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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Belly Fat Cure Sugar & Carb Counter Book by Jorge Cruise

Jorge has a new book out this week that is a companion guide to the Belly Fat Cure. The book is small, 5x7 inches and slim. It's the perfect size to keep in your bag for shopping and dining out. This book was really necessary, since most nutritional value books don't list the sugar content. A sure sign that most people are not concerned with their sugar intake.

The Sugar & Carb Counter lists the Serving Size, Fiber, Sugar, Carbs and S/C Value for thousands of items and brand name products. There is even a section for popular restaurants, like Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Starbucks. Sadly I can now confirm my old favorite Cinnamon Chip Scone with a Vanilla Latte has an S/C Value of... drumroll... 61/5! No wonder I weighed so much!! But hey, on the bright side I had 1 carb serving left for all my meals for the day. So for anyone who thinks they aren't eating that much sugar (which I hear all the time), check out one of your favorite stand-bys. Wow!

This book would be perfect for any dieter keeping track of sugar and carbs, not just those on the Belly Fat Cure. When I was at Jorge's office recently I even heard talk of the long awaited BFC iPhone app! But until then you can use my S/C Value Tracker and the awesome CalorieKing.

If you have already ordered your book from Amazon (which has the best deal by far at under $8) then it should ship this week. If you haven't already ordered it, I would recommend pre-ordering the Fast Track book at the same time (or maybe some Jay Robb protein powder) to get free shipping. I have had an advance look at that book too, and it is full of content and information to back up the original BFC and the additional restrictions of the Fast Track.

I have one issue with the book the new Sugar & Carb Counter book: it doesn't indicate products that contain artificial sweeteners (which are not allowed on the plan) and simply lists them as an S/C of 0/0. A simple asterisk or notation would have been enough. For example Diet Coke, not allowed, but still listed as 0/0. Most of us recognize the products with artificial sweeteners, but newbies to the diet really don't. I'm a stickler for details, but keep that in mind when looking up values.


  1. Amber - Does the "sugar and carb counter" also list the calories? Low-carb is "Hormone-Centric" but calories still play a roll. A person could eat 5oz of macademia nuts for an S/C of 5/1, but it would be 1000 or more calories! The calorie counts for high-caloric-restaurant-food would be especially helpful. This is the Carb Counter I use that shows portion size, calories, carbs, sugar, and fiber: http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Carbohydrate-Counter-Third/dp/1416570373/ref=rsl_mainw_dpl?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER

    I advise people:
    The point of the BFC is being "Hormone-Centric" and NOT being "Calories-in, Calories-out-Centric." It is about hormonal balance in general and especially of insulin and leptin - and both are affected by excess carbs. "Calories-in, Calories-out" certainly plays a role but not in a calorie-restriction kind of way - like Weight Watchers, but rather in a sensible-portion kind of way. The way I think of it is to eat an approximate calorie amount that maintains. This means as a person loses weight they will need to eat less, but still not for the purpose of creating a "calorie-deficit." I do not calorie count at all. Instead, I aim to eat sensible portions. On purpose, I eat foods with fat because the body needs fat and because fat satisfies. About nuts: A person could eat 5oz of macademia nuts for an S/C of 5/1, but it would be 1000 or more calories! Limit nut consumption to one or two daily sensible portions – meaning, 1oz or 2oz.

    Do you think that advice is proper or do you have a different take on calories? Notice I don't advise to fixate on a given calorie number. But if a person is not cognizant at all about approximate calorie intake, how will they know if they are in the ball park?

  2. I got my book from Amazon last week. It is a good reference point, but I think more for a person new to the diet. There are a LOT of cannot have items where the sugar is so crazy high. Yes good to know, but I would have rather seen this book filled with good choices rather than showing all the bad stuff.

  3. in regards to the iphone app, can you put in a plug in for it to not need internet access, so it can more easily be used for people using the itouch. (some of can't bring cell phones into work)

  4. hiee Amber..i dont understand why cant we have diet pepsi when it has a s/c value 0/0.??

  5. Velasco - my tracker can be used from you smart phone or any computer. Check it out on the righthand side.

    Hi Kajal - you need to get the original BFC book also, the counter is a companion guide. You are not supposed to have artificial sweeteners, like the ones in Diet Pepsi. You can also refer to this post for more info: http://www.meandjorge.com/2010/02/weigh-in-week-15-ch-2-and-artificial.html