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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I Eat on the Belly Fat Cure

The most common question I get here is "What exactly are you eating?" on the Belly Fat Cure. So I thought I'd list my typical meals here. That being said, I really just follow one rule: Stay within 5 sugar grams and 2 carb servings per meal and no artificial sweeteners. I highly recommend tracking everything you eat to get the exact S/C Values. My Fitness Pal or the Official Belly Fat Cure App are both options (I recommend My Fitness Pal though).

I eat my cereal without a "milk" product because I really didn't like the way they tasted the one time I added Unsweetened Almond Milk (USAM). Plus the little bit of Sugar/Carbs in USAM put me into 3 carb servings. I love it dry now. I like getting tons of fiber for Breakfast, just in case the rest of my day is bad.

Dry Cereal - 1serving of Uncles Sams, Shredded Wheat or Perky's Crunchy Flax. Since I've reached my goal weight I have added a couple of Blackberries some days.
Coffee - with cream and Benefiber. Must. have. coffee.


This is the most difficult meal for me, one I used to skip pre-BFC. I usually have one of the following. I don't have much for lunch any more, but I try to eat it early before I get hungry. If I wait until I'm really hungry, I overeat.

Tuna Salad or Turkey Sandwich - w/ Sprouted Flaxseed bread mostly open faced (1 bread slice) nowadays, 1/4 Cup Cottage Cheese, pickle
Crispbreads - GG Crispbreads w/ cream cheese and smoked Salmon, 1/4 C Raspberries. These are a great source of fiber, but you have to order them online.
Sausage and Sauerkraut - Jorge suggestions sauerkraut because certain brands have live probiotics.
Work Lunch - My Husband's work has the most incredible lunches. The tray photo is from that and is loaded full of Low Sugar high protein items like ceviche, green veggies, pork and sashimi.

My (already thin) Husband was kind enough to accept BFC meals for dinner in exchange for a thinner wife. I don't do anything fancy anyone, and I'm a bit of a failure here as you can see! We are also not big beef eaters, as you can see, but beef is certainly okay on the Belly Fat Cure:

Protein - Grilled Chicken or Fish, sauted Asparagus or Zucchini (with sea salt & olive oil) w/ a small Spinach Salad
Tacos - Ground Turkey or Grilled Chicken Tacos loaded up with Spinach, Avocado and a little sour cream and low sugar Salsa. And of course the Smart & Delicious tortillas.
Pita Pizza -  low sugar pita w/ a TBSP of Trader Joes pasta sauce, mozzerella cheese and pepperoni and a Spinach Salad.
Cheeseburger - Try it with no bun or the Thin Buns from Earthgrains.
Huevos Ranchero - 2 Eggs w/ cheese, little sour cream & low sugar salsa over a toasted tortilla (sometimes minus the tortilla). Sometimes I'll have sausage patties or bacon with it. If my Husband isn't around for dinner I'll make this
Eggs of any kind - For a super low S/C Value meal when the Husband isn't around I'll like make just eggs for dinner. Here is an omelet with sauted mushrooms, avocado and a little bit of cottage cheese with ground flax seed sprinkled on top of it all (for added fiber).

During the day, between meals or when I've missed a meal (which sadly still happens, but not very often), I sometimes need a snack.
Hulled Sunflower Seeds -  SO good! I'm allergic to many nuts (I breakout in cystic acne that makes a teenager looked like Nicole Kidman in comparison).
Macadamia Nuts - These many be hard to find, but as nuts go they have the best S/C Value, low sugar/carbs and great fiber. I discovered them on vacation in Hawaii recently and found them at Costco later.
Cheese - I like the kids cheese sticks and Babybel cheeses in the afternoon
Pirate's Booty - This stuff is TOO good and I usually go back for more unfortunately
Celery - A couple of stalks of celery, sometimes with a little cream cheese, is really filling
Cucumber - Sliced up cucumbers, maybe a little tuna or cheese on them (sometimes lately, I've had this for lunch) and sprinkled with a little sea salt.

