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Friday, July 2, 2010

July Weight Loss Challenge

I've been in a bit of funk for the last week and I decided it was time to just end the funk, instead of letting it decide when it was done with me. I noticed lots of you are in a diet funk as well and I thought it might be fun to do little weight loss challenge for the month of July! I have lived at/near my goal weight for about two months now, and I would like to lose a little bit more. I'd like to get to 142, which is only about 6 lbs away.

Want to participate? I mentioned it over on Twitter and 13 people pretty much immediately said "I'm in!" as did my Mom and both Sisters. I am hoping some of you will too!

Rules: No rules, just maybe some guidelines.

* Be supportive. It would be great if you could reach out to someone you meet here or on twitter participating.

* Twitter: Use the hashtag #BFCJuly in all your posts. Be sure to create a filter for #BFCJuly so you can see people you don't follow yet too. Tweetdeck and Seesmic are great twitter interfaces if you are ready to take it to the next level. If this sounds like Greek, stick to comments! My twitter name is @meandjorge.

* Leave an introduction comment with as much information about yourself as you are comfortable revealing. I recommend first names only, emails & twitter names would be nice. I have found this blog to be a safe place to share and never had a rude or mean comment, ever. I read every comment I get here.

* Send a daily tweet or leave a comment about something you overcame, ate, resisted, accomplished, lost or gained. You don't have to reveal your weight, but if you want to please do! If you are a blogger, please blog about it and I will link back your blog in the next post if you let me know. At the end I would like to add up all our pounds lost for a grand total.

* Don't quit! No quitters allowed ;-) It's less then a month, you can commit to that! I truly believe a big part of my success has been that I simply just didn't quit. At the end you may have changed a habit, lost a few pounds, made a friend, or learned something new. They say it takes 21 days to make a real change. Let's make a change in July, 2010.

* You don't have to do the Belly Fat Cure diet, do whatever diet you like. I will be doing Belly Fat Cure Fast Track, which I haven't talked a lot about here because frankly there isn't much info released on it. I will be grain free (no GG Crispbreads even!) and loading up on the green veggies and protein!

* I would love to see some of you using artificial sweeteners to give them up 100% for a month. Anyone willing to do that? I think you will be truly so surprised at the results and an important part of my success is due to this.

Are you excited? Because I am!


  1. Amber, this is such a great idea. I was 100% BFC, as you know, until I had a bunch of stressors. I got through those fine and then had some sort of delayed reaction while visiting my mom where I could NOT stay away from sugar and carbs. This is a GREAT way to recommit. I want to lose 5 lbs. I'm Tiffany, carbzilla@gmail.com, and my Twitter acct is @carbzilla.

  2. PS. When you say "Give up artificial sweeteners," do you mean Stevia too?

  3. Hi, I'm KJ from Canada, my twitter acct is @kjkonkin, my email is me@kjkonkin.com and my website is www.kjkonkin.com.

    I've been on the BFC since January and have been maintaining my goal weight (not that I weight myself...I'm sorta against scales) or my goal size for awhile now using my 15/6 boundaries, but what I need support in is firming up the shape I now have. Toning up arms, reducing cellulite and, if I'm allowed one miracle, a solution for my cankles. (or at least a way to decorate them so they look prettier...)

  4. Carbzilla & KJ - Yea! Stevia is considered a natural sweetener (at least for now!;-) ) I meant Splenda, Aspartame and Sacharin.

    I have a bad case of the chicken wings myself! Could putting you feet up a lot help drain fluid and help with cankles?!

  5. I just finished a "whole30" challenge for the month of June. Best eating experience ever. I'm grain-free for life at this point. It's just not worth it and there are so many other options. Whole30 is here: http://whole9life.com/category/whole-30/ It took me 11 lbs (so far) beyond a plateau that I'd experienced on the BFC.

  6. GREAT idea!! I'm in as well. This will be interesting as I am heading to the beach with my family and my mom next week (July 4-11) but by doing the challenge, it will keep my hands out of the cookie jar :-)
    I'll have my computer, so I can "tweet" in every day!
    Here we go!!

  7. Hi I am Trish, my twitter is Trishie_Martin@twitter I am on the east coast everyone and so jealous of those of you who are heading to the beautiful beaches on the west coast lol. Looking forward to the challenge. My challenge will be to increase my runs to 7 miles a day from 5 and to discover a sugar free cupcake I can love!!! I never weigh myself (scales drive me nuts) I track inches so far I have lost a total of 15 inches and love BFC. I suffered a debilitating injury and thought I would never be walking again. Thanks to an amazing ortho surgeon and his team I have my mobility back. Good Luck everyone!! Whatever your challenge is U CAN DO IT!!!

