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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dieting on Vacation - Napa, CA

We recently had company in town and took a trip up to Napa Valley. I live in the San Fransisco Bay Area, yet had never taken the drive up. Guests, plus a mini vacay, can really ruin a diet! I've been on the Belly Fat Cure long enough that it seems like the choices come easily, but you do have to be extra vigilant.

The main thing I try to do is concentrate on what I CAN HAVE instead of things I CAN'T HAVE. Otherwise, I'd go nuts. My favorite thing is when someone says "Well you can't have that on your diet!" because 70% of the time I actually can. The photo is from our picnic lunch at the V. Sattui winery. Lots of cheese, sausage, red wine and a little Scharffen Berger dark chocolate. There was a baguette that everyone else shared, and I had a bite of it.  It was good and really fresh, but I was happy I could take a bite and move on. I absolutely love that we can have a glass of wine with this diet! Most diets, you can't.

People seem to indulge in dessert much more on vacation. So even if you survive the meal and cocktails, you still have to make it through dessert! Life is so cruel. Yes, the cones smell really good at Ben & Jerry's. But it was enough to watch my boys thoroughly enough theirs. I did not partake.  At Starbucks I had an iced Venti Green Tea with a packet of Sun Crystals (which I carry in my purse) while the kids had a giant cookie. My Mom said once "You are really being good", but skinny really does feel better than that cookie could possibly taste. And by skinny, I mean not fat. Because I am not skinny, I'm just normal.

I usually pack a box of Uncle Sam's cereal when I'm out of town and have it for breakfast. But this time I ate out with the group. Breakfast is a great meal to eat out on a low sugar/low carb diet. Omelets, scrambles, eggs benedict are all good choices. I go for the Huevos Ranchero though. And coffee, lots of coffee. Dinners I had a big Cobb Salad or Grilled Fish (and replace starchy carbs with green veggies or a salad). I usually pack an 85% Dark Chocolate bar too and break off a few pieces in the evening.

Instead of doing a food tour of Napa, we really enjoyed each other's company. It was so nice to spend time with my Mom who lives far away and it had been a year since the last visit. She has lost abuot 40 lbs herself! We did some clothing shopping together and she took home tons of stuff from my closet that doesn't fit me anymore. I bought a pair on white slacks and splurged on this top from Anthropologie. I am in love with that store! If I won the lottery I would just buy all my clothes there exclusively. Shopping is a little dangerous after losing nearly 50 lbs, it turns out.

How do you handle eating on a vacation when you are on a diet? Stay 100% true, limited splurges or just throw the diet out the window? I'd love to know...


  1. Hi Amber...I guess i do what you do, i focus on what i can eat, then what i can't! That mind set has really helped me. I was put to the test last weekend on a short trip to the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. There are so many temptations there! I was there last October pre BFC and i ate everything in sight!(breaded fish tacos, cheesecake, candy and ice cream). So, i'm proud to say, i didn't cheat....18 weeks / 27 lbs.

  2. Isn't the V. Sattui Winery great? I love that you can assemble a picnic lunch and eat right there. And their gift shop was truly dangerous for me. I still have some beautiful wine glasses I bought there several years ago.

  3. Just got back from 3 days in Denver area. Did great on BFC. Went rafting where they had free granola bars but passed. I had some dried edamame in my bag, not a lot but enough to say no until lunch. Went to Rockies game. Had hotdog w/bleu cheese crumbles & bacon. Did not eat bun. Went to Sprouts Market. We don't have one in my area. Found lots of BFC items from book including Clemmy's Ice Cream. They only had Almond or Coffee. Don't drink coffee so had the Almond-delicious! Ate at Beau Jo's Pizza. They had a 4-5 inch skillet pizza using a tortilla for crust, with chicken, feta, kalamata olives and a garlic infused olive oil for sauce. Tasted great & gave me new idea for homemade pizza. If eating out I try to eat mostly protein or salad then if I miscalculate actual carb counts I don't go over. Family stopped at chocolate store. Knew I had dark chocolate at house so no temptation there (but I couldn't wait to get back so I could eat it since everyone else was eating theirs in car). Came back home at exact weight that I left so I know my choices were the right ones. (Amber-outfit looks great!)

  4. Your will power is fantastic. :) I admire you.

  5. Great job eating healthy on vacation! Just wondering...did your mom lose weight on the BFC or a different plan?

  6. I haven't gone on a trip yet, but I'm preparing myself for an upcoming Alaskan cruise that my in-laws are treating our family to. I have never been on a cruise, but people tell me that it gives overeating a new meaning since virtually everything's paid for. It's like being on a week-long buffet. That scares me. On the upside, though, I'm hoping there will be lots of protein and good veggies to choose from.

    P.S. I also love Anthropologie's stuff.

  7. Valyrie - I bet a cruise will be tough with the sweets, but I think there will be lots of protein foods that will help you stay the course.

    Cat - she would hate me saying this but my Mom has a bit of dieters ADD. She has done WW, BFC & another plan to lose that weight. She follows the principals of the BFC still though.

  8. V. Sattui is one of my favs! I miss Napa and must plan a trip there. Thanks for the vicarious visit!

    Having been on the BFC since October, I have lost 59.5 pounds - I still have a long way to go, but the thing is, this is a do-able lifestyle change for me. I still love me some carbs, but I've finally learned that if you fall off one day, you just get back up the next. Why? Because now I know that the crappy feeling in the afternoon was because of the high carb lunch! I don't do that anymore! I also now understand the science of what sugar does to us and why it is the real culprit in packing on the pounds. Plus there are so many indulgences that are okay within this lifestyle. My favs are the fact I can still make a latte that is BFC approved and not feel guilty, plus the dark chocolate. I will admit I still have not totally kicked the Splenda, but I consume no where near what I used to - Stevia is more the norm for me now.

    I'll take the 1-2 pounds a week thing because I'm listening to my body now and I know that nothing is really off limits as long as it's in moderation. And you get back on the horse the next day. I just donated my first bag of clothing earlier this week of my biggest clothes, and I'm still going thru my closet "shopping" with some smaller sizes still in there. But I'm also getting excited about buying the next size smaller - at resale stores - because it isn't goint to stop there. I feel to incredible everyday with less body pain - so this is for good for me!

    Thanks for your blog Amber - you are a continued inspiration to me.

  9. When in public and I'm offered stuff that I don't want to eat, I'll often respond, "nah, I'll just stand here and enjoy the sweet taste of discipline." If you say it in a somewhat self-deprecating way you don't sound pretentious and it usually generates a bit of a laugh.

  10. Okay I have been reading your blog for about four months now and I love it all. I really enjoy all of your experiances and product reviews. It also really cracked me up when I found out you were from the bay area since this is where I am currently living with my husband and daughter. I have lost about 32 pounds since I first started the BFC lifestyle. I feel awesome, the energy I now have sometimes feels a little strange but I just go with it now. The biggest reward for me so far is everyone around me still comes up to me in shock, and has to tell me over and over how great I look. The biggest downside is I keep having to remind myself when I go shopping to stay away from the size large clothing and to start with the medium and go from there (okay this isn't that bad it's just a knee jerk reaction of mine....see clothes go to large).

    When I first found this blog I became really excited here was someone actually doing this change just like me and wow she sure does have a lot of knowledge. I rely on your blog so much. Whenever I start to wavier I just long on and read about one of your bad days and it helps me get through mine.

    Lots of love,