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Friday, July 9, 2010

Weigh in: Week 37 on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure

I haven't done an official weigh in quite awhile, but this month I have set a new goal and want to lose 6 more lbs. I have lived in my new body for a bit, and I think just a little bit more will be a more comfortable. My weight this week was down 2lbs to 146, which is a new low for me AND officially puts me at a 50 lbs loss on the BFC. I have to say I am shocked, for not the first time, at how well this plan works for me!

I made some changes to my regular Belly Fat Cure eating and have cut out all grains (except Benefiber) and really increased my green veggies. Jorge Cruise is calling this new program the Fast Track and has book coming out at the end of the year on it. I felt like I needed to switch it up again, as my weight was stagnating a bit. Can I keep up no grains for life? Who knows, and I don't want to think that far ahead or put that kind of pressure on myself. But I think it was an easy transition after about 8 months on the BFC. Changes I have noticed are that I am sleeping better... way better. And I just feel much less hungry this week. This is photo of my grocery haul this week - super green!

I think there are two secrets as to why I have lost my 50 lbs:

1. I just stuck with it, not withstanding a few afternoon chip binges
2. I eliminated artificial sweeteners

I think #2 is the most crucial, because it is what has allowed me to do #1, stick with it. I would love to hear from others who also quit artificial sweeteners or are interested in doing it for the month. I have been trying to convince one of my sisters to do it, but she can't understand why a 0 Calorie additive would effect her weight. I truly believe it has made all the difference for me!

This week I have stumbled across a few great articles that really support Low Sugar diets and giving up artificial sweeteners. Here is a video with Dr Mark Hyman (article is HERE) that really is useful. And then another article about artificial sweeteners HERE.

How are all the July Challengers doing? Leave an updated here and let us know! It was a tough week with the long weekend and holiday.  If you leave your email here or in the last #BFCJuly post, I will email you all and see if we can get a buddy system going. The main point of the challenge is to choose a diet plan and stick with it, no excuses, for a month. I am shaking up my diet a little bit too!

I like how they have color-coded the new books. But we all know Jorge only wears blue! ;-) I noticed the new book is also more pricey too.


  1. I had a great week other than needing to figure out a few things about what's allowed. My doctor already took me off grains (due to allergies) and sweeteners except stevia. It does make a huge difference. I did eat tomatoes and dzouki beans (a little red Japanese bean.) I'm thinking they may have too many carbs. I lost a pound in the last three days. I'm in my fifties - it's been hard for me to lose weight so this is really cool! I love how the cravings disappear!

  2. I haven't actually weighed yet, but I put my white lab-coat on today and it buttoned up the front with absolutely NO problems today...it's been MONTHS since I was able to button the top buttons comfortably. I'll take changes like that any day!

  3. Amber - Thanks for such great inspiration during the summer months! I know it may sound crazy, but the summer is actually really hard for me! I need to stay focus and your blog really helps me! I have two trips coming up this summer & want to be down on the scale for both of them! I was on Jorge's six weeks over 40 menus program & thanks to you I plan to take them out again!Thanks again for your inspiration! Mary

  4. Amber,
    Thank you for helping me get motivated for this next stage. I am on the Fast Track this month and lost 3 pounds this week for a total of 53..
    Keep up the great work everybody :)

  5. Since recommitting on Tuesday I'm down a pound already! Nice to see the scale moving in the right direction! While my calf heals, I'm only doing yoga and dog walks but I'm looking forward to eventually moving more. I stocked up on everything BFC at Costco yesterday so I'm prepared, which is half the battle!

  6. I'm on wk 6 of BFC. Have lost 10 lbs. total, but none this week. I'm adding my weight training & cardio back in this wk. It will help speed up my weight loss (always has in the past). I'm 48 & know it's important to keep the muscles active. I have not used artificial sweetners for the past 6 wks and I use to drink several large glasses of Diet Dr. Pepper almost daily. My sweet craving has completely disappeared. On occassion when I do want something sweet dark chocolate does it for me (before I only ate milk chocolate). I only use stevia now and I try not to add it to things that I can eat (or drink) without it.

    Amber-Please put me on list for buddy system: dreambig62@hotmail.com

  7. Boy to be 146 again (I'm dreaming of the day) Amber! That's so encouraging! I've been following the Belly Fat Cure book just shy of 2 weeks, and I am literally eating up as much information as I can. I bumped into a sales gal from a dept. store I was in, and she mentioned she's been following Jorge's book faithfully for two years! She went from 187 and is now 140 lbs. Not only does she look healthy, she looks fabulous! I'm excited and so far it's easy!