  8. I love this!! and really need the motvation right now.. I just tried on my wedding dress adn still need about 1.5 inches to zip up UGH!! I know I can do this.. need to lose 15 lbs by end of Sept... ok off to my first BOOT CAMP..wish me luck!

  9. I am so in! My first two weeks of this program I lost 11 pounds. I just completed my 3rd week and I'm finding that I'm gaining, yet I've stayed very consistent with my meals. This challenge will help me stay committed and to have a little faith. :)

    Weight this morning: 244.5
    email: thechelinator@gmail.com

    Good luck everyone!


  10. Sister Mish here..i'm in! Had to run into the office this morning for some quick work. I came, I saw the donuts, I went back to my desk with my coffee and low carb bfast bar! Yay for small victories

  11. Add me to the list! I've been on BFC for 4 weeks-down 10 lbs. Current weight is 179.7 lbs., goal weight 135. Taking vacatin to San Diego at end of August and would love to be down 10-15 lbs by then. Would love the extra motivation. I'll set up a twitter account soon to follow but that is all new to me (never had a reason to follow before)!

    KJ-I remembered seeing something on the Dr. Oz show about cankles. Mostly it is hereditary but I do remember him giving some advice on it. Maybe you could look on his web & see if there's any info.

    Amber-If you don't have any grains will you be taking more benefiber or what to keep your fiber up? I know veggies have fiber but it seems you have to eat a lot to get the 25-35 grams. And thanks for the great idea for the weight loss challenge.

  12. Hi All- @therevivalofme on twitter. Lost over 82lbs on Weight Watchers a few years ago. Plateu'd at that weight for 2 years. In attempt to lose the last 25lbs I wanted to lose, I ended up playing the "which diet will work now" game and gained some weight back. Enter BFC, worked for a few weeks then stopped. So now I use myfitnesspal.com to track calorie/workouts/sugars/carbs. Trying to stay close to my caloric intake suggested and giggle every time it tells me I have gone over on my fats, protein and FIBER of all things.
    I love the BFC because I have finally given up the toxic butter sprays, splenda desserts, etc. I am always full and feel good.
    My self sabotage is the hours from lunch til dinner when my daughter naps and it's just me and the computer/tv. So along with a 5lb loss, I'd like to add no snack sabotage to my goal.
    I am a fitness instructor (I'm the "not rail thin chick you hate" at the gym, but the one with curves and a little belly you can relate to.)
    Hey Elsa-I suggest adding Pilates to your workout. You can do it daily and it only takes20-30min to do a DVD (Try Winsor Pilates). It will slim down your sides (obliques from boobs to hips) That should help with the wedding dress. Good luck.
    Let's Rock July, people. It's also my birthday month, so I'm digging the Challenge.

  13. Hi Colleen! That's so funny you mentioned Pilates I just got the DVD with the bar and have done it 3 times.. I love it..but must say
    Boot Camp kicked my booty this morning! I weighed in this morning at exactly 200.2 lbs.. Good Luck everyone!

  14. Im in ... i found ur blog - just started BFC on monday so i'm hoping this works... had a baby 4 mo ago... hoping to lose about 45lbs..... i will try to use twitter... just "followed" you...


  15. Hi everyone!

    This is such an amazing idea :D I need some MAJOR motivation! Started doing BFC in January and lost 10lbs and some major inches and felt GREAT...then my Grandma became very ill and ended up passing away in April and I "fell off the wagon" :( Sooooo...here I am and ready to go again :)))))! Would LOVE to lose 10lbs this month and get back into my size smaller jeans that I bought back in March...so that is my goal for July :D

    I'm Christine, my twitter is @ChristineEvans and email is Christine_rose_evans@yahoo.com

  16. Hey you... I am going to make an effort to really work on my diet/exercise. Had not been feeling 100% due to lymph node infection/swelling and pain. I'd not really been doing the BFC diet at all really. Just cutting back and including some of the food you mention and drinking more water. I'll keep up with your tweets for motivation and to meet new people though!

  17. Hi Amber. What a great idea. I have lost 18 pounds since starting BFC. It has been slow going, maybe because I'm over 60, but I look and feel so much better. I would love to lose at least 5 more pounds this July. I've never twittered, but I will try to figure it out. Sylvia

  18. Colleen - my boys nap time used to be my major snack time! The stress & joy of having a few precious minutes to myself!