Eating Out:
Eating out seems like it may be difficult on the Belly Fat Cure, but it's not. Basically I start by looking for the protein on the menu, something not fried, dipped or coated in carbs or a sugary sauce. Then I substitute the grains (I don't have grains or starches at restaurants, because I don't know their S/C Value) with Green Veggies.

Sushi - I love Sushi, but I try and stick with the Sashimi (just the fish sliced, no rice) or have only a couple of pieces of Sushi roll. I skip the Tempura now, but still get a Spider Roll and share it.
Protein Burger - Basically a Cheeseburger with no bun, maybe wrapped in lettuce, minus onions, tomatoes and ketchup. Skip the fries and ask for a side salad instead... although if this is your whole meal you are allowed some French Fries. Fast food to fancy places, I ask for this all the time.
Seafood - One of these photos is from favorite place to eat in Half Moon Bay. It is Grilled Shrimp, wrapped in bacon with Broccolini. It usually somes over garlic mashed potatoes, which technically I could have some of, but I substitute that for sauted spinach. There are hidden sugar and carbs in restaurant meals, so I avoid the obvious ones.
Cobb or Chef Salad - This can be really satisfying and has tons of protein in it. I frequently get one of these salad when I eat out.

Splurges and Dessert:
Okay, so I consider myself on the Belly Fat Cure 100% of the time. I don't go off plan a big night out or a holiday. So if I'm going to splurge on something, it is something allowed on the plan but that I don't have very often.

Sake - I love cold sake! When we go out to eat Sushi, I love to get a flight of Sake or the kind in the wooden box that they over pour (for good luck!). This is cold sake, not the disgusting warm kind ;-) It has about the same S/C Value as white wine.
Dark Chocolate - I HATED dark chocolate when I started this plan. Bitter was all I tasted, but now I love it. The best to me is Green & Black's 85% Dark Chocolate. Try several yourself and be the judge though! In the beginning I would have a whole serving, but now I try to be satisfied with just a square.
Hot Tea - I have hot tea in the evenings when I want something after dinner. It has been become a big habit these last few months. I prefer a decaf, rich tea and right now I'm loving Chocolate Teas with one packet of a stevia sweetener for the whole pot and a little cream.
Cinnamon Crisp - I make these for special ocasions and the holidays. I will probably make this for my birthday too, instead of cake.
Shakes - Jay Robb or Amazing Grass are a great Dessert. Made with Unsweetened Almond Milk keeps them low in Sugar and Carb. I have them sometimes as a meal replacement (but only on a rare occasion).  If you make the with lots of ice, it is just like ice cream.


  1. Hi Amber, I see you included the dark chocolate here as dessert, but it seems as if you don't have it every day/night. And only 1 square??? I have been having 4 squares of 88% dark choc. Endangered Species (5/1) almost every night. Uh oh! Should I cut back?
    Do you have the Chocolate Tea every night?
    I seem to need something every night. What do I do? I also wonder if I should have dessert only on some days and only before 3pm after lunch perhaps. Maybe eating this dark chocolate every night at 9pm is not a very good idea. Sigh!

  2. "So if I'm going to splurge on something, it is something allowed on the plan but that I don't have very often."

    I just reread your splurges and desserts section above, and it clearly says that you don't have it very often. I was under the impression that it was ok to eat the dark chocolate every day/night as long as it fits into your 15/6 for the day. Am I completely wrong?

  3. Claudia - it sounds like you are doing right! As long as there is room in your 15/6 for the day you can do it. I probably should have just called the section desserts. I used to come back for more chocolate and cheat a little there. but over time I find I can have less then 1 serving of the chocolate most days. Sorry that was confusing!!

    I do have the chocolate tea pretty much every night now.

  4. Great post Amber - so nice to get new meal ideas.

    I just had a big drop (2 lbs suddenly), and it seems so weird. I do feel like I need to add more veggies and exercise. Been a little pre-occupied lately,and it's just easier to throw together a quesadilla.

    Did you have lunch with your hubbie? So cute! I should do that!

  5. I totally like to take advantage of the free lunches at the husbands place of employ! They are the best lunches on the planet (IMHO) and better than date night... okay not really but Ill take what I can get!

