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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recipe: Greek Frappe

While the East Coast has had a heat wave, we have had a perfectly mild summer in Northern California. I little too mild, actually. Until now. Now it is hot, hot, hot! Too hot for tea even! So I decided to try an old drink I haven't had in ages.

My husband and I got engaged in the Greek islands and I learned to like lots of different foods there. One of my favorites was the Frappe. It is a really simple and refreshing drink, you probably have the ingredients in your cabinets right now. That is me circa 1995, pre-weight gain. I'm pretty sure I didn't have a care in the world when this photo was taken. (The Husband looks like a teenager!)

Instant Coffee 2 tsp (I used Foldgers instant decaf)
Stevia Sweeteners - to taste (I use 1 packet of Sun Crystals)
Cold Water
Shaker Cup
Cream (optional)

Your favorite sweetener, coffee, two fingers of water (just a little in the bottom of the cup). Use a shaker (martini shaker, cup with a cover) and shake until it gets all frothy. Pour into a glass filled with almost with ice. Top off with the cold water and a little cream. Officially, you are supposed to drink it with a straw and mix and swirl as you drink!

If it tastes bitter, try adding more water/cream before adding more sweetener. Depending on how well yours frothed up, the coffee can get pretty concentrated.


  1. I used to make these all the time! They sell them at the Greek Festivals in my city and I bought a frothing wand to make them at home. But I think a shaker is just as easy (maybe easier) than using the wand.

  2. I did that with some sold leftover coffee last week. It is refreshing in the middle of the day.
    And you both look like teenagers in that picture.. :-)

  3. WELL YUUUUMMMY! Looking forward to trying this one! Wonder how adding some folgers to the Jay Robb Chocalate Shake would taste!!!! Hmmm will have to experiment! Thanks for the recipe Amber!

  4. http://greekcoffees.blogspot.com/