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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Belly Fat Cure Fast Track

I get lots of questions about The Belly Fat Cure Fast Track by Jorge Cruise. The book isn't set to come out until very end of 2010 or early 2011, but it seems like people are really curious. The program may change a bit, but here is the low down.

First, how do I know about the Fast Track? I was part of a group that Jorge's team put on the plan for 6 weeks. Initially I attended a conference where he spend a whole day explaining the research behind the plan. The group was primarily from San Diego and met weekly with Jorge and his team, in person. I'm not local, so I participated online. We were given weekly menus/information sheets and at the end several of us were asked to preview the book itself while it was a work in progress. So that is where I get my information from.

The Fast Track is basically the Belly Fat Cure diet plan without any grains. No cereal, breads, tortillas, crackers, rice or pasta. I see lots of postings that says it is No Carb, but this is false. It is No Grain. There is a heavy reliance on animal protein and green vegetables.  It is one step closer to a Paleo diet, with the implication that we are all, in some way, allergic to or unable to process grains. Paleo and Primal diets are quite popular right now, and tend to focus on very fit people (lots of athletes). I feel Jorge's presentation is aimed more at regular, overweight folks.

Differences in the original Belly Fat Cure and Fast Track? There a few:
* No counting Sugar/Carb Values, no counting anything (including calories). 15/6 is out the window!
* Very little mention of specialty products (no Ezekiel breads or trips to Whole Foods)
* You can have some Stevia and dark chocolate, but less than you were allowed on the original BFC.

Is it hard to cut out grains completely? At first, yes. Especially since I tended to get my fiber from grains. At first I did the FT for 3 weeks and I didn't love it or hate it, I just did it. I stopped when I had a lot of stress and felt the need to eat every carb in site. So I just stepped back and started the regular BFC again. After a month, I really thought about how I wanted to give it another try and some of the benefits I saw from it, and started it again.

Does it sound a lot like Atkins? Sure, but so does every other low carb diet plan. But it isn't Atkins and there are several differences. Most notably for me is the exclusive of artificial sweeteners (no sucralose, aspartame or saccharin), unlimited green vegetables (not just the 20 grams a day allowed on Atkins Induction), the inclusion of alcohol and your goal is not Ketosis.  But I will leave it to Jorge to defend against the Atkins comparisons. For some people all low carb plans will just be another take on Atkins.

What do I eat on the Fast Track? I load up my plate with lean proteins and then fill it out with green veggies. With a huge emphasis on the green vegetables. The plan encourages you to cook with "skinny fats", but I usually prefer my veggies raw at the moment. The most difficult part for me is breakfast. I don't like eggs in the morning and don't have much time, so honestly, many times coffee and cream are my breakfast while on the Fast Track. I know, shameful! The other hard part? Fiber! Benefiber and Psyllium Husks are grains, and thus not allowed (shocker!). So I get my fiber from the green vegetables and lots of them.

Morning Snack:
Celery with cream cheese and chia seeds
Cheese stick
Sliced Salami
Coffee and Cream
Tuna or chicken salad made with mayo, pickles, celery and cucumbers
Eggs with cheese and salsa, cottage cheese
Turkey rollups with cheese and sliced cucumbers or zucchini

Grilled chicken or fish
Cauliflower crust pizza
Egg based dihes - quiches, omelets

Any green vegetable - usually I have sauted spinach, zucchini (I'll post the Zucchini cake recipe soon!) or a salad
Spinach Salad loaded up with feta (pretty much any cheese), avocado, celery, broccoli and the like

Evening Snack:
Hot Tea with cream
2 squares  85% Dark Chocolate

Can I maintain grain free forever? I don't know the answer to that, only time will tell. I find over thinking my diet leads to panic, so I just think "Can I do grain free for the rest of today?" Most likely I think I will move between the two plans.

