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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Product Review: Michelob Ultra Beer

For the Low Sugar and Belly Fat Cure dieters over the age of 21, Michelob Ultra is one of the best beers allowed on the plan. Wine seems like it is the alcoholic drink of choice on this plans, maybe because that is what many women prefer. But when you want a beer, this is a good choice.

Incredibly it has 0grams Sugar/3grams Carbohydrates for an S/C Value of 0/0. Jorge Cruise even mentions this beer in his book on page 293. It is a very light beer, but still satisfies. It doesn't have a lot of body or flavor to it.Michelob Ultra is widely available where alcohol is sold  and is inexpensive at less then a $1 a bottle. It is also commonly available at restaurants.
I was a regular beer drinker, preferably Mexican or a dark beer, before starting the BFC. I have only had a beer a few times on the BFC, but with summer here I can it coming up more often. We were invited to a BBQ last week and I showed up with a Salad side dish and a six pack of this! My husband had one too, even though I offered him a regular beer, and he seemed fine with it.

There are several other light beers that are low on sugar and carbs. Anyone else drinking beer this summer and have a favorite to recommend?


  1. Not a big beer drinker, but something about summer sunshine makes we want an icy beer. On the camping trip a few weeks ago I took Miller 64. Cool and refreshing. Thanks for the tip on this one. I'll pick it up for the next BBQ.

  2. I like the "lime lite beers" either Millers Chill or Bud Lite Lime. Millers is also mentioned in his book

    1. Mich Ultra has a Lime beer out now too. It's Great!

  3. Mich Ultra, Miller 64 and Bud Select 55!! I <3 summer!!

  4. Thank you Amber. Yr story is really inspiring. I live in India and have just bought Jorge's book. I am keen to start on the BFC plan but most of the products mentioned in his book are not available here. Am stumped!! How does one move forward? If you cld pls guide me. Many Many thanks. Taab Siddiqi

  5. Can anyone tell me what the Sugar and Carb grams are for Miller 64 and Bud Select 55? Would like to choose the best of these and Mich Ultra.

  6. Thanks so much for the other beer suggestions! Ive really wanted to try the Bud Lime/Miller Chill too. They seem like seem like "Ladies Beers" right? ;-)

    Taab - what do you labels look like there, do they breakout the carbs/sugar? If so then just read them and dont go over 5grams sugar/20grams carbs per meal. Avoid white flour in your cooking. Lentils are a great choice, just had them last night. Animal protein if you arent a vegetarian is all good. Pretty much all green veggies are great on the plan too. Just limit your bread and rice.

  7. I created a tracker I use (similar to yours) and I list my inventory items...my beer choices I may have a drink based on what my daily s/c value are available.

    Name (S/C) Sugar / Carb / Fiber
    Bud Light (0/1) 0.00 6.60 0.00
    Natural Light (0/0) 0.00 3.20 0.00
    Rolling Rock (0/1) 0.00 10.00 0.00

  8. since ultra is 0/0 does that mean you can have more than one?

  9. I want to know if u can have more than 1 also!!!! Help, cause I absolutely LOVE the Mich Ultra's!!!!!