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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Food Addiction

I always enjoy reading Dr. Mark Hyman's articles at the Huffington Post. This week he wrote about American's addiction to food, and again I could really relate. The article Food Addiction: Could it Explain Why 70% of Americans Are Fat? even goes so far as to compare our obsession with high sugar and fat foods with serious drug addiction. Awhile back I called myself a Carboholic, only half tongue in cheek, but this article helps me understand the link even better.

In summary, it talks about how we overeat, even though the end results puts us on outs with society and causes self loathing. Multiple attempts to correct the behavior and frequent relapses are another common thread. It also says we develop a tolerance for sugar and need to increase the intake in order to get the same effects.  He also quotes a study that talks about the withdrawal symptoms from sugar, which all of us experienced the first week on the Belly Fat Cure. A quick read of Jorge Cruise's Facebook page any day and you will see a dozen newcomers complaining of headaches and dizziness. If you stick with it, they quickly go away. Much like the detoxifying affects drug addicts experience. But most shocking, it says brain imaging PET scans show sugar works on the brain the same as heroin.  It is an excellent read, but a little long. I hope you will check it out!

These are are few of the books quoted in the study. I'm putting these on my library list and hope they will help me better understand my body in weight loss maintenance:


  1. Hi Amber, I just wanted to tell you that I recently discovered your blog and I've been recommending it to my friends. I've been on the Belly Fat Cure for 8 weeks now and I am down 25 pounds and 4 inches down. It is been a pleasure to read your blog, as I find your voice to be positive and upbeat. I also feel like my experience is mirroring yours so far. You have even inspired me to start a blog of my own and I hope have the time to take a look :-)

  2. This is so true, being an alcoholic myself, and knowing what that did to me, gave me a way better picture of what the sugar was also doing to me. Even though i was sober from alcohol, i could see myself using sugar as my drug, with the same patterns i used with the alcohol. Bingeing, eating alone, huge huge amounts of sugar. That's why this has saved my life because i felt like i was spiraling downward again! I have been "sober" from sugar almost 9 months and sober from alcohol for almost 5 years now!! Amen...I am truely blessed.......

  3. Amber, I too just discovered your blog and must say you are an inspiration. I have been on the Atkins Diet forever and was so happy I discovered this diet as it incorporated high fiber, low carbs and made me more aware of hidden sugars. I'm a bit upset that Jorge has decided to go no grains. To me it just seems to be a variation of Atkins which I found very restrictive. Just to get to the part of Atkins which incorporates grains made me go off the diet every other week. This diet is like a breath of fresh air. You get the best of both protein and grains. This is definitely a way of life for me. What are your feelings on this?