  8. Hi Amber.
    Congratulations on 50 pound loss. That is amazing.
    I guess I have been living under the rock this past year, lol, since I had never heard of BFC! I came across your blog the long way, lol. One of the blogs I read regularly had a link to Carbzilla’s blog and when I went to her blog I saw a post about you and July challenge. When I read your blog I knew I wanted to give this routine a try and since Monday I have been BFCing. I have not read Jorge’s book yet. But I have been reading everything I can find on the web.
    Since Monday I have lost 3 pounds and I feel great. The only changes I had to make were to give up my smoothie in the morning and fruits throughout the day. Apparently I was eating lots of fruits, lol. I also gave up Splenda. I don’t feel hungry at all. I saw a video where Jorge says to start the day with eggs and that is what I have been doing; I have had egg omelet for breakfast everyday and I think that has helped me a lot. So far I have not wanted any chocolate, lol, I have been telling myself if I craved it then I go buy it!
    Anyhow, thank you so much for a wonderful blog you have going. It has been extremely helpful to me. I would love a buddy, I am sure it is going to make it easier the more support I have.
    Have a great weekend.
    Rachel (rachelearth@yahoo.com)

  9. I too agree with you Amber about the artificial sweeteners. I really think that is the key, i somersized for years but just didn't lose much weight, but used Splenda all the time and cheated all the time! I have not cheated at all on this way of eating, once you get this system down, it's so easy. I don't crave the sugars and carbs. It's been 20 weeks, can you believe it, that's the longest i've ever stuck with anything!! I'm not as hungry as i used to be and it has stopped the bingeing! I've lost 32 lbs. and i feel better about my body than i did in my 20's. Thanks Amber, your support has helped me tremendously!! :o)

  10. Hi Amber!

    You are such an inspiration! I would love to see 140's again! I began at 182 and am down about 10-12 right now (my weight changes daily).

    I'm one of the original Fast Trackers and going on week 13. After 12 weeks of totally grain free, carb free (except veggies), sugar free and artificial sweetener free, last week, for the first time on FT, I actually had a few chips and bought some Clemmys. I didn't by any means overindulge but my body feels completely messed up just from 10 chips and some Clemmys. It's amazing how your body reacts after being without it for so long.

    Even though my weight loss has gone slow on FT (one pound a week)I do believe it will be a long term loss and feel it is a healthy way to lose. In addition to Jorge's Fast Track, I also follow Mark's Daily Apple, it is a great way to get additional info on this type of living!

    In addition to weight loss, I'm amazed at how my body composition has changed, even my arms are smaller. While I'd love to lose 10lbs a week, it does feel great to slowly lose weight all over!

    Thanks for your blog and for doing this Amber!
    Kristine in San Diego

  11. Hi Amber,
    Would you please add me to the buddy list ? I forgot to add that to my previous post. I am 46, looking forward to losing 35+ more pounds. I have lost 53 on the BFC so far. I live in MA.
    Thank you,

  12. Hi Amber,
    I started BFC on March 1. I went from eating sugar daily and drinking wine to following Jorge's plan to the tea. I had very slow (1/2 pound)/week weight loss. So, I cut out grains completely. My loss has averaged 1 pound/week, sometimes none. (For a total of 15 and I'd like 10 more to go.)I lift weights once a week and walk daily. This has been the most frustrating time I have ever had trying to lose weigt, due to how slow it has been. I'm 52 years old and not menopausal. I miss grains, but not as much as I thougt I would (not even those GG crispbreads!). Being sugar free, except for stevia has been a blessing. I was truly addicted to the stuff. Now I'm going to work on cutting stevia out to see if that helps with losing.
    I have followed you since March - you have been an inspiration. Thank you for being "out there."

  13. Amber, I've been grain-free for about a month and a half. I think that you'll find you feel so much better without them that you won't ever want to add them back in. Loading up on fat (particuarly saturated fat from grass-fed meat and dairy) is such a more enjoyable way to get full.

    I'm wondering when Jorge is going to get over his mild infatuation w/ the fake sugars. I know that it's important to get over the sugar addiction and then even more important to get folk off the sucralose, aspartame, etc. But all the sugar alcohols aren't any good either. The point is to reset your body's sensitivity to sweetness. Stevia packets just keep putting that off. But hey, I understand there are many paths to health.

    My favorite nutrition blog lately is http://www.paleonu.com/. Really good stuff there that I think Jorge would really be on board with. Check it out if you get a chance.

  14. Amber, you are a real inspiration. My husband and I are new to BFC diet this week. I am trying not to make any mistakes and learn about all these new products.
    We have had a great week so far.
    I have cut out my diet Cokes which I only had one a day but that is gone.
    I do eat the grains because I am not sure what the FT is other than probably cutting out the grains. Think we will follow the BFC just because I think I have more energy w/eating some carbs.
    I do exercise quite a bit and my husband and I are older but...
    Thanks again.

