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Friday, August 20, 2010

Woman's World Magazine and The Belly Fat Cure

Today the Woman's World magazine that has my interview in it is on newsstands! It is the August 30th Issue and will only be on news stands for 1 week. Page 18-19 has an article all about Jorge  Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and I am featured in it. Pretty cool right?

The photos and interview were done at the end of June and I have lost 4 more pounds since then for a total of 53 lbs so far. I blogged about the photo shoot that day. I felt so bloated and puffy, it wasn't a good day for some reason! The photographer took photos of me for hours and they only used one. I changed clothes so many times my bra was soaking from running up and down the stairs. (Can you believe I paid $50 to have my hair "blown out" that day? flat as a pancake, I was totally scammed!)

The article has several good recipes, ideas for meals and snacks and an interview with Jorge. It also has a few tips from me! They asked me like 100 questions and just used a few responses. I was really curious to see what they would use. I can stop being nervous about it now!

If you would like to use my "Food Log" it is the S/C Tracker you can download here. For more information on Chocolate Teas look here.

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(ps. The article suggests Fiber One Cereal for the BFC, but it doesn't fit the plan. They are all too high in sugar or have artificial sweeteners. But I thought the rest of the food options looked great!)


  1. Wow Amber! You look GREAT!!! How exciting to have had your success be announced to the world! Will definitely get the mag today! You're such an inspiration! ~v* <---that's me winking at you!

  2. So excited! I can't wait to run out to get my copy. Weird about them getting the Fiber One thing wrong, but you can't believe everything you read (unless YOU said it).

  3. Way to go! I just learned about BFC this week and happened upon your blog...reading through it, and you are such an inspiration to me! For the first time ever I feel like I have a real shot at successfully losing weight! Thank you so much, Amber...I'm considering you my guide on this journey! :)

  4. I've been waiting for this magazine to come out, can't wait to get it!!! All your hard work has paid off! Anyone reading this, i thought i'd let you all know, Amber has been my guide on my journey and i've successfully lost 36 lbs.!!! So Amber is a great inspiration to me!!

  5. Just picked up my copy and you look marvelous Amber! Such and inspiration to us all =)!

  6. Amber, You have been my inspiration. Thank you so much. I am down 48lbs and still going.
    Started Jan at 210 now 162

  7. You do look great, Amber! I only have one issue with the article and that it that, like the book, it claims the average overweight woman can lose 4-8 pounds every single week.

    Magazine readers are going to think you lost nearly 50 pounds in 3 months, assuming that, as an example in the article, you're one of the average woman.

    But like so many of us, the weight loss was much slower...which is a GOOD thing. You've developed a new eating lifestyle and will keep the weight off, which is the most important thing.

    I just wish that the article had been clear on the length of time it took you to lose it because people are going to be expecting 50 pounds off in 3 months.

    The BFC is one of the best lifestyle changes I think anyone could make, but it works like a healthy diet for most people. One to two pounds a week and Jorge should stop saying the average person loses masses amounts of weight 'every single week.'

  8. Anonymous, that was a great statment. i agree i have been on BFC for almost two and a half months now, and i have only lost 19 to 20 pounds on a good day.dont misunderstand me i love BFC it works but not in a week or a month.we all have to understand that.

  9. I'd like to chime in on this also, because I've read comments on the BFC F.B. Some go like this; I don't have a scale but I know I've lost at least 30lb. in 6 weeks or some crazy things that people claim. I think to myself, that's nuts! I'm so happy with my 1 or 2 little old pounds a week weight loss (and some weeks not even this), but I tell you my pant are getting more loose, and I'm heading in the right direction. Before this lifestyle change, the numbers on the scale were slowly creeping up year after year! After all, the bottom line of this book is to get rid of the "false belly fat" caused by trapped waste matter, and eating the good carbs (high fiber) which are critical for removing this kind of waste from our bodies. The book claims, "you will experience the weight loss that's right for you. Every body is different so be kind to yourselves, try new things, and be patient! You will see changes that are right for you!

  10. I'd have to agree too, I lose 1-2 lbs. a week and sometimes not even that. I've lost 36 lbs. in 6 months, which is fine with me, i love this way of life. I haven't even lost 4 lbs. in a week. I too can tell by my clothes.

  11. I totally agree, I dont want to give anyone false expectations! Im very open about how long it took me (see the righthand side of the blog). Like I said they asked about 100 questions and only used a few answers, and that WAS one of them. I had absolutely no control over what they choose to print, but neither did Jorge actually. I had hoped they would mention the blog too, but no ;-)

    That said, IMHO 20 lbs in two and a half months is really great! Keep up the great work and you will get to your goal. I never got caught up in the promise on the book's cover (altho I am a stickler for details usually) but I get that others are frustrated by it!

  12. Congrats Amber! I read the article yesterday at the Pick N' Save I go to and I wasn't even embarrassed to be caught reading a "woman's" magazine. :) You looked great too! So proud of you.

    Even tho I understand that the weight loss part is what attracts us to BFC, more emphasis could be put on the health benefits too. We all look for the quick fix. You may not be losing, but your body is transforming itself - you are a perfect example of both. You are an inspiration.

  13. I bought the WW with your picture and comments because of the belly fat cure. I wanted to try it. Today is day 4 of trying this plan and I am having a great time. Your comments were great and you look good.

    I am diabetic and definitely want a reduction in my middle. This seems like a great way to do it with little stress as the two things that are the cures, S/C, is what I try to watch anyway, I am appalled at the amount of sugar in so many products. Of course, I also have to be concerned with my sodium intake.

    Thanks for having this blog. I just discovered it this weekend. I try to visit each day. What info do you need to let you know how to find me when I win? :)).


  14. Hi Amber,
    Just started the program two weeks ago and would probably give it up by now (even though I like it and believe in it) if it was not for your S/C tracker.
    Thank you for all the info you are posting here but extra thanks for the tracker. Made me feel I am in control without spending too much time, which I can't afford... It is encouraging to hear you are still getting thinner... :o)