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Monday, June 28, 2010

Woman's World Photo Shoot

Tomorrow morning I am doing something really fun and completely out of my comfort zone. I am doing a photo shoot for Woman's World magazine! The photographer will come to my house and we are going to shoot for about 90 minutes. Inside shots, me making a low sugar meal, and outside shots. It is part of an article I was interviewed for on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure diet. Jorge's staff submitted several client profiles to the magazine and they picked me!

While I'm pretty excited, I am also completely nervous. The last professional photograph I had taken of my myself? Senior pictures in 1987. Yep, I am old and pathetic! I am going to have my hair "blown out', which is apparently something people do. But I am doing my own makeup, good thing they want a natural look! I am completely inept at makeup application.

The most nerve wracking part? The clothing. No white, no black, no stripes, no prints, no jeans and it needs to be form fitting and bright colors. That is a pretty tall order for a person who has just started rebuilding a wardrobe! But if they aren't too strict on the guidelines, I think I'll have a few things to choose from. I spent most of Saturday at two different malls and will probably end up returning most of it.

No sure what food I'm going to make for the shoot... suggestions? A shake topped with Uncle Sam's cereal, turkey sandwich, chopped salad, popsicles? Maybe chicken tacos? Of course I am out of GG Crispbreads at the moment, or I'd do something with them.

I hope I can relax and enjoy the experience a little. My 5 year old has declared I will be famous after this and can visit the White House anytime I want. When I asked him what famous meant he said "Like  Dr. Steve O'Shea". And honey, who is that? "The squid expert, Dr. Steve O'Shea Mom! HE is very famous". Hmm, okay, like Steve O'Shea then.

My weight is holding really steady and I just realized with summer and not walking the kids to school I am only get in about 1/3 of the walking/running I did before. I am going to find time to do my big hike/run tonight though, because I think it helps my face look thinner for a day. I think all the pounding drains the liquid from it! I am also going to resist the urge to fast for the next 24 hours so I'll look as slim as possible, and just eat normally.

The article will be in a late August issue, which I will definitely link to it and talk more about! Wish me luck! I am off to clean my kitchen so I don't come off as a complete slob...


  1. Will buy this for sure - I faithfully buy this magazine everytime I am at the grocery store!

  2. Good luck, I'll be looking for the issue.

  3. Amber, what an honor and well deserved!! I'm soooo happy for you, i feel like i know a star!! You are a star in my books, I'll be forever grateful for all you've done for me and many others....Good Luck...

  4. I'm so excited for you! Relax and have a good time with it. I love your kid's idea of famous - that's hilarious! I can't wait to see you in the magazine!

  5. Amber, you worked so hard to get to this point now the payoffs will begin. Can't wait to read the article. Let us know as soon as it comes out. The dates on magazines are so messed up (always predated and on sale weeks before the "real date") I don't want to miss it. Have fun and share your experience with us.

  6. This is so awesome--You are famous, at least in the Belly Fat Cure world!Can't wait to hear how it all went--I know it's going to be nerve-wracking, but try to enjoy it, too!
    Pat in NJ

  7. I can't wait to buy it and see you in it. How exciting!

  8. Try to remember us little people when you become famous - Like Julie and Julia, I will be waiting for the release of Amber and Jorge, sure to be a hit.
    Congratulations - you have helped me and this article will get to even more people. You are going to have to keep blogging thru maintenance!!!

  9. Amazing!! I have been laying in the weeds this Summer, maintaining my 15 lbs. Had a nice wardrobe for the Summer and enjoying much looser fitting clothing.
    Full of energy, attacking closets, gardens and even the garage!! The NC Mountains have been extremely warm so far this Summer and my 70 year old body would normally be on my great porch reading a book drinking something fun and expending as little energy as possible.
    So proud of you and continue reading your great blogs every day.
    Please give us heads up for your article.......Sally

  10. This is great Amber...At this point, I have lost 35 lbs. Your encouragement has helped me alot. Thank you, Teresa

  11. Wow how fun. I would suggest making the chicken tacos as they are so good and easy and every part of them is easy to find and have on hand. It is real food that tastes real good. We love the belly fat cure. My college age daughter has easily lost the Freshman 15 in less than a month since being home from college and plans to never gain it again eating this way. I love you blog and have used many of your tips and favorite lists. Thanks! Marjie

  12. Congrats Amber! You truly deserve this, as you've been such touchpoint for all of us. There aren't many people willing to expose themselves for the sake of helping others through sharing.
    Whatever you wear and whatever you cook will be the perfect thing.
    Just relax and enjoy yourself.
    We're all rooting for you!

  13. Thanks! It was not a perfect experience my salon blowout was very dull and flat, and frankly I just felt fat during the shoot. Some of the photos had me crouched over and when I saw the proofs, I was worried!

    I was feeling very down afterwards and asked my Husband to take us all out to dinner. I know that he got some good ones though, and I know I shouldn't let a few unflattering photos get me down. I even ate a sugar cookie that I baked for the boys (for being good during the shoot), but I stopped at one. Which is a big deal for me.

    One funny thing: I made a quesadilla, kind of my take on Jorge's taco. And the photog was like "why would you do that, you cant it on a diet". I said that is what makes this diet different, cuz you can! Then I ate it for lunch after he left.

  14. HI Amber.. Can I ask you a quick question?? Are you doing 15/6 or when you do your meals and your tracker or are you just keeping your carbs under 120g? Also, I am wondering if anyone has gone through a sugar withdrawal starting out? I am feeling tired and have a bit of a headache.

  15. Danielle - I do the servings 15/6 max per day but more importantly 5/2 per meal. Jorge said in our class specifically that we should try to get 120 g per day. My average is about 80. Sugar withdrawal is normal in the beginning, but it should go away pretty quick. Mine was gone in the 2nd week, and then I started to feel really good and had extra energy.

  16. yea I have no problem eating sugar.. I was combining all of the carbs in one meal though to make it under 40 carbs, not counting 2 things that are less then 20 carbs added together as 2 servings. this is confusing.

  17. Hi there. I just wanted you to know that because of this article, I am starting the BFC. Thanks for all your input and your website! ;)




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