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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exercise - Power Walking and Running on the Belly Fat Cure

I would love, one day, to refer to myself as "a runner". I'm not there yet, I feel like there is some badge I haven't earned. But over the course of losing my 53 lbs I have learned to love running and power walking.

For about 3 years I've done a 3 mile power walk, with a little running (on the downhill parts). It killed me, and I never was able to improve on it. Until I started losing weight on the Belly Fat Cure. Now I do an 8 mile run, where I walk the uphill parts and run the rest. When I am doing good, I do it twice a week. It took me several months to build up to doing that much comfortably. But afterwards I feel like I've had a full body workout. I feel strong and tired. And proud of my body.

If you want to get started Power Walking or Running, here is what I recommend:
* Start Slow - If you push yourself too far too fast, you will possibly hurt yourself and most likely quit before you start to do any good and enjoy it. Maybe start off with a 30 minute brisk power walk and work up from there.

* Form - You look a little like a fool Power Walking, but soon you will a Skinny Fool, so who cares. The most important part is the swing of the arms. I try to touch the brim of my hat with my fingertips each time. It works my back muscles, along with the arms and legs. I also feel a little twist action in the torso too. I also use the first half mile to warm up and take it slow.

* A good pair of running shoes - Not some casual pair that is cute, but real running shoes. They are going to cost you $60 and up, but they are a good investment. I don't like to spend money on anything, but you will pay later by skimping here. My trail is in the woods and has loose dirt and rocks so I got trail runners, thinking they would have a better grip. I also bought insoles to help get the fit just right.

* MP3 Player/Earplugs/Case - I use my Android phone for this, your iPhone will do too if you have one. No need to purchase a shuffle or smaller player. I strap mine on my arm and go. I've been asked if it bothers me to carry a "big phone" around will I run and it doesn't. I have a case that I switch which arm I carry it on each time. It is really convienent to have my phone with me anyways. It serves as an MP3 player, GPS tracker, camera to take a photo of the weird things I encounter on the trail, and a phone. The Nike Plus system is also good for this, if you have it.

* Good Music - Whatever inspires you to move! I find my music can make all the difference in a tough stretch. I've tried using Podcasts and Audiobooks during runs, but it doesn't do it for me. I'm not able to concentrate the way I need to to listen. But maybe you will love that if you are walking instead. iTunes and Amazon are a great place to get your mp3s.

* Jog Bra - These are cheap and easy to find, but you need one. I beg you, learn from my mistakes and don't just wear a normal bra. Get the right size or a size smaller then you think you need. Too big a jog bra defeats the whole purpose, and you'll bounce right out the bottom. No comment on whether that has happened to me :)

* Clothing that doesn't rub or irritate - This includes a thick pair of socks that will give you a little cushion, running shorts or pants and a t-shirt or exercise top. This seems obvious to most people, but when you are overweight sometimes we just don't have this type of clothing. You just don't want it to rub your arms or legs and create a rash, and is weather appropriate. I get my running shorts and shirts at Target and have been happy with them.

Don't bother with carrying weights, that just seems ridiculous to me. Once you are a pro you can add stuff if you still want to. But making the whole process more difficult before you really get started will just only make it less enjoyable. Your goal should be consistency, just getting out and walking or running regularly. To push yourself and get a good workout, but not kill yourself in the process.



  1. Have you tried this plan to become a runner?


  2. Doxie - that is the best program for getting started. I meant to mention it, so thank you! It is also referred to as c25k.com or Couch to 5K.

  3. Okay, so you've inspired me once again!! This time I'm blogging my way through the book too. I'm only on Day 2. OY! :)


  4. I'm new also...looking for inspiration and found your fab site! Congrats on your successes! Looking forward to posting mine on http://nosugarjustspice.blogspot.com/
    Drop by sometime!

  5. I have been reading all these comments about you walking and running. I power walk fast every day with my dogs as you already know by reading my blog. I find myself wanting more exercise as I am losing more weight. I just got some step ups and yesterday I power walked around 2 1/2 miles and am feeling so great. Thanks for pushing me... :-)

  6. Making my way through the BFC blogs. :) Congratulations on your success! Thank you for all the reviews and tips.

  7. Hi Amber, being retired gives me time to catch up with you, half way across the USA. Today was mindless and almost depressing. My resolve to start the exercising on day 1 of retirement just has not happened! However, while reading your Blog tonight I have mentally plotted my Power Walking Course for tomorrow. It is supposed to start raining tonight, but it will be light rain and over by noon. Tomorrow will begin my course to get this old body moving!!! Thanks darlin!

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