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Monday, July 5, 2010

Holidays and Dieting

I am so excited that so many of you decided to join me for a July Weight Loss Challenge! I have already had a great three days sticking with my slightly altered eating plan - Belly Fat Cure Fast Track (basically BFC with no grains).  I have counted 20+ of us actively participating so far! Which is a great number, but if you are on the fence, please just jump right in! If you would like a buddy, there are lots of emails on my last post. So grab one or two and say "Hello!".

For the 4th we did a roadtrip up to the Muir Woods and watched fireworks from Sausalito. I don't eat out much anymore, but we ate at restaurants for both lunch and dinner. I was able to make good choices and feel full and satisfied. For dinner we were at an Italian restaurant and I almost felt I had no choices (except for the obvious salad) when I went for an Antipasto appetizer plate instead. It was perfect and even came with crustless artichoke quiche! The kids had ice cream and hot chocolate was we watched the fireworks right on the bay and I had a Venti Drip Decaf with Half & Half. It was perfect (until we got stuck in 2hrs of traffic to get home!).

Kris is blogging about doing the challenge at Fit is the New Black. I love her blog and she has already lost an incredible amount of weight! Check out her Sassy Water recipe, it is a great idea if you are trying to give up sodas (diet or regular). Let us know about your eating and exercise decisions over the big holiday weekend. It was a touch weekend to start a new commitment!


  1. I want in on the July challenge!!!

  2. I joined the July challenge (mcavana on Twitter) and this is exactly what I needed!! Thanks!

  3. It's the first of sept and I started Fast Track two days ago. Sure could use a buddy!