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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas

I know I write about tea quite a bit, but I feel like they are a huge help on the Belly Fat Cure. Maybe I should change the name to Me & Tea? It's not so much that I LOVE teas, it is that they are perfect for a low sugar diet... or probably any diet. I started having them when I didn't have any Carb or Sugar servings left in the evening and couldn't have any dark chocolate. So I searched for something that was sweet and free! Celestial Seasonings has some great Holiday Teas I wanted to share with you. They are only out in stores between now and mid-January and my local Safeway had them on sale 2 boxes for $5, but Amazon has a good price too. They are available in most stores that carry Celestial Seasonings tea, but you may not be able to find all the varieties. Stock up now before they are gone for the season!

If they teas don't hit the spot, try adding a little Stevia sweetener or even a little bit of cream. It can make a huge difference and really bring out the flavors.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Holiday Tea by Celestial Seasonings - 1 BoxSugar Cookie Sleigh Ride - I discovered this tea last year and was really sorry I didn't stock up for the whole year. A little bit of sweetness really brings out the cookie flavor. Imagine you are eating raw cookie dough, an awful old habit, and you will get the idea. It does smell better than it tastes, but it is still a nice nightly treat.

Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas Candy Cane Lane Decaffeinated Green Holiday Tea 20 tea bags (Pack of 5)Candy Cane Lane - Craving a candy cane or peppermint stick? This tea will really hit the spot! Its a new favorite of mine and gets double points since it is a green tea and decaffeinated. Perfect for an evening warm up. Even though this is a green tea, I don't taste anything that would lead me to think that, so don't let that turn you off.

Gingerbread Spice ** Seasonal item ** - 20 - BagGingerbread Spice - This tea smells so wonderful and spicy. Like you have something baking in the kitchen. This tea I like with a little cream. I'd love to find a way to use this tea in my oatmeal or Jay Robb shake. Maybe Christmas morning while the family is having Egg Nog (I do miss Egg Nog) I'll have a Gingerbread Shake. Just use the cooled down tea instead of Unsweetened Almond Milk!

Two other holiday teas to try are Nutcracker Sweet and Sugar Plum Spice. I haven't tired them yet as my tea cabinet is completely full. But they look like great Decaf no sugar options! Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you liked. I had family in town for Thanksgiving and we had these teas everyday!



  1. These teas sound so good, and I like how you describe each one of them too Amber. Yum! My friend just found out she is diabetic, so I think along with a copy of the Belly Fat Cure book, I will give her some of these teas (since she gave up coffee). Now I know of two friends that carried an extra 50 to 100 lb. and they just found out they are diabetic. All of us baby boomers need to get these extra pounds off, and not wait on it! I've lost a total of 20 lb. and my body is coming around slowly to becoming pain (joint) free... Thank goodness and thank the BFC, it may work slow for me, but it works!

  2. I FINALLY got my first taste of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride today. I'll definitely be stocking up! Oh my Yum!

  3. Another Wintery tea to try is The Republic of Tea's Comfort and Joy Tea, Holiday Spice Blend. It tastes like apple cider without the sugar. Ingredients are: black tea (caffeinated unfortunately), cinnamon, natural flavors, cloves, licorice root and apple pieces.

  4. Kim - I served a Bigalow Cider tea for Thanksgiving and loved it! To have the cider taste and be naturally sugar free was a real treat!

    Kasey - Im pretty sure I really think of this plan as diabetes prevention for me and my family! It has really saved my life. I love that you havent gotten immediate results, but still stick with it.

  5. Love the tea reviews, Amber! I took your suggestion and brew up a little pot for myself--it really helps get through the night time munchies. Love the holiday teas. Good to see you back in blog land!
    Pat in NJ

  6. Amber I always love your reviews. I never use to be a tea drinker until I started the BFC and now I am hooked. They really help me with any cravings or hunger I may have. I really love the Starbucks refresh tea. I went to the store the other night after reading your blog and bought the Nutcrakcer Sweet. I have not tried it yet but I will let you know. They did not carry the sugar cookie one so I will have to look around for that one. Thanks again for all of your reviews.

  7. These will make great stocking stuffers. I just had some bloodwork done. I found out that I am low in Potassium. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience on BFC? I have dropped 10 pounds and I feel great other than leg cramps for the low K.

  8. I really appreciate all your reviews of products and tried the Candy Cane and was not disappointed!

  9. The peppermint candy cane is awesome! I bought it last year when we lived in NC and used my last bag last week! I can't find it where I live in Texas! Might have to get my friends in NC to get me some before they no longer have it! Thanks for your posts and I started my BFC plan on Monday, thought I would get a head of the rest who start on January 1st! Here is my site:

  10. Lately I have been drinking fennel tea. You need to steep the tea bag for at least 10 minutes. Fennel has a refreshing sweet taste to it, and it helps me sometimes when I get a sweet craving. The above teas are interesting but I am not a fan of natural flavoured teas- whatever flavours they put in the teas, is it really natural? But I am tempted to try out some of the above teas and have them on standby just in case.

  11. I love these teas!! Sugar Plum Spice is my favorite, along with Gingerbread Spice. Great ideas!




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