  6. Amber,
    Did you follow the Fast Track? Or are you basically just doing BFC?
    Thanks for sharing your menu with us, it's such a help. Now that the FT has wound down, I'm not sure which menu to follow? I don't want to trigger a weight gain by switching back. What are your thoughts?
    I love tea in the evenings too, must try the chocolate one. Thanks!

  7. Hi Robin. How did the FT go? I just started it.

  8. Hi Claudia,

    I found it pretty easy to follow but didn't get the results I was hoping for. I'm getting close to my goal weight so I think it's a little slower for me, still lost about a pound a week. But after 4 wks. I'd like to have a little more varity. Good luck with FT.

  9. I am also very close to goal so I am expecting it to be slow. A pound a week is great! Were you 100% perfect on the plan? Do you have the menu with the extra recipes? Did you do the dessert with the coffee and chocolate every night?

  10. Thank you so much for continuing to share your great ideas even though you've reached your goal weight. Your site is like the BFC Bible, especially for folks like me, who are in the early weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  11. You read my mind! I was searching your site for what you eat every day. I've also been on FT and need an egg break for breakfast, so I enjoyed reading your whey protein input. Thanks for this valuable site!

  12. Claudia-
    I was about 90% on FT. I did have a few cherry tomatoes in my salad, but no grains at all. Wherever else that might not be included on the menu was small trace amounts, ex. a little minced onion. Although tomatoe & onion were included in the recipes. I do have a square or two of 85% chocolate in the evening, not everynight, but I do have nuts every evening. I enjoy my decaf coffee sweeten w/xylitol and whipped cream, again not everynight.

  13. Amber - I can't thank you enough for taking the time to show your menu ideas - I have been waiting and you out did youself. I really believe Jorge should put you on the payroll - you are invalueable. THANKS for continuing to post even after reaching your goal weight. I'm to mine, but have now decided to go for 5# yet, so your info on maintence is needed too.
    You have truly helped many people with this site - me included. BFC is a lifestyle now!!!!

  14. Amber, this is great! I commend you for succeeding at your plan. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog about it all. You look amazing!
    God bless you!

  15. Amber, thanks for posting your menu ideas. I've been away from the BFC for a couple of months - trying to do straight low carb, which was never a problem for me before. This time I just couldn't stick to it. I continued to read your blog, tho. And now I'm back for another try. This post really helped me to get started and to plan out my meals. Congrats on your success, and thanks again for putting it all out there.

  16. What a great site you have. Thanks for all the valuable information! I have lost 6 pounds in about 6 weeks and many people have commented about my belly ;.) Especially my husband! Thanks!!

  17. My kids are always asking, "Why are you taking a picture of your food?!" So glad you find it useful, Ill try to post my meals and Tracker more often!

  18. Hi Amber:

    I agree with all who write to you. You've been a great help with this diet.

  19. Ok..I was on the ft for 2 weeks..then following BFC since. I rarely cheat. My problem is my weight is starting to waiver back and forth within 2 pounds or so, and I cannot seem to loose the last 5 lbs~!! Any help would be great. Could it be that I dont have enough veggies? This is really the only thing I may lack a bit. However, I never have problems with elimination..Help?? THANKS Pamela

  20. Have you tried the dark chocolate coated almonds from Sams club? Has really helped my sweet craving. I haven't been able to give up fruit at this time of the year, but I am SO much more aware of what is going into my mouth now. I have lost 4# in 11 days and happy :)

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  22. Thanks for sharing... Seeing your meals and reading your words of honesty has been helpful. Thanks again.

  23. I am wondering what they consider a serving size of food. In his book he has you make 4 servings for everything which doesn't make sense. i cannot eat that many pancakes......help please tell me what a serving for dinner would be

  24. Hi! That is so funny about your kids commenting on you taking pics! ha! I do have a question about the serving sizes though...How many glasses of wine am I allowed? Im not an alcholic or anything, but I do enjoy two glasses or so a few days a week. Would this still be 0/0? Thanks, and I love your blog! Nice job!

  25. Hi Amber!

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your BFC journey with us!! I have a question that I am confused by. Can we drink white white and have 0/0? In the BFC book Jorge lists Kendall Jackson Chardonnay as 0/0.

