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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Challenge Wrap Up

The July Challenge was a way to give myself no excuses, for exactly one month, and see what happened. I choose to do Jorge's new program called the Fast Track, which is basically a stricter version of the Belly Fat Cure with no grains. I find that people are always looking for a "starting point" for a diet and I was thrilled so many of you joined me in! Dieters, like misery, love company!

I spent the last half of July in Oklahoma and the Ozarks with family, where the temps were, no kidding, 30 degrees hotter then California. I ate most of my meals at restaurants, big family gatherings, a family member's house or from BBQ grill in front of my Dad's RV. I had not been back in two years and it was so good to spend time with my siblings and their families. This is my Sister Mish and I at Target, where I was introducing her daughter to the wonders of their Women's clothing department.

I lost 5 lbs of the total 6 I wanted to lose during July. I lost it all before I went on vacation and gained by .5 on the trip. (Airport food the last day to blame for that: delayed flights, nearly missed flights and traveling with two little boys alone = STRESS) I took my running clothes/shoes but never used them. Initially the heat scared me (106 on the last day I was in Tulsa) and then I got a head cold. But I am very happy with the results. I learned that I can do no grains, even in sticky situations. I learned that without lots of green veggies I get constipated on no grains.

Most exciting was that my Dad and Step-Mother started the BFC too and had immediate weight loss to report. My Dad is retiring this year and is seriously the hardest working person I have ever met (He's like a Ryan Secrest of the grandparent set). He is totally addicted to sugar (ice cream, fruit, nachos) and carries it all right in his belly. He said  he would have tried the plan sooner, but all my talk of giving up artificial sweeteners turned him off. I think that is true with a lot of people. But this is proof you can teach an old Dad new tricks.

How did you do? Give us a quick update of any losses or realizations you had July Challenge!


  1. Hi Amber!! I lost 6 lbs in July and got slot more active, doing 6 mile hikes several times per week! Thanks for this challenge and I look forward to the August challenge! Bring it on :). ~~~Sally~~~

  2. I'm down about 4 lbs from my highest this month. I keep bouncing around the same 5 lbs but I think I'm in a good place to start moving permanently downwards. I have to track better for sure, but otherwise the low-sugar low-carb is keeping cravings at bay.

  3. The evil scale monster told me I gained 5 pounds. I'm not in a very happy place right now. I do think that I need to go back to the original BFC not, that the whole fast track thing was hard (was actually really easy)I just can't figure out how I was able to cut out grains eat more green veggies and gain weight. Also a very puzzling issue for me was my clothes were literally falling off me (had to catch my pants one day while commuting home, I was exited to get on the scale that night too until the verdict came in). hopefully I can reverse the whole 5 pound gain and get back to losing.

  4. Amber - what did your diet mainly consist of the past month? I have given up all grains too, except for my Miller Lite, which might be the problem, I don't know. I eat greet yogurt, spinach, nuts, eggs but I'm totally STUCK.
    Keep up the posts, I missed them while you were on vacation. My husband and I were in Savannah, GA during the unbearable heat - no energy for long walks with the humidity!!

  5. So glad to hear that you had an awesome trip !!
    I ended up losing 9 pounds for July. I still have about 34 more to go. I am ready for the August challenge. I just need to get rid of this constipation. I tried your bug juice today and it wasn't bad. I am hoping it will help.
    Thanks for your help,

  6. Have been trying desperately since the very beginning Jorges programs and just cant seem to get the will power. Have heard great things about the Fast Start and am envious of those that have had access to it,I must admit.
    Must I wait until the books comes out or is there a short cut to the info. Please help. These 30 lbs. are slowly killing me. Doesnt sound like much but I have a thin frame and the arthritis is a crippler.

  7. Ellen - FT is BFC w/o any grains. So I have protein (chicken, fish, pork, turkey, eggs, cheeses) with loads of green veggies (zucchini, broccoli, spinach, celery, cucumbers). You also have to cut out the sugar alcohols pretty much, and even limit your stevia. Ill do a whole post on Fast Track coming up!

    Sunny - Dont wait - start today, right this moment. You dont need a book and the FT isnt a magic pill. If you need strict guidelines for a diet (some ppl do) start BFC with the book and count/track your meals.

  8. Hi Amber,
    Congrats on your success in July! I'm in if you're doing an August challenge and I'm looking forward to your upcoming post on the fast track. I'm having a hard time understanding how to get the fiber in without carbs. Ok, I'm gonna make August a productive month - no time like now to get out and walk and eat fresh greens!
    Johna Thomson

  9. ok...this is it.I START NOW!!!!! Thanks Amber.
    Will keep in touch

  10. First I really enjoy your blog. :) Secondly the Fast Track sounds an awful lot like Atkins. I read the "differences" over at Jorge's facebook page and frankly am not convinced it very different at all. Atkins works but it's hard for me to stick to.

    One more comment, if you dropped most of your weight with the original Belly Fat Cure why are you on the back cover of the Fast Track book? Btw I'm having good success with the original Belly Fat Cure book and wish he wasn't moving away from that so soon.

    Continued Success,

  11. I lost ten pounds and three inches during July. I am looking forward to losing ten more pounds in August. Thanks for the challenge and congrats on staying on plan during family visits! ;)

  12. Congrats to everyone on their July loses! Missie I am really impressed!

    Sara - The FT is just a variation of the BFC, so dont let a publishers need to get another bk on the shelves sway your faith on a plan that is working for you! I put a lot of thought into agreeing to be used as publicity for the books, and I just realized I never wrote about the decision. I need to do that!

  13. Hi Amber,

    I appreciate all your work and what you have shared on your blog. I found myself getting frustrated in trying to get a clear understanding of how best to undertake the BFC and which products to include as a number of them are rather pricey. I felt as though I had to search and dig for clear and helpful information which was taking up so much of my time and I would have rather been on a walk or in a gym. You’re blog and answers have truly helped.

    I am eagerly awaiting your post on the fast track. After seeing the draft of Fast Track posted on FB, I felt a bit angry that I had purchased the costly breads, bagels and fiber supplements that Jorge advocated in BFC. He certainly does an about face on that in his new book and I can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t mention anything about it in the Women’s World article. I like the idea of more vegetables and no fiber supplements but compared to the book he wrote about 1 year ago it seems very inconsistent and contradictory. I’m very interested in your thoughts after being on the Fast Track. Does it seem sustainable?