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Monday, October 4, 2010

Product Reivew: Virgil's Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda

Virgil's Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda - 4 per packBeing a former Coke Zero addict, I am always on the lookout for Soda's that are low in sugar/carbs and are made without artificial sweeteners. A BFC Buddy mentioned last year that their favorite Diet Virgil's was made with Stevia, but it has taken me months to locate some! I finally found it at a local gourmet grocery store, and thankfully Amazon.com has it too (of course)!

Up until now, if I haven't really loved a product, I tend to just not mention it. But I didn't love this stuff. It was actually TOO sweet for me, almost like cough syrup. I shared it with my BFC Buddy Dave and he agreed, too sweet. I decided to go ahead and review it, since it is a great option on the Belly Fat Cure, and different strokes for different folks. That could also just be a characteristic of Cream Sodas, which I'm not sure I've had before. I didn't hate it, I just didn't love it either. Transitioning from sugared and regular diet sodas is really difficult, I know that, so I wanted to introduce this product to my readers any way. If you are early in the transition off of sugar, you may like this one more. I would love you hear your option on Virgil's Diet Soda and where you found it!

Virgil's Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda has an unbeatable S/C Value of 0/0, with 0grams Sugar/2 grams Carbs. Those 2 grams of Carbs come from Sugar Alcohol Xylitol that is used to sweeten it, along with Stevia. It is marketed as a Supplement and has just a handful of ingredients in it. This soda is pretty pricey, I thought, but its good for a treat every now and then.



  1. HI Amber, I found Virgils quite a long time ago at Henrys Market near me in Southern California. I also found it kind of sweet, but not that bad.
    Take Care :-)

  2. Hi Amber - I haven't tried Virgil's but will as soon as I find it on the east coast. The Black Cherry might be the problem as my hubby and I tried Zevia Black cherry soda and it too is like cough syrup. Since it's also pricey, we haven't tried any other flavors. Keep the blogs coming! Carol

  3. Would it taste better if you cut it with a plain sparkling water to well..water it down, or is it just a yucky flavor?

    There is a Vitamin Water Zero flavor that is too strong/sweet and that's what I do to allieviate it.

  4. Kim - that is a good idea. The flavor was good, it was just too sweet. In fact Dave really like it the first few sips, and only after a bit thought it was too sweet. I havent tried the 0 Vitamin Water yet. But I do water down my 0 Cal Sobe's all the time, with just regular water.

    Carol - I like the Zevia Black Cherry. Virgil's diet was much sweeter then that even!