If you would like further information on the Belly Fat Cure Fast Track by Jorge Cruise, try Googling it. Sometimes you can find a menu out there and other documents that Jorge had available. I also recommend signing up for the Free Email Club, he sends out announcements there first. You can also preorder the book from Amazon HERE. But remember, the Fast Track is no "Magic Pill". If you just can't wait, Jorge recommended Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint (the cookbook looks fantastic) but it is even more hardcore (no stevia sweeteners!) or you check go to the source The Paleo Diet.



  1. Thanks for the info, Amber. What about beans? Allowed on Fast Track? Beans always confuse me!

  2. So, the fast track would also be gluten free! I have heard that the things we crave could very well be what we are sensitive/allergic to. I really wanna take the plunge and remove grains (at least those with gluten) completely, and I'm working on it. Question - does the fast track allow fruit?

  3. Great questions! Yes gluten-free and then some! Same fruit rules apply as the regular Belly Fat Cure, only a few low sugar ones.

    Colleen - No beans allowed, but for a completely different reason. It has to do with the hormone Leptin, which you want to increase the levels of.

  4. Thanks for the review Amber! Think I'm sticking to BFC for now. But maybe if I get stuck, I could use it to get unstuck! As always...you are such a jewel for giving us the newest, latest and greatest! Keep it up! <3

  5. Those meals look great! I am going to stick with the regular BFC plan too - I feel it fits so much easier with my life as a busy mom. But it is great to know the Fast Track is there if I fall off the bandwagon!

  6. How much weight have you lost on the fast track compared to the BFC? I thought I saw a preview of the Fast Track on the internet that lists you as a fast track success story? But from what we have all read on your blog, you lost the majority of your weight on the BFC.

    BTW thanks for this post today, I for one am confused about fast track vs. BFC

  7. I just wanna add that you look SO GOOD!!! Look at how you've changed your body!! Nice job.

  8. I'm still trying to be "good" on the BFC, but I do think Fast Track sounds beneficial as well. Not to compare it with Atkins, but when I tried that in the past, my pants literally fell off in 4 weeks, and the weight came back just as fast because I began craving "pizza" and lots of bad carbs. This experience (past 2 month) is easier, no cravings, and I've lost 13lb. and 6" from my belly. The education about insulin levels, bad carbs vs. good carbs is really what's paving the way in controlled weight loss. So I'm plugging along, and feel super about it! Amber, I wanted to know if you lost more than 3lb. doing the Fast Track, and in how many weeks (excluding the stressful one)and if you are still following it now? BTW, your meals look fantastic! Thanks:)

  9. Hard to see how this differs much from Atkins or the other low carb plans out there other than the sweeteners. My experience with low carb is much like the comment above. I lose weight fast, gain it back even faster. Not really a life style I can stick with for more than about 18 months. Is cheese limited? I find that I quit losing on low carb once I start adding more than maybe 3 oz a day of cheese. I have the book preordered and probably would not have done so had I read this post before ordering. Takes away the best part of The Belly Fat Diet, the grains!

  10. Amber, thanks for the post! Very useful information! I would say I am doing a combination of BFC and FT in that I do add some grain carbs, but not nearly close to 120g/day.

    I'm just waiting for watermelon season to be over ~ it is my total WEAKNESS!! At least it's 90% H2O ~ LOL!!

  11. This sounds awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  12. Thanks for all your comments, I really agree with them all. The comparisons, the fear of what happens when one day you add back grains, etc... Im right there with you! And I dont want to convince anyone to switch either, just putting the info out there.

    I have lost most all my weight with regular BFC, only the last bit on Fast Track. As to why they asked me to participate in the new book, I think they wanted to show someone who has done both. Originally I was going to be featured in the Carb/Sugar counting book, and then they switched it to the FT after I had signed everything...

    At the stage I saw the book, it gave an honest portrayal of how much I lost on what part of the plan. The last 10 lbs or so have been on the Fast Track. I hadnt lost anything in a month when I switched and was pretty well stuck.

    I started the FT in May, so from my weight chart on the right you can see how the losses compare.

