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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Me and the Half Marathon

Over a year ago when I began dieting, I also set a fitness goal for myself. I set the weight loss and fitness as separate, because in my mind they were related but so different. But really they worked together to get me to my goals. By losing weight, I could actually start running instead of just walking. As I lost weight, I noticed my feet hurt a lot worse as I exercised. By exercising I tightened up all lose skin created from losing weight. So it was a win/win situation. I also loved how my long walks/runs let me clear my head and process my emotions. Friends kept encouraging me to register for a big race to help motivate me, but I resisted. Then one day I realized I could actually do this!

Initially I set my exercise goal to run a 5K in 2010. I did that back in May, and I didn't do too great. Turns out the the first few miles are the hardest for me and I don't enjoy that part of the race at all. I enjoy my long run days because I really exhaust my body, and it is something that I never imagined I could do. I have signed up for the Kaiser Permenente San Fransisco Half Marathon. It runs 13 miles through Golden Gate and along the Great Highway. I a using a traditional Half Marathon training schedule, where I run one short (3 mile) and one long (9 miles) and one short run that increases in length by 10% each week. I can't run the big hill part of my long run, but other than that I'm pretty okay.

I have two big fears for the Half Marathon are injury and weather. I got a great pair of running shoes that is supposed to take care of most knee problems. But I still have to be careful, because of my age. I also run on trails mostly and sometimes fall. I fell recently, sliding and then falling right on my knee cap. I'm afraid I'll do all this work and then get injured and not be able to do the race. And then there is San Fransisco weather! An early February morning could mean freezing rain OR 70 degrees and sun (much less likely). Not sure I can handle freezing rain! I have been upgrading my running gear from the Target workout section to Lululemon and a little better quality for winter. But Im a little scared...

Have you set a fitness goal along side your weight loss goal? Do you keep them separate?

I can't stress enough the role music plays in this. When I'm having a hard time, huffing and puffing my way through a section of trail, the right song can come on and turn everything around. A little Blue's Traveler's The Mountain Wins Again, Florence and the Machine ("run for children, your sisters and brothers") the same music that might get you dancing or tapping your foot. I recently saw Robyn in concert and LOVE her! Her album is on sale at Amazon right and would make a great gift to yourself if you like that kind of pop music. Since I got rid of my iPhone and have an Android now, I use Amazon for all my music.



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  2. That's wonderful, Amber! Success to you on that. I'm a flip flopper with exercise. At times I do really good, especially if I have a specific goal, and at other times I hardly exercise at all. I worry about taking up running because everyone I know that runs has injured their knees, ankles, or legs doing so, and I really don't want to have injuries like that to deal with for the rest of my life. It seems that once the injury happens, they have to suffer/deal with it on an ongoing basis. I do like walking though.

    I guess I keep the two separate in the sense that I know I can lose weight even if I'm not exercising, but I don't keep it separate in the sense that I know it's important for my health just as eating healthy is. So, yes and no on that point.

  3. Hey Amber-
    You can TOTALLY do this. It's ok to be scared, it's a HUGE deal. But a rocking, awesome, huge deal. You set your mind to BFC and succeeded. You are training correctly and I know you will be great on race day. Don't let your mind play games with you. And there will be so many people cheering you on that day, you'll feel like a superstar. Check out @foodiemcbody on twitter. Here is a link to her recent blog. She's 50 and just did her 1st 1/2 marathon in Vegas. Talk about inspiration. http://t.co/t86cyt1 Keep up the great work, Momma! -@therevivalofme

  4. That is an awesome accomplishment!! I would be super proud of myself if I were at your point. Keep going Amber. :) Great job!

  5. Wow, Amber, a half-marathon! That is so unbelieveably awesome and even more so thinking about where you started!!!! I started about 10 months ago working with a personal trainer and have come so far in what I can do, it's amazing. I do mostly strength training with a little cardio thrown in to warm up. On non-lifting days, I just try to walk, tho the cold weather and the early nightfall here in NJ have cut that. At 54, I'm stronger, leaner, and more fit than I've been in years. And to think it all started with the Belly Fat Cure!
    Pat in NJ

  6. It's going to be a pumping, adrenaline day when you join everyone at the start, and your jitters will turn to excitement as the gun goes off! You will feel right at home on Race day! Have your family take lots of pictures, and most of all have FUN! It's a beautiful place to run, and you will be talking about it for years, and have the best memories from achieving your goals! The BFC Sisterhood is happy for you Amber!