    So glad to see the beautiful Elsa here, I met her in San Diego a few months back! I even got a photo with her: http://bit.ly/byTCgf

    Trish - Id love to know your secret for running everyday! Ive worked up to long runs, I power walk through parts of it. But I can't find time to do it more then once a week this summer.

    Vicki - Im a fiber freak, so this is tough. The BFC Fast Track suggests you don't need as much fiber and to get it all from green veggies. Crazy? Maybe so! I don't anyone to do the FT with me unless they are really sold it. I think you really have to believe in your plan. I did it for 3wks & then went back to regular BFC when I had my kidney stone diagnoses. I was so stressed I felt the need to binge eat, so I made a change before I got out of control. But I slept so good on the BFC FT that I want to give it another try! I have a whole blog post about it coming up!

    Thanks for joining in everyone! Anyone else going to join us and make a commitment?

  19. OK, I'm in, Amber! I have been the same weight for months...literally. I had lost 40 lbs on Weight Watchers and had plateaued. I have been the same weight since at least December (have to look at my weigh in books) and still have about 35 to go. Not even sure what my goal weight will be. When I get there, I'll know. Even on FT for a few months now, I'm STILL at the same weight. Not sure how that is possible since I have cut out sugar and grains. Anyway, I have a dr appt for this week to talk to her and see if maybe it's a thyroid issue. Honestly, I'm not sure what to do at this point. I just yesterday heard back from the FT team (as they have been super busy with production of the upcoming book) and she mentioned cutting back on cheese and cream, yet Jorge keeps on insisting in his multiple videos (and I have watched at least 15-20 of them) that it's NOT about counting calories/fats/points so I'm not sure why that is questioned. I'm going to attempt to make sure one of my meals is a shake which is super low in calories when you make it with unsweetened almond milk. I did add a little bit of flax oil this AM because Elsa mentioned that the added fat will satiate me more and I must say, it has worked. Thanks, Elsa! I had mentioned to her that when I have that for my breakfast, I have trouble getting through my workouts. Elsa told me she'd let me borrow her Primal book...come on Elsa! LOL Anyway, I'll try to figure out the Twitter thing. My husband will help me. Will let you know what the doctor says! Lisa from Sunny SoCal!

  20. Hi Amber!

    Great idea! I've been on Fast Track for 11 weeks now with Elsa and Lisa and have lost 11lbs! But I have 30 more to go! I feel great living grain/carb/sugar free and would love the support to keep on going! Kristine from San Diego.

  21. This july challenge came just in time for summer!! Thank you Amber for you inspiration and guidance.

    My name is Estella. I'm 31, a wife and mother of 3 boys. I have been on the BFC since May 24th after a friend of mine started shrinking away!! i started off at 185lbs and lost 10 lbs in the first month. Honestly the easiest diet I've ever attempted!! i've done well cutting the sugar in my coffee and actually enjoy it black or with a little cream. No artificial sweeteners for me. i'm fine with no more sweets or soda, but i do miss milk... but then i say, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. =)
    I have been teetering between 169-171 lbs, which is a huge milestone since I weighed 169 before I got pregnant last so now it's time to buckle down and watch those crummy carbs!!
    I plan to limit myself to 40 carbs or LESS a day. Hoping to reach my goal of around 160lbs by the end of the month!

    You can follow me on twitter at @telligoom.

    Good luck everyone! We can do it!

  22. Hey all,

    Officially starting the challenge tomorrow, and I'm very excited. My name is Kris (www.fitisthenewblack.com) twitter.com/fitisthenewblk, and I'm just looking to cure this belly fat I have going on. I'm going to stick to the Belly Fat Fast Track plan, I'm an apple body type so I store my weight right in my midsection :(. I'm also using BeachBody's TurboFire and Insanity to get back into shape, and just feel better about myself. I plan on updating my blog along my journey, I would love to have tweets and just friends along for this. thanks guys, lets do this! :)

  23. Hi! I am Patti, I have been BFCing since April 8, have not weighed myself at all but have lost many inches from my waist/hips/butt. I am still waiting to lose the rest of my excess weight which seems to be concentrated in arm and boob areas.
    I am so very grateful to Amber for her inspirational blog. It has helped me immensely.

    I recently added strength training to my life and am noticing changes, but I have to say that besides the inch loss, the most amazing aspect of the BFC is how much ease I experience in my yoga practice now.
    After a " carb binge" day yesterday, which consisted of 2 ears of corn and a hot dog roll,I am ready to get back on track.
    This is funny considering that a year ago I would have eaten myself into sugar laden oblivion and would have chased that sugar high with salty chips. I consider my binge yesterday a victory of sorts.
    Am going to try the Sassy Water today!