  13. Amber, I think this is headed in the right direction for overall health. I'm becoming more and more convinced that our bodies just aren't made to be able to consume wheat. I've been mostly paleo plus dairy fats for a couple months now. I think the BFC is the ideal "gateway diet" to paleo. I don't think I would've had the success I've had on paleo w/o starting w/ BFC.

    Regarding Sisson's stuff, I consider him more on the paleo "reinactment" side of things, which I don't prefer. For someone wishing to learn more, my favorite paleo-type site is www.paleonu.com. He's more low-carb than I think one needs to be be, but he's a very smart doctor with a great writing style. Do check it out. My other favorite paleo resource is www.robbwolf.com. He has a great (free!) podcast, but he is equaly focused on exercise and nutrition. Still really good stuff though.

    Not eating eggs in the morning would make this diet very tough. I eat a huge meat+eggs+veggies breakfast, light snack of grassfed beef jerky and sometimes yams or sweet potatos for lunch and then a big dinner. This 2 and a half meals thing has worked great for me. I also try to get half my calories from fat. Coconut oil and avocados, as well as olive oil in salad dressings. Keeping fats either saturated or monounsaturated (minimizing polyunsaturated fats b/c it's mostly omega6) is key.

    I had most of my weight loss on BFC, but I think my overall health and wellness (how I look, feel, and perform) is far superior on a more paleo diet. I also add in dairy (mostly just dairy fats). When I cheat, I do it with ice cream. Anything containing gluten just isn't worth it anymore.

  14. I have been on the Fast Track since Mid-April. I am one of the originals in San Diego doing the FT. I have lost 30 lbs and working on a lot more. I have about 50 more to lose and know I will do it on the FT.
    I find it to be easy, I have looked at the BFC and to me the FT is easier. Giving up grains was hard at first, but your body knows what it needs and after about 7 days, I did not miss it.
    I am so happy I was able to be a part of this book and the new lifestyle.

  15. I started the Fast Track with your July challenge, I googled BFC Fast Track and found Jorge's menus which really helped. I am not sure they are out there anymore.

    I too was concerned about no grains long term but after the first few days as others have said, it got easier and now when I cheat and have grains, I feel so yucky that I feel like I must be gluten sensitive but never knew it.

    Here is the thing that has surprised me the most, not necessarily a huge weight loss but a complete change in my body, people keep asking me how much weight I have lost because Fast Track really melted away the inches from my mid section.

    I did the BFC over 40 menus in March and April and did not have as much success as with Fast Track.

    I like this better than regular BFC, I was always bad about counting the S/C. Because of how good I feel, I end up looking at the bread or grain and honestly deciding, is it worth it to eat this or not. I've had small tastes of things here and there, but for the most part no grains really works for me!

    Jorge had a recipe for Greek Yogurt, nuts and cinnamon in the Fast Track stuff, I have this for breakfast if I just can't stomach eggs on a particular morning.

    Love your blog, keep up the helpful postings!

  16. Amber, I think you did a great job explaining the FT. Even though I've been following it since the conference in May, I'm looking forward to the book's release.
    I have found the hardest part of FT/not eating any grains, is when I go out to eat. It seems everything comes with bread, rice, potatoes & or beans. It such a pleasure when I can find something on the menu that I don't have to alter. This is really more hassle than hard to do. I do appreciate Jorge's posts on FB and what he eats in restaurants.
    I loved your recipe on the cauliflower pizza crust. Keep the recipes coming!

  17. I was in the FT group, and truthfully, I was disappointed. This is no different from the other low carb plans out there. It is very hard to eat eggs every morning. I was starving substituting the yogurt and nuts for breakfast. It is healthy, but you need to get creative to oome up with meal ideas. Eggs every morning, and salad every for every lunch gets old fast.

  18. I've done Atkins in the past and while I do agree that eggs get tiring very fast, who says you have to eat eggs everday for breakfast? Mix it up and have leftovers from last nights dinner. If it's scrambled eggs you have every day, try a different way to make eggs (deviled, omelet, quiche, load on the veggies, etc.), or fix something entirely different.

