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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Belly Fat Cure on a Budget

One of the biggest complaints about Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure diet is that it is expensive to do. I have to say, if you did it exactly by the book (as in the the ACTUAL book - not just the guidelines laid out in the book) that is pretty true. $7 Cereal and breads, soda $1.50 a pop and mail ordered food is pricey. But you CAN do the BFC on a budget, I have been for almost a year.

Most of what I need I can get at the big chain grocery store that sits near everyone. Meat, chicken, bacon, eggs, cheese, celery, zucchini, spinach and a Stevia sweetener. Those are the staples of the BFC (not Clemmy's impossible to find ice cream). Finding low sugar dressings and sauces are a little more work, you just have to dig a little further and consider brands you maybe haven't bought before. Take a little extra time, pass by the "Low Fat" labels and turn around the packaging and read the labels. You will find a brand almost equal to the ones mentioned in the book 95% of the time.

I do go to Whole Foods every now and then, but really only to try things out for the blog. Plus the Husband (the newly minted Vegan of the family) loves all the stuff I bring home from there. When I do, I shop smartly, like when I found Amazing Grass there for 60% off. The Chocolate Teas I love are all found at Whole Foods and seem expense. But when you average them out per bag and consider that they replace a snack, they are a bargain. I hate ordering food off the internet, but for a few items like GG Crispbreads it is really the only way to get them. Usually Amazon has a better deal on Jay Robb protein powder than any store (even with shipping added in).

Instead of Ezekiel cereals and breads, I use Uncle Sams ($2.50 a box at Trader Joes), Shredded Wheat (even cheaper) and a Sprouted Flaxseed bread from Trader Joe's. All great deals, and not a penny more then what I used to spend. I moved my kids to low sugar/no named brand cereals too, and now I can buy them in bulk and I think I actually spend less on them. Costco carries several items great on this diet plan too and I divide up packages when I get home and freeze portions so that don't get wasted and go bad. I truly feel like I grocery shop less and spend less now. 

Before I started eating a low sugar diet, I bought conventional foods and not organic for the most part. But that has changed too. I am more conscience of the what my family consumes, where it has been and where it came from. Jorge never talks about it, but is came naturally with the weight loss process. There is only one person left in my family that drinks milk, for example. So even though organic milk costs twice as much, that is okay because we drink about 75% less of it. 

I now look at food as an investment in our health and as disease prevention ~ especially diabetes prevention. Typically my kids and I get Strep Throat at least once or (sadly) twice a year and the flu (despite getting the shot, argh). But in the last 11 months we have had none of that, and I am thrilled! Jorge told us at the beginning of class that sugar feeds the common cold and flu, and I totally didn't believe it. But, ummm, I do now.

Foods worth the splurge for me:


  1. Amber, I agree that eating the BFC way is very affordable and healthier, too! I love the Alvarado St. Essential Flax Seed Bread from Trader Joes (1/1) for 2 slices and under $3 a loaf! I have also been delighted to find the Lindt 85% Cocoa bars at Target and Walmart for under $2.50 each. Ahhh...affordable, healthy indulgence! My biggest $ splurge so far is the Natures Hollow Preserves...I love a spoonful in greek yogurt for a treat. Thanks for the great blog!

  2. I discovered that Whole Foods in Louisville, KY had Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder even less expensively than Amazon. I don't go there unless I am in Louisville for another reason as well. About 30 miles away.

    Like the guru said, "Pay your grocer or pay your doctor!"

  3. Salad dressing is the easiest place to save money and have great salads. A bit of rice wine vinegar or balsamic if you prefer...A bit of olive oil and some dijon or brown mustard. If you ike a sweet vinagrette add a touch of accptable sweetener. For variety add a touch of mint or lemon juice.Very classy and CHEAP

  4. Spent a little time in Whole Foods tonight looking for the Chocolate Tea. Didn't see the same one you show on your link, and so I'll look again when I'm out shopping. I bought the Guayaki Yerba Mate (organic) Mate Chocolatté. It's a blissful blend of yerba mate, cocoa, and spices. That's what the box says! It works very good when those little hunger pains come before bedtime! Like now... got to go have a cup. Thanks for your post Amber. Yours is the best.

  5. Hmmm, this is actually one of the top excuses I hear when people go on a life changing way of eating. I personally have a grocery budget of over $1000, just for myself... I feel great ;)

  6. GREAT Post Amber! This is one I'll def refer friends to

  7. The cold thing is one of my favourite parts of low-carbing. I used to hold my breath on the subway when someone sneezed, but now I'm like, "Bring it."

  8. I have been at a plateau for about a month..I will say though that this way of eating is far from expensive. You don't have to buy the expensive things unless you just want to.
    That is the one thing that has kept me on this way of eating for 9 months. It is something that I can live with the rest of my life.
    Now I need to add excersise with the plan and I will most likely loose the last 10-15 lbs.