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Friday, August 6, 2010

Hint Water on the Belly Fat Cure

Giving up Diet Soda was both the hardest and most important part of being successful on the Belly Fat Cure for me. So I am constantly in search of a bottled drink that is low in sugar and carbs and is free of artificial sweeteners. I found Hint Essence Water to be a wonderful alternative to Soda!

Currently they have 10 different flavors: Blackberry, Watermelon, Pear, Strawberry-Kiwi, Cucumber, Honeydew-Hibiscus, Raspberry-Line, Mango-Grapefruit, Line, Pomegranate-Tangerine. The company motto "Drink water, not sugar" says it all. The drinks are all natural, with no sweetening of any kind added. Hint drinks are not carbonated, but are simply flavored waters.

It also gives me the idea to use fresh mint, cucumbers and fruits to flavor water at home. Maybe with a leaf from my Stevia plant too! That would be a nice break from iced tea. But it is so great to have options at the store, and hopefully one day at the theater, to soda.

I recently saw them at an airport Starbucks, Wholefoods and a fancy little grocery in Napa. Of course Amazon.com carries them too and they have a store locator on their site. They have an S/C Value of 0/0.



  1. Found this water (Hint) selling in our local movie theater. Great to have this selection available.

  2. I've tried these. I got mine from Target and TJMaxx. I prefer the Herbal waters (World Market and online) b/c of the flavor combinations and they taste like the herbs were just infused into it. Hint water has a funny taste to me...kinda fake tasting. Just sharing for options. Also, MetroMint waters are fantastic...well, the cherry one isn't so great :-)
    Congrats on July!!! I've gotta whip out the tracker again.

  3. Heather - I like the MetroMint too, Ive tried all of them except the Cherry. Im glad you left your opinion on Hint! Any flavor in particular that was fake tasting?

    Kasey - I would love to find this at the theater! We went to see Inception last night and brought mine in in my purse!

  4. Went to see another movie last night, and this time they had Vitamin Water and no Hint! Keep the goal everyone, because it's not what the scale says, it's what your peers say that really matters! If they say you are looking better, and losing weight believe them, and then try on a pair of pants you weren't able to get into a few month back...and you'll see what they see:)

  5. OMG...I just tried the Hint Watermelon flavor ~ FANTASTIC!!