a-week binge. Don't know if you have any thoughts on how to do this successfully. I've gotten nowhere in trying to contact the BFC team for answers / guidance.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  13. I noticed a comment about the dark chocolate Actually tasting sweet - has anyone else on the fast track or BFC noticed a taste bud difference? I drank tea and it tasted salty, i'm very sensitive to sweets now...

  14. How bout chia seeds? Ive been drinking a tablespoon or so in my morning tea for fiber. I haven't found anything Jorge has said, about chia seeds...

  15. can you eat red plums??