  19. Hi Amber,
    I am one of the original 20 that started the FastTrack back in mid-April in San Diego. At first I had a hard time wrapping my head around giving up grains (especially sourdough bread & pizza crust) but I don't even think about it anymore.

    I lost weight quickly on the FastTrack; 9lbs. & 3 inches off my waist the first week, 6lbs. the second week & 3lbs. the third week. Inches came off each week as well. I'm now down 34lbs. & 8.5 inches off my waist.

    The weight is still coming off but very slowly at this point. Oh, I think I should mention that I didn't start working out consistently until one month ago...so most of my weight & inches came off with little to no exercise.

    Some days I think the slow weight loss is good because it will stay off. But other days I want to see more weight come off quicker.

    Like one of the other FastTrackers said...I don't feel like I'm on a diet anymore, this is just the way I eat. And I absolutely feel better overall.

    I do appreciate your blog & your recipes because I haven't been very creative on my own preparing my meals.

    Congratulations on your progress Amber. Not only have you lost weight but in your pictures you look younger & younger!

  20. Great info as always Amber. Still trying to do the original BFC, but I think to speed things up I may give the fast track a try.

  21. Atkins allowed alot of green vegetables. No fruit, no grains, 4 oz of wine a day. Gosh, sounds just like the fast track. Sorry, but this is nothing new. Bacon? yes, Jorge loves it. Full fat cheese? Yes. This is NOT a new idea~!

  22. So when you say "green vegetables", you literally mean GREEN vegetables? No onion or red pepper?

    I'd think avocado, for instance, would be higher in carbs than either of those, but I see you're eating it.

    And 2 squares of dark chocolate are the only sweets you have all day? Is that what the plan allows for, or is that your own decision?

    As a former hardcore-Atkins-Inductioner, I'm interested.

  23. I have been following the BFC for 7 weeks now...the weight is not coming off like I was expecting. I have lost inches and I can tell my body is changing though. My question is....Does taking the psyllium husks or chia seeds every day really make a difference? Which one would be better to take? Anyone?

  24. Heather - No you dont need to take a fiber supplement. In fact on the Fast Track, Jorge doesnt allow psyllium husks (Im not sure which plan you are trying). But I do think you need to make sure and get 25 grams of fiber a day either way. It makes a huge difference! Try getting them from your green veggies first. Here are a few great products Ive found too if you are doing regular BFC - http://bit.ly/cOwCBd

  25. can you use almond flour or other non grain flours?

  26. My namne is melissa and i started the original BFC diet monday nov the 29th. i found your blog and it has motivated me alot! as far as the fast track....my sister has done atkins for 3 years straight...she is a size 10 and holding. I however cannot stick to adkins, which is why i am soooo motivated with the BFC diet. To be able to drive thru taco bell and get 2 regular tacos makes a huge difference on a diet, instead of meat, cheese and lettuce. you by far have the best blog out there. Thank you for sharing your story.

  27. I think the little to know sugar is a great idea. However, I have been following this program for 3 months now. I use the recipes from the book and I still have not lost a single pound or an inch. I do check every label and only eat my 15/ 6 ratio everyday, usually I eat around 10 sugars a day. I have added psyllium husk into my daily routine just to help with the fiber. I am fresh out of ideas. I am not sure what else to do to help me loose weight. Does anyone have any other suggestions. Frustrated girl in her young 30's.Please help :-(

  28. Hi. I started a little over a yr ago on Jorge's BFC program, before it was released to the public. I managed to lose about 50 lbs and incouraged a few other friends to do the same. I am stuck now and need to lose the last 15-20 lbs. I would really like to know as much about the Fast Track program, so I can start it as soon as possible. Please email me w/any and all suggestions at: alwardt5@yahoo.com

  29. I found that the Fast Track book was delayed until the end of 2011 (Oct-Nov.) Any idea why?

    I did receive an offer in email to join BFC Fat Track now for $197. Ouch.

