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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vacation Temptation

The family and I took advantage of a long school weekend, hit the road and headed South to Disneyland! I have taken several trips while on the Belly Fat Cure and didn't really think it would be a problem. But this time, I was dead wrong. Turns out Disneyland is a sugar lovers dream come true! Coke products flowing on every corner, Kettle Corn aroma being pumped into air, chocolate dipped mouse ears. Seriously, it was more then I could take.  (These are caramel apples with marshmallow ears, dipped in white chocolate then covered in orange sugar with chocolate icing faces. Just ONE example!)

I announced at one point, "I'm going to have a Coke." My 8yr old said "What, and go off your diet?" I was literally gripping a railing, watching (smelling) my kids pull apart a pink cotton candy. The Husband was scooping up Frozen Lemonade and the kid next to me was chomping on a lollipop as big as her head. Across the way, I saw (and smelled) a pretzel stand that sent me over the edge. At the end of our last night we took the kids to the Ice Cream parlor on Main Street and I after being flabbergasted at the sugary creations, I decided to head next door to the Coffee Shop. Only to be tempted with a case full of pastries the size and chocolatiness I have never seen. The temptations were never ending! Maybe I was feeling more stressed then usual, I am a planner and all vacation duties fall to me. The Husband becomes a 3rd child and instead of enjoying the trip I become overwhelmed with all the decisions .

In the end I did not have that Coke or any of the other obvious high sugar choices. But I did regularly over indulge in moderately high carb items through out the trip, like potatoes (mashed, hashed or fried). Sometimes I ordered the right item, they brought the wrong thing and I just ate it (that happened over and over again on this trip). Other times I intended to eat just half, but then I figured it would be awhile until I had the chance to eat again and it would be okay. My weight was up 2.5 lbs this morning!

Here is what I would do differently:
Water - Drinking lots of water helps keep you hydrated and feeling full.
Pick an indulgence and be DONE with it - If there was something I was especially craving, I just should have had a few bits of it, and been done with it. Instead, I spent days being tempted at every turn and overeating on things that meant nothing to me.
Pack your Snacks - For the road or plane, taking your own snacks is the best idea. I took food, but just for the drive down and breakfasts. I should have done more.

  • Celery stalks - This is the best, with lots of fiber and keeps me feeling full.
  • Zucchini Sticks - I never eat enough vegetables on vacation.
  • Cereal - Your favorite low sugar cereal makes for a quick breakfast or a dry snack. 
  • Dark Chocolate - Bring it just in case you need it, better safe than sorry! Surrounded by all the sweets, I really do wish I had packet some. I searched high and low and couldn't find any 85% or better dark chocolates are Disney or the gift shops along our route.
  • Lunch meats - Salami and sliced turkey are good and satisfying. I should have packed a cold bag for the car and taken advantage of the in room refrigerator.
These are all things I knew to do, maybe I thought I was above the temptations after being on the plan so long. Maybe I was just to rushed to worry about the little details of a trip. But I need to concentrate on today, an not beat myself up over those mistakes. In a way I am completely shocked it took me 11 months on this plan to be tripped up like this! Damn you Disney ;-) But it really teaches me that I have to be careful and prepared all the time. Maintenance will likely be more difficult then I thought.... but more on that later. 


  1. Wow I am proud of you. I think I would have eaten everything there. It is so hard to go on vacation and stick to your eating plan. I always use that excuse well I am on vacation so my diet is on vacation too. Our last trip to Vegas I put on 5lbs. Thanks for all the good tips I will use them the next time we go.

  2. Awe Disneyland... As a kid, my brother and I would head straight for the big pink castle, to score a plastic box of "rock candy" which looks like real quartz, but it's pure sugar! If I ate it now, I'd probably break off all my teeth, not to mention the weight gain. Trips are treacherous for those of us who look at food, and gain weight. Okay, so we've done a little more than just look. Where's those carmel apples with marshmallow ears (you had me at the white chocolate)? All kidding aside I got to tell you Amber you are equipped with the knowledge to lose those damn Disneyland pounds, so make a Cauliflower pizza girl and get back on track! My dream vacation is to take a cruise to New Zealand. (People say it's easy to gain between 5 to 10lb. on one of these relaxing boat rides. Of course, people line up in front of the trough throughout the day because the food/drinks are flowing. To think I was planning to hit the Hot Fudge Sundae Bar they have on board. This dream was all calculated in my mind before I started the BFC. Awe present day, a health spa for a week or two, with yoga, message, and healthy food served in a beautiful setting. Okay that sounds like the perfect vacation just now in my calculated mind! P.S. Cute family pic too!

