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Thursday, November 4, 2010

GOOP and the Rising Popularity of Low Sugar Diets

A while back I subscribed to GOOP, which is actress and health nut Gwyneth Paltrow's blog. She sends out her blog in Newsletter form broken up into groups of DO, SEE, BE, GET, MAKE and GO topics. She often gives advices on travel and food, apparently she is a real foodie. Today I was surprised to see GOOP's DO newsletter dedicated to Overcoming Sugar Addiction, with Gwyneth's own input and an article written by Dr. Frank Lipman.

Turns out Gwynnie and Jorge Cruise are thinking on the same lines! I thought it was really important with right up front addressing sugary foods as addictive. It goes on to support this claim and mention many similarities that Jorge mentioned in our online class. The article recommends eating whole foods low in sugar and eliminating artificial sweeteners, although it does suggest using fruit to curb sweet cravings. There are several supplement recommendations, including L-Glutamine. While the article did not give any specific guidelines for how much sugar was considered "too much" I found it a great introduction to a low sugar lifestyle.

The Belly Fat Cure is the only low sugar book I've found that actually sets limits in the grams of sugar we should have. All other articles and books I've seen are very vague on the details of how much is too much. But it is very interesting to see more and more information on low sugar diets and their benefits. Just think, Low Sugar could be mainstream one day soon!

As a low sugar dieter for more than a year now, I found the article very useful. I think a newbie would really get a lot out of it too. You can check out the full article HERE and GOOP in general HERE. Her newsletter is also very useful if you plan on antiquing in Paris or are having dinner in Italian country side (she knows just the pace to go)...


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing, I feel like a recovering sugar addict, but when I eat the stuff it really does a number on me both physically and mentally. It's everywhere though, I recently had a cold and there were 4g of carbs+sugar in the cough drops alone, don't even get me started on the Orange juice :(

  2. I think Gwen's trainer is the one who recommends women never lift more than five lbs. Craziness. Real women lift real weight (and they just get sexier, not bulky--my wife is proof).

    But I'm down with the no sugar thing.

  3. I recently read how much is too much:

    If you find yourself craving carbohydrates or sugar, you are eating too much of them.

  4. I will check out that article. I really dont miss the sugar and the fruit like I thought I would. And best of all I feel great. I have been linking my spark team back to your blogs. Thanks again for your great inpiration.

  5. There definitely seems to be a range in how much is too much for each person. I can handle some sugar and be okay, whereas others follow the "Not even one bite!" rule for themselves because even a small amount causes them to have cravings.

    It would be nice to see sugar be regarded as something to avoid in the main stream. I have noticed a lot more sugar free items containing sweetners approved of in BFC. Before, I never even looked at a product if it said sugar free because I knew it was sweetened with artificial sweetners, but now I look because I'm happily surprised to find that more and more good sweetners are being used.

  6. Amber, I get her newsletter too and thought that was a very interesting article. I am starting to hear more buzz about watching the sugar in your diet. I do think before too long the focus will change to that and away from the low fat, fat free diets that are out there

  7. Thanks for the information about GP's blog. I signed up to get the newsletter mailed to me - it's very interesting. Interestingly enough, my sister (who has MS & is very interested in all things that can be done to improve her health) has just been talking to me about the benefits of Vitamin D3 - which was another article on the blog! Thanks again for all you do!

  8. Hi Amber, Thanks for sharing the article. I have been trying to get myself uptodate with your progress and have to say how inspiring you are! Where do you find the time to update your site everyday??? Let alone, do all the product reviews! I bought the BFC book the other day and made a shopping list for tomorrow (I'm hoping I can find some of the major ingredients and it won't cost me my arm) My weight as of today is 184, and I want to be as successful in my weight loss as you have been. I just had our 2nd baby 2 months ago and nothing fits!!... yet! I have 2 weeks left before I go back to work and I'm hoping I can get use to decreasing my sugar and carbs. How do you remain so positive? ... Joan