  24. Hi Amber,

    I have been following your blog for a few months now and love all the practical information you give!

    I went on the BFC when Jorge came out with the over 40 plan, to lose about 10 pounds but mainly because I am in the early stages on menopause and my hormones are completely out of whack. Minimizing sugar helped, but I'd give anything to somehow get the hot flashes under control!

    I felt like I gained and lost the same 5 lbs all the way through the 6 week meal plan I subscribed to, but my clothes were fitting much better so I've kept up on eating BFC style but this July 4 holiday was hard, way too much stuff I knew I wasn't supposed to have but put into my mouth anyway....

    I just saw a few pictures of myself taken this last week and realized, yep, maybe I need to lose more than 10 pounds :) I need something to jump start things for sure so I am ready to join your challenge!

    I am especially interested in the no grain Fast Track, I never had the immediate results I have read so many postings about. Maybe taking out grains would help?

    Keep up with the great postings!!


  25. A little late in joining but count me in, too. NOW if I can just remember my Twitter log in, lol. Kristy

  26. This will be great motivation for me. I read the BFC book in February, but living in China, I don't have access to many of the foods, but I do know I eat too much sugar and since my son was born, I've fallen in love with bread. My weight today was 158.6 and my goal weight is 135. I exercise daily so am hoping by the end of the month I can be around 150. My email is knitter82@yahoo.com

  27. I'm in! My reunion is in two weeks, and I'd like to lose at least five more pounds by that time. I've only just started the BFC but have found that I feel SO much better without all of that excess sugar (and splenda!), and have lost a few inches already. I also look forward to reading your blog while at work...I find that reading about your experience helps give me the extra added willpower I need to stay away from the office goodies and keep my eating in check. I still have about 45lbs to go, but I KNOW I can do it...I've done it before and my worst mistake was allowing myself to EVER gain the weight back. BFC will definitely take me there though...

  28. I haven't checked this out yet Amber, but count me in. I will take a look tonight.

  29. I'm @TechGirlGeek. I'm doing the BFC, and participating in the #BFCJuly challenge. I mostly tweet technical stuff, but also family, workout and dieting tips. Feel free to follow me. I'm enjoying learning how to get my 20/30 something waist back, though I admit to missing my sugars sometimes. I'm really missing yogurt, but LOVING Stevia. My hunch is Stevia is going to be in more and more products as time goes on.

  30. Hi Amber,
    I participated in Jorge's 12 week coaching program in the fall with you, love following your Blog and my husband and I were so happy to meet you in April at the BFC FT Event. Both my husband and I were impressed with what we learned there and he has joined me in the FT program. In 9 weeks we have each lost about 11 lbs. The progress has not been as fast as we had anticipated, so we would like to join your July challenge. My new goal is more exercise (30 minules on the treadmill daily). I have 65 lbs to go. My husand 8 lbs.

    Amber where is your blog post about the FT that you mentioned? More help would be appreciated.

    Marcia email: mbwilsonaz@cox.net

  31. Count me in! I've been on BFC for a week now and have lost 6.6 lbs. Now I only have about 45 more lbs to go! I love your blog, Amber. What a great idea and encouragement.

    Would love to hear from other BFCers. melissa974@earthlink.net

  32. I have been doing BFC for 6 months now. I have learned a lot about my body in this 6 months. What it takes to get the weight to drop off.
    I am no longer a sugar addict. I am so thankful for this way of eating. It has made a huge difference in my over all well being.
    I am 54 yrs old. I started BFC on Jan 5th at 207 lbs. At my highest I was 210. Now 6 months later I am 169 lbs.
    Support is the key. When you feel down and the weight isn't moving, don't give up. I truly believe that it is the healing process. It takes time to get your body back to health. It didn't get overweight overnight. It takes work and persistance but it will happen. One day you weigh and you have lost 3 lbs. It makes it worth it.