  26. Hi Amber

    I've been reading your blog and your journey has been amazing. I'm very inspired. I too am a tea lover, but really only enjoy black tea with sugar and milk up until now. I purchased the sweet leaf in the packets style and really dislike the taste. I'm trying to drink it with unsweetened almond milk. I'm not thrilled about the taste of the almond milk either with tea. Do you have any other suggestions for substitutes for the milk and sugar? It is really my comfort food, and I'm tring to find a good soluiton. thanks for your time...Happy Holidays

  27. For tea, I recommend Sun Crystals and Heavy Cream. I also tried the USAM and other options first, and didnt like them. But LOVE the cream in my tea!! Makes it like a dessert! Let me know if you like it. I thought Sweet Leaf was bitter in hot drinks, but fine in other things, but that could just be me.

  28. Thank you Amber for posting your journey and so much more information. You are awesome and I can always find answers from your site about BFC. Do you put dressing on your salads? I have found an organic ceasar dressing that is super low s/c, but I never see Jorge or your salads with dressing. I was getting tired of olive oil or flaxseed oil and vinegar for dressing. Thanks for your time and energy!

  29. Thanks for this Amber! Very helpful! :)

  30. I am new to the BFC and I am going on vacation. The eating out is an intimidating thought...I appreciate your suggestions about going for the protein section straight away. I need to substitute out fries and other carbs or the temptation is too great. Thanks for the tips.

  31. Thanks for your tips. I have a questions, I love avocados but they are high in calorie and how much can you eat in a day, also they are high in carbs.

  32. hi

    also love avocados. eating one per day. will this be ok on the diet?

  33. Hi,

    When Jorge says a treat of 2 glasses of wine or 2 vodka club soda's, how much is he actualy talking about measurement wise.
    Thanks for all the tips Amber

  34. Thanks for getting us started with the spreadsheet. I've been happily entering frozen meals and restaurants and hit a snag I can't figure out. I downloaded it into Excel and no line after line 191 computes (ERROR: Add Food to Lookup Table). I've tried moving around lines that work on line 100 and when placed on line 191, it doesn't work. Is there a variable I need to set to make it understand more lines?

    Befuddled, but ready to start a new way of eating.

  35. My Fitness Pal is excellent. My sisters and I use it.

  36. How long did it take you to reach your goal weight and how much did you lose all together?

    1. Julz84, please look in the right column for Weight Loss Totals. It took me 39 wks to lose my 53 lbs. I documented every weigh-in here on the blog!

  37. Oh I see! Thanks so much for the info!

  38. Were you working out a lot during your weight loss?

  39. Amber, love your site.. this helps me tremendously. I'm one of those NON cooks and with NO TIME.. I usually like quick meals so I can serve my family. I'm going to get fitness pal too. Thank you

  40. I live on the east coast.. and the Whole Foods/Trader Joes is a 40 minute drive. I have a wild by nature nearby but they never have the same inventory. I cannot get some items . If you know of any substitutes.. WOW that would be fabulous.

    Lunch is a bit more difficult for me.. What can I do for a hot lunch?

  41. I just discovered your Blog today. You look wonderful. I had been on the BFC summer/fall 2010 and was so happy with my results. However, I am living with someone now and he does not share my need to be aware of what I am putting in my mouth. Sorry to say I have put on about 12lbs and I am having a hard time doing what I should. Thanks for inspiring me to do better.

  42. Thanks for sharing your weight loss and way to a healthier lifestyle Amber :) I am two days into the healthy eating change and it is so nice to hear so much positivity. I actually don't need to lose any wieght but I am NOT a healthy eater and really should be. Thanks again Amber and Jorge !


  44. You are very inspiring. I just learnt about this life style today through doctor oz and your blog is amazing. I will visit here now and then for some encouragement.

  45. Your blog is an eye opener. If you do not mind, just allow me to be part of your circle because I need someone like you to share what I am going through.
    I am almost 300 pounds and I am not sure sure how I got here. I have to do something for my sake and for the sake of my family.
    After reading your blog, I decided to start today.
    I will keep you posted .
    Again thanks for sharing.