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Monday, June 7, 2010

Reader Profile: The Yates Family

I met the Yates Family at the Belly Fat Cure Event about a month ago. Jorge Cruise brought them up on stage and had them tell a little bit about their weight loss experience. I wrote in my little notebook "Find the Yates Family!" as a note to myself to look for them on the breaks. They were such a neat family, all really supporting each other. I found them to really honest with their eating issues, which was important for me to come to terms with myself.

Their story goes something like this. Dad, Chris, bought the Belly Fat Cure book when it came out fully intending to read it and start the diet... but alas never did. The Daughter, Jessica who is 17 yrs old, found the book around the house, picked it up and started the plan on her own. Jessica had lost lots of weight already when they heard about a local San Diego group Jorge was starting on his Fast Track program that is in development. Mom, Susan, decided she would go along for support, but quickly bought into the plan too.

The things the struck me most about this family: Jessica's determination at such a young age, Chris's honesty about his issues with food (I'm a closet eater too, so I can really relate) and Susan's reasons for wanting to lose weight (let's just say she got the day's biggest response from the crowd). While Jessica is the weight loss rock star of the family, they have lost a total of 112 lbs together in a very short amount of time.


I feel like I need to apologize for talking too much in this interview, but I was really impressed with Jessica. At 17, I wouldn't be too far off with saying I was dumb as a rock. But here she is taking control of her eating habits, instead of blaming and being satisfied with the status quo. We could all learn a lot from her I think.

I recently had the chance to catch up with the family and ask a few more questions.
Q. What are your favorite snacks?
Stuffed mushrooms with boursin cheese
Trader Joe's Buffalo Chicken meatballs with celery and sugar free ranch (made with heavy whipping cream/water mixture instead of milk)
Salami with cream cheese inside Deviled eggs

Q. What is the hardest part of the day & how do you overcome it?
Probably evening - I take heavy whipping cream and whip it in the Magic Bullet with cinnamon or cocoa powder, put in crushed pecans, whip cream and shaved dark chocolate on top. Top with 1/2 purevia packet

Q. What is your favorite meal? 
We make a chicken treiyaki with Purevia, with vegetable kebobs that is to die for!

Q. Best piece of advice?
Your perception is your reality, so if you say you "have" to eat something it is a chore. We have the mindset that we "get" to eat like this as a priviledge, and most people don't have that chance. Health is a choice. You decide what level of health you live in.

Recently Jorge posted a video of Jessica on Facebook, you can check that out HERE. Congrats to the Yates family for your wonderful success on the plan! Thank you for being a wonderful example of a family supporting one another and getting healthy together.

If you would like to get your family dieting together, take a minute and show them this video. But if they aren't ready to make that commitment, don't let it stop or derail you. Everyone needs to come to the point on their own, like the Yates Family did. Maybe you can be the "Jessica" and show them how its done!

(Special thanks to Ryan from Ryan's Incredible World Blog for being my cameraman on my first ever interview!)


  1. Great video interview. Jessica is such a beautiful girl and I'm glad to see her take control over health now so she doesn't have to deal with the unhealthy diseases and problems that her past habits were leading to. Way to go Jessica and the Yates family.

  2. I have read many times the people that claim to have lost weight on other "diets". But I actually met Jessica in San Diego with her family and it's true. They are real people who are doing it. Congrats to the Yates family for their example. Stay strong.
    Amber - you did a great job with the interview!

  3. Congrats to the Yates family! Is there any way of getting their recipe for Teriyaki Chicken kabobs?