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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Low Sugar Popsicles

Its hot outside and we need a good low sugar treat. Mr. Jorge Cruise doesn't give us too many dessert options on the Belly Fat Cure, does he? I wish I lived where you could buy Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Lites, but I don't. So I have decided to make my own popsicles, old school style!

Jay Robb Pops:
Make your Jay Robb Shake in the blender as normal, skipping the ice. Ideas: Vanilla with Blackberries, Blueberries or Raspberries (the are lowest sugar fruits) or anything else you can make from a Jay Robb shake.

Yogurt Pops:

Use low sugar Greek yogurt, like Fage, and a small amount of fruit (again Blackberries, Blueberries or Raspberries are the best BFC choices especially yogurt has sugar of its own). Place in a blender until smooth and pout into molds. Adding a whole berry to each pop would make it look pretty too. Remember the Greek Yogurt is really tart, and not sweet at all. If you want it sweeter you will need to add some Stevia to the blender.

Sobe or Zevia Pops:
Simply fill up the mold with the Sobe or Zevia. You can layer it by filling partially with one flavor/color, let it freeze to a slush, add another flavor/color and freeze again. You can drop in a few berries or squeeze in a bit of lemon or lime to give it a kick. This works with any of Low Sugar sodas out there, consider Blue Sky Free or Virgils Diet for sweeter tastes. My kids liked these.

Tea pops:
I used green iced tea to make some pops and had them pool side. They a were nice and refreshing, but nothing fancy. But maybe the Chocolate Teas would be even better, I will have to try that!

I moved from Colorado to California a little while ago, and lots of things got sold/given away/lost in the move. I had a whole collection of barely used popsicle molds before the move. Now I have none. Its frustrating. You can use dixie cups, ice cube trays, simple plastic molds or really fancy ones. I used the dixie cups with chop sticks cut in half for my experiments, but I think I might "splurge" for some of the neat molds (see below).

I thought these would be fun to try this summer and not a bad alternative for the kids too. I'm moving my kids to Low Sugar diets slowly, but surely. Have any of you tried this too? Leave your popsicle recipes in the comments!

I found some really neat molds at good prices at Amazon here:


  1. My husband and I have made Belly Good ice cream, using Xylitol instead of Maltitol. The second batch we included the sweet/Sri Lanken cinnamon, that Jorge recommends. Very good!

    We are thinking of making Sobe Lifewater Sorbet with our ice cream machine as well.

    I like your popcicle ideas. Will have to try that next. I think a mango, black tea popcicle sounds pretty nummy and I like your idea to use Jay Robb's.

  2. It's funny you would blog about this because a few days ago was my son's 19th BDay. I made him ice cream by taking 2 scoops of vanilla Jay Robb protein powder, 1/2 c almond milk, 1/8 c whipping cream & lots of ice in a blender. Then topped w/some whip cream and some finely chopped dark chocolate.

    It was yummy. Put a bowl left over into the freezer. Pulled it out today, microwaved on defrost for a few minutes, stirred some and it was wonderful again.

    It makes a very soft ice cream but it hit the spot. S/C was 1/4.

  3. Whoops. Meant to say 1 sugar 4 carbs for S/C 1/0. Sorry, only been on BFC for less than 2 weeks and forget sometimes to round carbs out.

    I use Amber's tracker and it does it for me. (Thanks Amber your tracker is WONDERFUL. It was so thoughtful for you to make it available to everyone. I know it took a lot of work and time to get it just right.)

  4. Target has some good molds in their dollar section. Walmart too.

  5. Ill be checking out those molds @target & walmart! I stopped by the $1.25 store but they didnt have any.

  6. Have been doing the BFC since end of March so I am just learning. Would the Blue Bunny popsicles be okay since they are made with milk and have sucralose?

  7. Hi Lisa - You are absolutely right, no sucralose! I had linked to the wrong Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom bars. They have several types and just a couple are okay on the BFC. Thanks for pointing that out and I corrected the link!

  8. You ROCK!! These are GREAT ideas!! Sorry I've been MIA for a while ~ been traveling a lot. Still sticking to BFC the best I can ;-)

  9. I found some small popsicle molds for $2 at CVS. There are 4 molds in the set. I made popsicles out of Crystal Light and they came out great!

  10. Amber, I'm a lurker who's finally posting and wanted to say you're a major inspiration. I have the book but the way you wrote about your experience really helped me get it about BFC. I love your popsicle recipes--thanks for that. One random question: Having been on low-fat diets in the past, I'm sometimes terrified that I'm eating so much fat on BFC, just following Jorge's plans in the book. Some of the recipes are over 40% fat. What's your take?

  11. Brand new to the BFC and we've been lamenting the lack of an icey treat in the evenings. Going to try those Zevia pops! Sound great. Now if only this food wasn't so pricey. Thanks, Amber, your blog is a welath of info. and you are bookmarked on my Desktop!

  12. Laura - A lurker driven to comment is what I live for! ;-) I don't really feel like I have a lot of fat in my diet, but then again I don't track it at all. If I do Atkins, I notice my skin and hair are oilier from all the extra fat.But I don't get that on the BFC. I don't make a ton of recipes from the book, I like a few and stick with them. I have a lot more greens then are mentioned in the book too, so maybe that helps. I have recently had bloodtests and everything came back normal too.

    I am glad you all like the popsicles! I bought some molds at Target ($5) and it makes them better than the dixie cups. I had the Sobe and Iced Tea ones and will make the Jay Robb soon. so far the the Zevia is my least favorite, dont know why!

  13. Kim - how did you modify your ice cream recipe to use xylitol? I have some of that but would have to purchase the maltitol specially for the ice cream. I'd love to make some ice cream with my xylitol.