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Friday, May 7, 2010

Sister M Comes Out of the Dieting Closet

My older Sister has been on the Belly Fat Cure for the last two months. She was doing great, but has struggled recently and not done a post lately. To read more about her story click HERE.

Just a quick “hey” to everyone!  We’re heading to Galveston in the morning to start our 30th Anniversary cruise.  Thanks to everyone who has asked about me.  I’m surviving – trying to get my head back in the game.  I’ve been very stressed about my weight and vacation and down on myself for a few weeks. I’ve come to the decision to start the new FAST-TRACK program on Monday the 17th.  I’ve been researching the cruise menus and know I can make a good effort at staying low-carb.

But this cruise is about me and my hubby reconnecting and relaxing; Our first vacation alone in about 20 years. In addition, I’ve decided to become more open about ME… So.. hello….I’m Misha.

See yall soon!

From Amber:
So glad to see Sister M... Misha back on track! I was anonymous here on Me & Jorge at first too. At some point I decided I couldn't be completely honest like that. So I know this is a big deal for her! She is struggling, but I'm so proud that she isn't quitting. Instead she is going to step it up a bit! She has had trouble with the added carbs and thinks this variation will suit her better.

I am so excited for her trip. She and her Husband have NEVER taken a trip alone since their children were born... that's twenty something years. And a lot of pressure! 

Yea Sister M... I mean Misha!!

ps. The Fast-Track is a program from Jorge that is in development and not open to the general public quite yet. As soon as I'm allowed I'll fill you in. General details can be found on Amazon here.


  1. Somehow I stumbled upon the Fast Track program while searching for it online. Here it is: http://jorgecruise.com/storage/FAST_TRACK.pdf

    Hope that helps some who want to try it!!

  2. Misha, I hope you and your husband have a fabulous cruise!