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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Belly Fat Cure Quesadillas

I really love Jorge's tacos and I like to find ways to work the high fiber tortillas into my diet. So I started making Quesadilla! They aren't anything fancy at all, but I thought I would share it with you since we all get bored with "diet food".

A funny story about this Quesadilla: I did a photoshoot recently for Woman's World magazine regarding my weight loss on the Belly Fat Cure. I was asked to prepare a meal for the photographer that exemplified what I eat on the diet. When he asked what I was going to make and I said "Quesadilla!" and he said "Why in the world would you make that, you can't eat that on a diet". Umm, you can on this diet.

So this is the actual Quesadilla I made for the photoshoot, I ate it as soon as he left and saved the other half for dinner! I'm curious to see if they use any of those photos in the magazine when it comes out in late August.

What you need:
2 La Tortilla Factory Smart and Delicious tortillas (I use the large ones)
1 large chicken breast
1/4 Cup Cheese - Cheddar/Mozzarella combo is good
Sour cream
Salsa (lowest sugar you can find, I get mine at Trader Joes)
1/2 Avocado (or guacamole is fine too)
Chopped Spinach (or any green leaf)

How To:
I grill the Chicken, then chop it up. Place 1 tortilla in the bottom of a large skillet put half of cheese on top, then add all the chicken. Add the rest of the cheese and place the other tortilla on top. Let it get the bottom get crispy, the cheese melt and then carefully flip the entire Quesadilla over so the other side can get crispy too. Press down on the top tortilla as it cooks.

With a big knife or pizza cutter, cut Quesadilla into 6 pieces, place onto 2 different plates. Add the sour cream, salsa, avocado and lastly top off with a big handful of spinach. Makes two servings (so only eat half of this for one meal to stay with in 5/2 S/C value!) You could add a serving of low sugar Cottage Cheese on the side too if you needed a little more food.

What makes this a low sugar/low carb Belly Fat Cure Quesadilla instead of a regular one? The choice of a great tortilla that is high in fiber, ingredients that are low in sugar and portion control.

I would love to see your variations on Jorge's creations!

ps. Currently I am 1 week into a No Grain version of the BFC, so I can't have this right now. But I thought I would share this with you all anyways, it is still a favorite! For now I just make a salad version of it.


  1. yum yum yum I love being able to have quesadillas on my "diet". I usually use Mama Lupes, which are smaller, and I only use one, but I think I may try your idea of using two. I used to blend a medium avocado with some sour cream and cayenne pepper for a spicy little sauce. I'm definitely going to try the cheddar/mozz combo though, I would never think to add mozz with mine.

  2. Hi Amber,

    So you're THAT Amber I just finished reading about in Womans World. You look good. I am loving your blog. I am just starting the BFC and this is a great place for lots of info. Please keep it coming!


  3. Oh yes, I guess you know by now they made their recipes.


  4. Hi Amber,

    What is the total S/C for this Quesadilla? I know you split into 2 meals to keep it within 5/2, but is it much more count wise for the whole thing?


  5. Julie - If I use 2 tortillas it is too high of an S/C Value, so I'll split it with someone. Often I will cut the tortilla in have before I start cookie and then it is the perfect value. Depending on what all your put on it, it is a 2/2 S/C Value. Plus all the great fiber in the Smart & Delicious brand!

  6. Thanks Amber! Yeah, I love the Smart & Delicious Brand!! Gets me through those carb craving days!! :)