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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are You a Diet Quitter?

Today over at CarbSmart I am writing about why diets are successful. What if it doesn't matter what diet you choose? What if the only thing that matters is that is you simply choose to stay with it? After interacting with hundreds of people struggling to lose weight over the last 11 months, this is one conclusion I have come to: You won't lose weight when you quit. Click HERE to read the full article.

I'd love to get you opinion on this subject!


  1. Amen sister!! I totally agree with everything you said in your article. I think the reason I am successful is because I decided to stick with it and never give up. almost 8 months in and 63 lbs down. 25 more to go to reach my goal..:-)

  2. Wow Amber great article!! Because that is basically what happened to me but I decided to keep on trying. I did happen to go on one big cheating binge and gained 2 lbs. back but I am starting over strong as of today and proud to say this time no matter what I am not giving up. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. :)

  3. Hi! to any follwers of Amber's Jorge and me blog... I finally started a blog of my own regarding the BFC program and I need followers. http://loosingmewithbfc.blogspot.com/
    I don't know how else to get this out there, so I apologize to use her comments section!!

  4. I agree, Amber. There were weeks when I wasn't loosing AT ALL, but I stayed with it and eventually the pounds slowly came off. The success came from staying true. Great advice!

  5. I loved your article! It really is about not giving up and honestly, this is the first time on a diet that i haven't!! Thanks Amber, your advice just keeps getting better and better!!! Me, congratulations on your huge weight loss, that is just great, I've also been doing this for about 8 months, but I haven't lost that much (maybe because i have legal ice cream every night!!??)

  6. If I listened to that little voice in my head the first month or two while attempting this lifestyle of the BFC, I would have quit, and gained 5 or 6 lb. by now. A few times when I stepped "off" the scale, I didn't see any changes , and I must admit I felt fat and bummed out; almost depressed if you will. I wanted to run and jump in to the refrigerator!!! But this time I'm experiencing something different (better) because I finally really hate being "fat", feeling "sluggish", and most importantly "gaining weight" year after year. So I've decided not to listen to that "little" wicked voice in my head that says, "look at you, you're fat, and you're not loosing anything". I'm proud that I've lost 14lb. in 11 weeks, and I'm finally getting some energy back so I can get off my sorry butt and take walks outdoors in the sunshine! A door has shut, and a door has been opened and it says I'm going to kick some serious booty! MINE!

  7. Well, like many things, I think it's about HOW you do it. As I mention in my profile, I do the 15/120 version of BFC because I wasn't getting in enough calories and it's crucial that I do because of my hypothyroidism. Anyhow, if a person is still keeping their counts at or below 5/40 per meal, they are still following the 5/2 rule, but still getting those extra calories in. I think it's a matter of being careful and knowing what you're doing, and doing it with intention and awareness, not just eating, say, 60 carb grams and 10 sugar grams in one sitting because, "Well, it within the 15/120 for the day." That would not be the correct way to do it. But, the way I do it is still within the guidelines. So, I guess what I'm saying is, it depends. It doesn't have to be black or white if you’re careful and intentional about what you're doing. Also, more importantly, a person's health supersedes any eating plan's guidelines. Someone else who is hypo, and finding that they are “stuck” following the 15/6 rule, might find that they do better if the follow the 15/120 guideline as I explained it.

    I agree with you that consistency is a huge factor.

  8. I guess I should have mentioned that I realize the book, and your article, is aimed towards those who do not have health issues. Even if there are no health issues involved, the way I do BFC can be done, and still be within the BFC guidelines, by anyone who does want more food and calories for their day. That's all. :)

  9. I totally agree with you Minichick, that is how i do it too!! And i don't have health issues, i just need more to eat. I also make very careful choices and try to get most of my carb/sugars from vegetables(except my legal ice cream, oh and i top it with Jorge's recipe in the book for the frosting on his brownies, it's to die for!!
    Yes, Amber, i've tried the Tru Lemon and honestly, i'd rather have the real thing too!




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