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Friday, September 17, 2010

Help Me Celebrate My One Year Anniversary

I realized I am coming up on 1 year on the Belly Fat Cure! That is unbelievable to think I've been "on a diet" for an entire year. But in actuality it stopped being a diet and became a "way of life" a while back. Alcoholics celebrate their sobriety anniversary, so I have decided to celebrate my diet anniversary. I will be so proud to say I have been free of diet soda and sugar for one year!

I realized I also haven't taken an After Photo since May. My weight hasn't really changed that much numbers wise, but I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. So much so, that I'm thinking I may post a bikini photo. (Eek! I may change my mind on that or delete it shortly after!) I never intended to post ANY photos of myself here, that just kind of evolved. The fact that I even own a bikini is shocking enough.

I was hoping that you all could help me celebrate by sharing your own before/after photos. If you are willing, send your photos and a paragraph to me and I will post them at the end of October. And it doesn't matter what diet you followed, I'd love to share your story and link back your blog/twitter/whatever in exchange. You can cover your face and just use a first name if you are shy! But you never know, your story could motivate someone else to make a change.


  1. Amber, CONGRATULATIONS on your one year anniversary! You should feel so proud of yourself. In celebration I want to share a recipe for vanilla ice cream, which I haven't seen on your website yet. Please share it with all your bloggers, etc. I make this all the time and it is divine! Mix 1 1/2 cups Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 bottle (12 oz.) of Joseph's malitol sweetener (order from the internet), 3 cups heavy cream and 1 1/2 Tbl. vanilla extract. Mix everything together and then pour into your frozen ice cream mixer and turn the machine on for 35 minutes. Pour into air tight, freezer containers and let freeze. You can eat a half cup every day for an SC value of 0/0. You can soften the ice cream to make it more scoopable by putting it in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. ENJOY! Maureen

  2. Yes! I too congratulate you on your persistence to live a new lifestyle, and to take the lead in making sure your family is eating well. The photo's of your amazing change is why I stopped in to read your blog, and to learn what the BFC could do for me as well. I thought I looked a lot like your first picture in the beginning, and now I'm probably resembling your second photo after eating like this for 10 weeks. So I have hope it is working how ever long it takes! Pictures, awe maybe someday! But I do hope the brave ones post with you:)

  3. Wow Amber Congratulations on 1yr. I am excited I have made it 6wks to be honest. Most diets I would have thrown it the towel, but like you said it has to be a lifestyle change. I am looking forward to a 1yr anniversary myself and hope I can be a inspriation just like you. I posted some before pictures on my blog at dchesney65.blogspot.com If will try and send my before to you. Should I send them to your email address?

  4. Definitely send me your photos and short paragraph about your journey! If you have blog or twitter list it too, so I can point my readers to it! Thanks! Amber

  5. I'm so proud and excited for you!!! Congrats! A year is a LONG time!

  6. Amber what email address should we send the before pictures to? Do you want us to send the befores even though some of us do not have afters yet?

  7. Amber...this blog is what saved my life. I'm so proud of you and can't thank you enough for getting me started. It seems like yesterday, you were only in it for about 4 months and i was just starting and now look at you...ONE YEAR!!! Congrats to you and your life style change, you have no idea how much you have helped me...THANKS...

  8. Congratulations Amber on your achievement! It's amazing the before and after pics...it's a complete transformation. You even look younger! I hope to be as successful as you! 30 lbs. down so far, 40 more to go.

  9. Amber,
    I started the BFC back in Oct. with you, and can't believe it's almost one year already. I was so addicted to Diet Coke before starting the BFC that a day would not go by without me having at least one. SO it is amazing to me that it has almost been a year since I've had any type of soda.

    I too am down over 50 lbs and want to congratulate you on your success, as well as THANK YOU for all your wonderful blog posts this past year. You have motivated me and so many others with your tips, reviews and insights.

    I think it is a great idea to celebrate our BFC anniversary, but more importantly to continue spreading this healthier lifestyle to others.
    Keep up your great work here.

    Best wishes for continued success.
    Happy 1st Anniversary.

  10. Hi Amber!
    I came to your site specifically to say happy anniversary to you! I didn't know you'd have a link just for that. Good for you! I started a year ago with you on Jorge's BFC 12 week coaching session and I haven't looked back since! I'm down 50 pounds and 11 inches off my waist! I will send photos when I have more time . . . I've also eliminated grains from my diet since we met with Jorge back in the spring. For the first time in my life in my history of dieting, I can truly see me eating this way for forever. Yay to a healthier me and you! Go us!! Lynn :)