  33. I am starting on this challenge a little late, but better late than never. I have been on the BFC plan since the end of February and have lost 50 pounds so far. Would love to kick start this next phase with Fast Track !! I have another 30+ to go.. Let's get it started..
    Looking forward to the support..
    Thank you,

  34. Hi Amber and everyone on the July Challenge--I'm so in! I'm 43, Female, 5'5" and 152 pounds. I think I'm a slow learner because although I stick to BFC pretty carefully and track everything, although I've worn out the book trying all the recipes, I have yet to lose any weight. Today I started adding Benefiber to my tea, and I plan to buy probiotics this week as well. Maybe those things will make the difference. On the plus side, I'm so happy that I can eat egg sandwiches and tacos without gaining, and the sweet tooth is definitely diminished. I also stopped eating poisonous sweeteners. But I need to shrink still. Besides these things and sticking to 15/6, is there anything else I'm missing? I play volleyball or walk nearly every day.
    Amber, I will go follow you now on Twitter. I'm such a fan of yours! Your work is really terrific. Thank you for what you do.

  35. My post from FT page: Here's my update from the doctor. I've been the same exact weight for one year now. Told her my routine and how I had lost 40 lbs on WW but have been at a plateau even though completely changing my way of eating. Told her that I wanted blood work done, if nothing else but to rule out things like the thyroid. She said, "I don't mind doing the labs but don't think this will be the magic pill!" I'm not looking for a magic pill, I just want to know what the problem is! I think she's about the same age as me and also had children at a later age so she insisted that as we get older, it's harder to lose weight. Yes, I agree with that but there are plenty of people losing that are much older than me. She told me that I need to ramp up my exercise and that my 3-4 times a week at the gym is not enough. I left the office sad and depressed...I think more because she sounded condescending. I have spend this afternoon a little weepy about it and I'm sure my fasting for the blood test didn't help any. I should have the results back around Monday. She's checking thyroid, cholesterol and a few other things. We'll see what that says. If nothing shows up, maybe amputation?

  36. Count me in too, I know I'm a bit late. I have been on the BFC since Jan 15th and started the FT, San Diego (May 1st) and have lost an addt. 7 lbs, 3 of which were just this month. All this totals 25lbs. And with no exercise, due to a lower back injury. My goal is to lose another 8-10 lbs. Now after watching Jorge on the Today Show doing those simple exercises, I think I'll give those a try and see how it goes.

  37. I'm glad I found your blog Amber!
    I'm in too, better late than never. I am 5'4" and 153lbs I would like to be at least 12lbs lighter but never seem to be able to lose more than a few pounds. I started 2 weeks ago at 158.
    I am yarnitt on twitter but I haven't used it since I set up my acct.
    I'll leave my e-mail if someone wants a BFC buddy
    (or twitter buddy? as I have to figure it out, I have 8 followers--why are they following me, do I have something in common with them?)
    Sheryl H.

  38. Hi Amber,

    What do you eat for breakfast on Fast Track other than eggs?

  39. Okay I'm in, I have found that after losing 32 pounds (on the BFC) the evil plateau has re-emerged. Now this plan sounds like the good swift kick my plateau needs. I found that if you google "the belly fat cure fast track" it comes up with a PDF file which looks a lot like the begining of his soon to be released book. I will definately be buying the book but, I saved and printed the PDF which even comes with a meal plan. There is also a second PDF file that has Recipes included as well. I totally wish they would hurry up and release the carb swap book and fast track book, can't stand to wait. My email is roxo.strawberry@gmail.com for those who need the help and Amber once again I have to say you ROCK!

  40. Hi, This blog is just the kick in the pants I needed to recommit to the BFC. I lost 12 lbs. back in January but have regained 5 lbs and now have 18 to lose to reach my goal! I recently moved from MA to SC and have had a lot of stress, resulting in overeating and eating sweets! My email is laperry54@yahoo and I would really love to have some people to talk to and help keep the motivation going.

  41. HI! I'm in..goal weight is 10 pounds away. Email is luv2canoe2@yahoo.com twitter is luv2canoe2. I have lost a total of 25.6 pounds on BFC in 3 months. Woo Hoo!! Does anyone have any website links for some new recipes? The variety helps me to keep the diet interesting. Amber...thank you for all your blogs...they have help me stay motivated and given some much needed answers.

  42. Hi,
    I thought I should check back in, as of my last post,July 9th, I have lost 2 more lbs. That's a total of 27 lbs. I now have 3 friends who are very interested in this meal plan; seeing me eat bacon, cheese, etc. they thought it was just a fad, now they want to give it a try. My first friend took the 7 day challenge and lost at least 4lbs, but it was her husband that ended up needing to buy a smaller size pant. They're loving it. This really helps me to stay motivated.
    I'm with Nancy...would love some new recipes.
    Amber-thanks for your blog!

  43. I find it motivational to read other people’s success stories on the journey to achieving my own weight loss and health goals. I know losing it is state of mind that you have to get yourself into before you can really start doing it.

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