  30. Porche - Not sure why they delayed it. Just a guess is that the BFC book is still on the best sellers list and they might want to wait until it isnt, so they arent competing with themselves. If you end up doing the Fast Track

  31. Hi Amber,

    Thanks for your posts. I have been reducing, but still have belly fat and would very much like to follow the fast track. I was hoping there would be a payment plan for the new course Jorge just sent out. But I have not seen one. One of the things I am curios about was the hold out desserts Jorge talks about at the end of the day and the ready whip. Can you tell me what are the treats on the fast track?

  32. What about flaxseed? That's not a grain, but a seed, right? That's what I currently use to get most of my fiber. Thanks!!!

  33. Thank you so much for your response! They're selling the FastTrack for $200 right now. I've made a couple of attempts at contacting them for a question I have. I'd invest in the program if I knew it could work with my situation. (I own a bakery and need to sample- just a couple of bites- as we go through new product development.) But they've never replied to my emails and Jorge never responds to Facebook. (I was hoping for the book so that it wouldn't be a huge expense if it didn't work.)

    Thank you again for responding!!

  34. Hi
    Great blogspot, good ideas from you all. Also wondering about almond flour, just got a great recipe book that uses al. flour for cakes, pie crusts, even a kind of bread.
    I also just found coconut milk by so nice in the fridge section of the grocery store, no sugar/carbs and pours like milk. today I mixed it with the no sugar chocolate almond milk and stevia for my afternoon hot drink.
    I plan to start again following the bfc as it makes the most sense to my body. it's just the wine that gets me into trouble, after 2 glasses I eat more than necesarry, this is a habit I am working at changing. I know my liver will thank me!!! wish me luck

  35. Hi Amber, thanks for your blog. I started reading it app a month ago when I started BFC. I have a question about the S/C counts . . . I purchased Lindt 85% dark chocolate, 4 squares = 8 carbs and 5 sugars. Usually, two squares is all it takes to satisfy my "craving." I've always considered it a freebie in terms of carb serving because one two squares = 4 carbs. Occasionally, in one day I might have 2 squares after lunch and then 1 square after dinner. Again, after dinner, I consider the square a freebie. But, suppose the 3 squares were eaten at one sitting instead of 2 sittings. Then they would equal 6 carbs, 1 serving. So, am I deceiving myself by breaking up these squares throughout the day. I'm thinking that I'm not deceiving myself because the issue is how much insulin is spiked at each sitting. Any clarification???

  36. Yay :) I kept searching your blog and found the info I needed. Thank you for posting this Amber.

  37. Hi Amber and Thank You for this blog!

    I just got the book and I'm a little lost with the Fast Track Menu...
    It doesn't say how much of each item I can eat. I know it says palm size but it's kinda' hard to gauge that with some of the items, like the vegies. It also doesn't say how many bacon or hard boiled egg I can have or how much Avocado, half or a whole one? 1 serving of Deli Meat or cheese, is that like 1 slice of Ham or Salami and 1 slice of sandwich cheese or string cheese? How much salad dressing to use? You get the idea.

    I'm thinking of stir frying together some of the dinner menus to feed a family of 3. How much is 1 serving and can I add soy sauce?

    I would really appreciate it if you could help shed some light into this, since you have gone through this and had great success.


    1. Hi Melanie! Don't stress over portions on the Fast Track. Strangely it really isn't as important as it is on other diets. As long as it is meat, eggs and green veggies, its pretty much okay. Cheese, nuts, sauces are allowed but you want to use them minimally. Let us know how you do!

  38. Thanks Amber! I started last Saturday. Will keep you posted as I go along. I have about 50 lbs. to lose.


  39. Hi I have been on the fast track for a couple of weeks and really love it! One thing I havent been able to find out about is the hot drink at night with low sugar whipping cream? What drink (ie. Hot Cocoa?) have others been having? I'm from Canada and we dont have the choises you have in the US

  40. Is quinoa allowed on FT? It is technically not a grain but a seed....where does it fall?

  41. If you hate cottage cheese, what can you substitute on the Fast Track Diet?