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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review: Benefiber

Benefiber-Natural Fiber Supplement, 25.6oz 190 ServingsThe first time I was introduced to Benefiber was years ago. My Mother used it in her morning coffee, and while visiting me we had to go pick some up, because she just couldn't be without it. I didn't really understand her obsession with it and when I tried it in my coffee like she suggested, I felt like it left a residue and didn't really like a slight aftertaste. Well, I was young and stupid, because now I swear by Benefiber too! Some day I'll learn not to question my Mother...

Benefiber is a fiber supplement that contains 0grams Sugar/4grams Carbs/3grams soluble Fiber, so on the Belly Fat Cure you can count it as an S/C Value of 0/0 if you have it by itself. There are some varities of Benefiber that have slightly different Suppliment Facts, so be sure and check the back of your bottle. For example, Benefiber with Calicium is 6grams Carbs and has different serving sizes and some of the chewables have sugar.

Benefiber is made from Wheat Dextrin and is meant to be taken in a liquid. I add it to my morning coffee every day. I feel like it doesn't add any taste or texture, unlike that first time I tried it. Jorge Cruise give it his Belly Fat Cure Seal of Approval in the book too. While you can use it up to three times a day, I typically just use it in the morning coffee. Maybe occasionally with a cup of tea at night if I feel like I had a low fiber day. Ideally I'd like to get all my fiber from my food with no need to supplement, but it is all a process.

I sometimes buy the generic store brand (Target has a good deal on their store brand) but recently broke down and bought the extra large bottle at Costco. Costco has a $4 off coupon this week for Benefiber. Amazon also has Benefiber for a good price too.

Jorge also recommends pysllium husks, but frankly I can't stand them. I had one glass full of the stuff and threw out the whole container. Benefiber, for me, is much more palatable. Here talks about the benefits of fiber and fiber supplements. I found his videos on bowel movements to be really helpful (and shocking!).


  1. ha ha ! That video is hilarious. I go like that though without xtra fiber. My mom's nickname for me as a kid was basically pooper. I have at least 4 BMS a day and they are large - I know TMI but true.

  2. Hi -- I just wanted to give you a big huge THANK YOU for everything that you're doing. I saw your blog because it was a link from a link on another weight loss blog and I have sooooo benefited from the information you post! Not only that but I have told my family and they have told their friends, so you have reached (just through me) many many people! It's an awesome way to eat to lose weight or to maintain and you have been the source of lifelong, healthy information for us! Thank you again,

  3. Kate - Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!

    C, I mean Pooper, lucky you! ;-)

  4. I can only say C. that you are a lucky person....I could only dream of doing that. I am reading this whole blog for some inspiration. I bought the book but I'm finding it difficult to get my head around it...thank you for this blog...

  5. Hi Amber, I'm so grateful for all the information you have shared but I am confused about Benefiber serving size. Your tracker spreadsheets indicate serving size to be 2 TABLESPOONS for 4 carbs but the bottle shows a serving size to be 2 TEASPOONS. That's a big difference. Is there something more I'm not aware of or that Jorge hasn't printed in his book?

  6. Thanks for pointing that out Linda - it is 2 teaspoons. Ill correct the tracker, but you will need to correct your copy too. Funny thing is, I thought it was TABLESPOONS for months and lumped that in my coffee every morning! Oops!

  7. Thank you for responding about the Benefiber, Amber. I posted a question under the protein powder section on your blog and several others but I haven't received any response. I hope you don't mind if I repost here. I've posted this question in several BFC forums and can't seem to get a response. I currently have on hand a cake batter flavored whey protein powder with amino acids, made by Muscle Gauge Nutrition which I believe would be fine to use with BFC. Its nutritional values are 111 calories per 1 oz scoop with 2 grams fat, 2 grams carbs, 22 grams protein, 0 fiber. Ingredients: Pure whey protein concentrate, pure whey protein isolate, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan gum, sweetened with stevia. This protein is available in 5 lb. tubs for about $30, which makes it a heck of a lot more affordable than Jay Robb products. Ingredients comparison is the same other than artificial flavor is added to Muscle Gauge. I think the taste is fine and it mixes well without any cloying thickness or clumps. In your opinion would Muscle Gauge be a good choice?

    I've seen it said here on your blog before and it bears repeating; you should know how helpful your bogging and sharing is to so many of us trying to figure out how best to manage this way of eating. You must have a most generous heart. Words are an inadequate expression of my appreciation.

  8. Hi Linda - As long as product meets these criteria it is fine on the BFC: 1.) ingredients do not have any artificial sweeteners 2.) Sugar for the entire meal is under 5 grams 3.) Carbs for the entire meal is 40 grams or under. Add up the grams of the contents of you meal. Im not familiar with Muscle Gauge, but so many protein powder have the artificial sweeteners. If it says 0 sugar, most times it does have them. But many are changing too! Jay Robb was about the only one using Stevia when Jorge wrote the book, but that isnt the case any more.

  9. Amber,

    Again appreciate your input. My boyfriend found a fiber supplement called Konsyl that is supposed to be readily available. The label reads as follows:

    Active Ingredients
    Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid - 6 g Bulk-Forming Laxative
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size: 6 g
    Serving per Container: 75
    Calories: 3
    Amount per Serving
    Sodium 0.0units
    Carbohydrates 0.05g
    Calcium 0.0units
    Iron 0.0units
    Dietary Fiber 5.0g
    Soluble Fiber 3.0g
    Sugars 0.0 units

    I hope Konsyl's labeling is correct. Can something with 5 grams of dietary fiber have .05 grams of carbs? Oh and may I offer a hail and hearty congratulations on the magazine article in Women's World.


  10. I see that this product can be either whole or powdered psyllium husks.
    Does it matter?

  11. Amber. . Do u still use the benefiber? Yiur pics are amazing. Im dezperate to to.lise 25+ pounds but time fir exercuse is limuted, . .Wgat encouragement can yiu offer. Sorry fir typos