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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sprouts Farmers Market

We recently had a new Sprouts open up nearby, and I was thrilled to see so many low sugar/low carb and Stevia sweetened products on the shelves. Sprouts currently have stores in California, Colorado, Arizona and Texas. They are very similar to Henry's Market, which has even fewer stores, but they have an awesome selection for Belly Fat Cure dieters. Here are a few of the products I was impressed with:

Nature's Hallow Preserves - Sprouts and Henry's are the only stores I have ever seen these preserves in. They carried several of the flavors including Mountain Berry, Peach and Apricot. This alone is a reason for a trip there!

Chia Seeds and Fiber Supplements - These can be hard to find, and Sprouts has a great selection.

Flavored Waters - They have a huge selection of MetroMint, Hint waters which I love! I also found Nature's Splash which is a drink additive made with Stevia. It has 5 grams of sugar, so it may be a good option.

Amazing Grass - I love the Green Chocolate Superfood, and it is also difficult to find in stores. If you are unsure about this, you can try an individual packet first.

Jay Robb and Other Stevia Protein Powders - They have a great selection of protein powders, several with great prices and that have very low sugar/carb count and are made with Stevia. Be sure and check the ingredients for artificial sweeteners, but you will find several hear that fit the bill!

Ultimate Probiotics 12/12 - This the brand Jorge Cruise recommended in my online Belly Fat Cure class and they are pretty hard to find. But Sprouts has them!

Ezekiel Breads, Muffins and Cereals - Whole Foods also carries this line of products, but they aren't the easiest to find. Honestly, I don't use any of the Ezekiel products, as I can find the same low sugar/carb content in lesser expensive items (see here and here). But I know lots of other BFC dieters live by these products.

Low Sugar/Carb Breads - Sprouts even carries my local favorite Alvarda Street Bakery Essential Flaxseed bread, along with Oroweat Sandwich thins (great for burgers), Rudi's English Muffins and several good options.

Tortillas - La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious,  Tumaros Low Carb Tortillas are great options too. While many tortillas are okay on the Belly Fat Cure, these are good high fiber options.

Teas - I found most of my favorite evening teas here, and even discovered a few new ones (Davidsons Coconut Vanilla and Mint Carob = Delish!).

Cheese & Meat Selection - They have a great cheese selection, but so many stores do now. They have lots of great meats, sausages and seafood too.

Milk Substitutes - This is a tough one for so many people! Sprouts carries So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk, along with unsweetened Almond and soy milks. While their selection is quite as good as Whole Foods, it has lots of choices. They also carry the So Delicious Fudge Bar which is okay on the plan and VERY hard to find!

All said, Sprouts is a great store for low sugar options! Do you have a favorite you have found there that I can add to the list? For more shopping lists, click HERE.



  1. WOW my kingdom for a Sprouts! Lucky you! :-)

  2. They also carry the Clemmy's ice cream and Shiritaki noodles in the Tofu section

  3. Sprouts is my VERY favorite store. If you shop on Wednesdays ("Double Ad Days"), you get the sale prices on fruits/veggies from last week and the upcoming week! LOVE It!

  4. Wow I am a little jealous. Oregon seems to be a little behind the times. I wish we had a sprouts store. We do have a whole foods but they do not carry clemmy's here. Anyway I dont mean to be complaining. I really do enjoy all your reviews. I cant wait to try the chocolate teas.

  5. Thanks Amber for posting a lot of great ideas to add to our day. No Sprouts here, but I will check with our Down to Earth store to see if any of these mentioned items have arrived. Baked my favorite Cauliflower Crust pizza again tonight, and really like the fact I did not harm any animals (that I know of) in the making! Wading through the book, Skinny Bit--, and it's really hard to stomach in some parts. Still love my BFC book! Lots of folk have been asking Jorge to think of fast, and good dinner meals. Your cooking always look delicious. If you do another segment can you focus on dinner options?

  6. Kasey - Ill try to document some dinners and get the recipes up.

    Diana - My sprouts didnt have the Clemmys. It is made with Maltitol anyways and makes me sick. Those nightly chocolate teas have saved me from night time snacking for real! I have a little pot every night and it its so good! Last night I told the Husband not to talk to me until I was done with my "Hot Chocolate". ahhhhhhh

    Jaimie - thanks for the Wednesday tip! Loved your recent blog post, Im going to link to it.

  7. Also my absolute favorite store on the planet! I tried Clemmy's and it made me pretty sick as well so I just don't eat a lot of ice cream anymore. Sprouts also has an internet special that you find on their site posted on Sunday and those (usually 4) items are on sale Sunday-Tuesday only. I find that I can get a lot more grass-fed beef here than at Henry's and I can get a bunch of nitrate free meats for my son's lunches. I wish their organic section was bigger and I'm sure if the demand were higher, it would be but it's hard to pay more for some things when they are running a killer deal on the regular pesticided veggies. LOL I know...silly. There are some organic things that are very reasonable that I always get, especially if they are on the "dirty dozen" list...like celery and carrots....that my son loves to eat. I love the quinoa pasta they carry when I am eating carbs...and since my husband has a wheat intolerance, it's better for him. Love Sprouts...going today for more broccoli!!

  8. Thank goodness for online technology, there's not many choices in eastern Iowa!! I also love the Nature's Hollow preserves. I made a really good glaze for chicken with the apricot, i just thinned it out with a little water and soy sauce, yummy!!

  9. Amber, I love your blog it is really very helpful. I would really like to incorporate a fiber supplement to get rid of my "false" belly fat. In Jorges BFC book he suggests psyllium husks...but in trying to find some Im a little confused by all the different brands and different forms! Do I get pills, powder, whole? Is there a specific brand you would suggest? Please help...

  10. Heather, you'll see in his book that will come out late in the year that he doesn't suggest that anymore. He believes that we get enough fiber from the veggies that we consume. He does suggest that we take probiotics though. Those are good especially if you are like me and used to consume tons of Splenda or Aspartame. I was a Crystal Light addict. Now I pretty much only drink water. I did the Fast Track plan as part of his group for the book and you'll see that some things have changed since he put out the BFC book. I never have a problem with needing more fiber when I follow the plan. Good luck!