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Monday, December 13, 2010

Belly Fat Cure Maintenance and the Holidays

I haven't been blogging much lately, been so busy with visitors and life. I had family in town for an extended visit over Thanksgiving. We ate out much more than usual, and I had more carbs at each meal then normal. I even had a "real" dessert for the first time in over a year. I got a small Honey Lavender Gellatto downtown and shared it with my Husband. I felt weird about it, but it was a one-off thing.  I am a binge eater, so I need to be careful not to start that habit up again. But I feel really in control and satisfied with my food. After 14 months on the Belly Fat Cure diet, that is amazing. It speaks volumes about this plan.

I am also training for my first Half Marathon in early February. It has me running three times a week on a training schedule. I thought my body was done changing, but it's not. I think I am really close to my ideal weight for my age and body type. So the exercise is reshaping what I have a bit. It is NOT lowering my weight though, I am maintaining at 145. But I am tightening up all over. I don't get on the scales much, and just go by the fit of my clothing. I was able to wear a new dress to the Hubby's work holiday party last night, and it was a SMALL! That concept is so CRAZY to me, it doesn't seem real. It has a lot of draping on it, so maybe it was very forgiving. I can't explain how nice it was to not feel selfconscience all night (or like a sausage encased in Spanx).  I forgot to take a photo but here is the dress (on sale at Anthropologie - my favorite store!)

As a 41 year old women who as been overweight for about 10 years, my body needed a lot of work. My upper arms are still a problem area, and I don't think running will ever help with that. But the rest of my body really seems to be responding. Even my biceps, I guess from pumping my arms while running? I still have thick thighs and calves, but they feel more muscular now. I don't workout at all, other than running outside. As the rainy season hits Northern California, I may have to figure out an indoor workout for a few months. I don't have a gym membership or a treadmill.

This time of year I notice so many people abandon their diets and tend to get negative about these issues. Maybe it is frustration with so much else going on. But stay strong and keep your goals in mind! If you can survive eating right through the next month, you are golden. Remember you DESERVE to have the body you desire. You are not depriving yourself of foods, but are giving yourself the gift of a new body. Dramatically lowering your sugar and limiting your carb intake really is a long term plan you can do!


  1. Love the color and design of your dress Amber, and to think you are into a small and it's all been worth the effort it took throughout the year. Now you are onto another amazing goal of running in a half Marathon. When I was in Sport's Authority on Sunday I came so close to buying a treadmill at 25 percent off for 449.00. I told the salesclerk I would think about it, but as soon as I left the store I started thinking I will go back the day after Christmas to check on the price again. My husband says, I have a great sidewalk and three energetic dogs! Wish I felt as as energetic as they do. I bought the Celestial Sleigh Ride Sugar Cookie tea, and it smells just like cookies with out any sugar! It's good.

  2. HI Amber, I love the dress, and how exciting that you can now wear a small. I am starting to realize that the more I lose the more faults I keep finding in myself. I think my thighs and upper arms and not that great. I am too hard on myself. I think we should just accept ourselves and be grateful that we actually did it. You look fabulous!! Have a great time at the marathon :-)

  3. Kasey - I cancelled my gym membership and took advantage of the miles of trails in my area. But I live in a pretty temperate area (altho today I skipped my run because it was too cold!)

    Rosalie - Those are exactly the areas that bother me too! Ive found I can be harder on myself now then I was before. I dont know why, but Im working on it! Im really trying to accept my body as it is. I will never be perfect.

  4. If you want a really good workout that will hit the areas that running doesn't BUT still give you a good cardio burn, look no further thana Concept 2 rower. Seriously. Get a model D w/ PM3 monitor. I'd suggest you try to find a used one but that is like a treasure hunt. They rarely sell because they are so good. I use one all throughout the winter at the crossfit gym I go to. They run about $900 I think and outside of the joining a crossfit gym, it carries the strongest recommendation I can give. Forget the treadmil. Just run outside if you crave that kinda thing. Take advantage of the cold weather to vary your stimulous.

    HIIT on a C2 rower is a amazing.

  5. Amber, I love the dress and a small....that is so great. Just wanted to let you know that I am always sending people your way from spark since you have inspired me so much. I think you look great to bad we always seem to find faults in ourselves huh. I guess that is just the way we are. Happy Holidays!

  6. You have done so well, seeing those photos of you over the stages of weight loss is amazing, you look so proud too. I am currently gaining weight due to a sugar addiction, it has crept up on me and now i am finding it really hard to resist sugar.

  7. Jo get a bag of Xylitol, and throw your sugar away. You can bake with it, add it to your coffee if you must. It looks and taste exactly like sugar, leaves no aftertaste, and does not cause cavities. It is BFC recommended, it's low carb, low calorie, and Diabetic safe. It has 40 percent fewer calories than processed sugar, and 75 percent less carb intake. The Emerald Forest brand is good. Haven't tried any others.