  15. Mike - so true about the sugar alcohols, you have to be very careful with them! I learned that years ago with Atkins. They are very limited on Fast Track & maybe even non-existent on the plan by the time the book is completed. And I also totally agree with you about losing the taste for sweet! It really is key!

  16. Hi Amber,
    I'm still on the FT, but occasionally get discouraged about what to eat, I seem to eat the same thing over & over. I need a few new ideas, like that recipe for cauliflower pizza crust which I can't wait to try only problem is my oven is broken. I need a recipe for eggplant, something I can fix stovetop.
    When I started the BFC, I was wearing a tight 14 and now I can fit in all my size 10's and a few 8's. My friend is now seriously interested in my eating plan after observing what I eat and I haven't even done any exercising.
    I just want to thank you for your encouragement to stick with it.

  17. Hi Amber,
    I don't know where to begin! I came across your blog through the BFC website & it is so amazing!!!!!!!!!! I have read every word so far-both your blog & the comments given. I am at Feb. in reading the blog but just had to post a comment to thank you IMMENSELY for giving us this information!! Let me tell you a bit about my journey so far. I was ADDICTED to sugar-esp. cookies. I couldn't go a day without cookies!! I started the BFC diet 2 weeks ago. I lost 7 lbs the first week. I haven't lost anything since-haven't gained any but not lost any either. I am so excited about this plan that I just want to research & read everything out there about it. I am a bit overwhelmed with everything right now. What should I eat? What shouldn't I eat? When I think I'm finally getting on track I read I'm not eating the right things like the mission tortillas vs. the La Tortilla ones. I definitely feel better. I can't say the sugar cravings have totally went away. I have pretty much kept faithful to the plan. I am concerned because my husband & I are going on a 2 week vacation next month. I am a very active person who exercises regularly. I am 53. I live in Iowa. I would LOVE to be a buddy with someone who is experiencing the same kind of things. Please include me in that if possible. Again, thank you for your blog, Amber! What a inspiration you are to so many!! I will continue to read your blog!! God bless you!!

  18. Hi Amber, as you know I've been trying out different diets to see what works best for my body. This week I am committed to the BFC. Right now it's 5:30pm. I'm usually starving & snacking on junk. Right now I feel satisfied...no need for snacking. Before I was really fixated on what I couldn't have, now I'm thinking more about what I can have. Also using your tracker. I'm definitely not good at tracking & don't think I could keep up with what I eat without it. Anyway I went to Trader Joe's today & stocked up. Prepared & ready.

  19. Hi Everyone!
    I weighed myself today 200.2... thank you for getting us all motivated again...I'm really committed to living the fast track way...I also downloaded the fitday calorie counter and I LOVE IT!!

  20. Hi Amber! I am excited to hear about your weight loss and it encourages me to keep going. What do you recommend when we hit a plateau? I have been doing the BFC since mid March and I've lost about 15 lbs, well actually I lost 14 lbs by May 21 and decided to try doing the fast track menu to see if I could loose faster. Although I stuck to it faithfully for two weeks I only lost 1 lb. I felt frustrated with the limited menu and lack of weight loss so I went back to the regular BFC but have not lost even .5 a lb since then. I have upped my fiber 25-30 grams a day, with psyllium caps and chia seeds. Other than that I am eating what I was eating before the fast track (I was losing 1-2 lbs a week)and have not seen any weight loss. Some of my clothes are fitting better, but not a drastic difference, have gone down one dress size. I enjoy the foods I am eating and feel llike I can eat this way for life, but I really need to see weight loss too. HELP! itslisat@gmail.com

  21. Hi Amber Congratulations on 50 pounds - that's incredible! And your photos showing your progress are incredible! I haven't visited your blog for awhile - love your remodel! It's easy to navigate. How can I find out more about the fast track without waiting for the book to come out? I get from your posts that it's about taking grains out of your diet, but what do you substitute for regularity and feeling full? I'm still stuck at 170 pounds -- been trying to get started again, but having a tough time of staying with it. Maybe the challenge of trying the Fast Track will be a good incentive to make some progress.
    Big hug, my friend!
    Johna in Seattle

  22. Hi Amber,Congratulations on your success. My daughter and I have been on the plan for about 3 weeks. We just recently found your blog and after reading it, added in the Benefiber. We have seen no weight loss or inches lost. She is getting very discouraged and wants to quit. She is headed off to law school in a few weeks and I know the stress is going to make it even harder to keep to the plan. How long after adding the Benefiber can we expect to see a difference in losing the false belly fat? Any ideas on why we haven't lost any weight or inches?

  23. Hi Amber- quick question: If a food is 0/0 can you eat unlimited amounts or does it get a point value like weight watchers? Im thinking about eggs and pirates booty etc... Thanks for any info.

  24. I am a little confused, do I follow the fast track or the 3 hour diet? Also where can I get a couple questions answered about the 3hr diet?
    Thank you so much!