  3. Sounds like you did great to only be up that little... that had to be really challenging.

  4. I so know how you feel; we had passes! So every time I went it was temptation-city. I do know that the candy shop on Main St. has sugar free chocolates. Not sure what's in them, but I would choose that if I was about to fall off the band-wagon. Also, some of the restaurants (esp. in CA Adventure) have healthy choices. Did you know they pump a Vanilla scent all through Main Street? (I have a book that tells me these things) ;) Anyway, I really wouldn't beat yourself up over this. It's like going on a cruise. I think it's okay to take one or two days off, and then get right back on track. You are still amazing and you look GREAT!!

  5. Yeah, I always decide that if I cheat, it's not going to be with anything grain-based. Pass the ice cream. Usually I can indulge w/o too much consequence.

  6. Great family pic!!! You're strong and i know you will lose that in no time. Those are really good suggestions for a trip. I've been there and it is soooo hard. Whether my body is clean of sugar i still would love a piece of white cake with ice cream(anyone have a legal recipe??!!). I was wondering if you felt really crappy after the high carb indulgences? Not mental crappy, but did your body react? Just curious...anyway, you look great, so don't beat yourself up, this too will pass! That's funny about your sons comment, my girls patrol me all the time!

  7. It sounds like you did pretty darn good to me. I agree with you, I would rather just have a few bites of what I'm craving most than to overeat on foods that really don't matter as much.

  8. I like the 80/20 rule of the primal blueprint diet (which you blogged about recently). Eat the right way 80% of the time, relax a little and eat what you want 20% of the time.

  9. I just heard from my Niece who has worked at Disney that they DO pump the vanilla scent into the air! I felt like that was what was happening and no wonder I felt a full on body assault there!

    Lisa - I felt heavy in my gut, sluggish, like it was too much for my body to process. The things I indulged in were carb heavy, not sugar heavy. It is similar to what I felt early on when I would still have a slice or two of my Husband's pizza. I completely gave up on that and made BFC pizza from there on out. Its not a good feeling.

  10. Oh Amber! What a nightmare! Disney Disney Everywhere and Not a Mouse to Eat! Ahhhhhh! Happy for your kids but sry it was so tough! Thanks for going thru the pain of it all...for the rest of us! I have to admit I LOL at the part where you were gripping the handrail! I'd have been grabbin that Cotton Candy and runnin in the opposite direction! Kid? What Kid! ~v*

  11. You are a great inspiration and I appreciate your candor. I agree with all, you have the power to lose that weight! And I like the 80/20% rule too - we have to live in a real world...

  12. My husband and I just attended the Western WA State Fair on Friday and were similiarly assaulted with the bad foods that a fair brings. We did our best by having BBQ (with no sauce) and fresh corn on the cob, but boy did those cotton candy stands smell good. In the past I would have had a cow chip cookie (giant chocolate chip cookie) and grabbed some cotton candy on the way to the car. Didn't do it this year. Not a lot of good choices at these kinds of venues unfortunately.

  13. Thanks for the great post and the candor about your vacation struggle. As all have said before, you've been a great inspiration to me (lost 22 lbs in 4 months and have gotten most of my "tips" from your blog). Over the summer there have been numerous bbq's, parties, temptations and sometimes I've just had to go ahead and eat the thing I wanted the most and be done with it. Yes, the sugar indulgences have had the worst consequences....sluggish, headachy, moody and craving more sugar. I liked your idea about prepacking good snacks. Hubby & I have had to do that alot. We even sneak Cheezits, nuts and dark chocolate into the movies! Keep up the good work and the great blog.

  14. Amber, I too just came off a 'bad eating weekend". Really just blew it. But you know what, I realized I have two choices, get back on track or continue to make high sugar/bad carb choices and head back in the wrong direction. So I forge on ahead! You are the one I always think of when the going gets tough. You have accomplished so much in such a short time. I can't even begin to be as "perfect" as you have been on your journey. So it's another day, and a few days of bad eating can't undo all the good days you had prior. Get back on the horse as they say and continue on. Good luck to us all as we continue on our journey!

  15. you had awesome willpower! When we slip, we just have to get right back on the bus and get back on the right track!! That is what I keep telling myself anyway... LOL!! Have a good night!




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