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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Product Review: Shirataki Noodles

Tofu Shirataki Noodles Spaghetti Shape 10 bagsFinding a good pasta on a Low Carb diet is really difficult. Even the whole wheat versions aren't that low, so that is why I was anxious to give "Tofu Noodles" a try. Anthony mentioned them as one of his favorite foods too! If you are really determined to stay low carb and really want noodles, these are a great choice.

That said, these aren't your everyday noodles! They are called Tofu Noodles because they are made of tofu, or soy beans. The noodles are already soft and need to be throughly rinsed and then briefly boiled before using them. Some brands recommend patting them dry in between those steps. They come packaged in water that has a very fishy smell and the rinsing and drying are to get rid of that smell.

There are several different brands of Tofu Noodles available. I liked the ones from House Foods best, mostly because of the noodle texture. They seemed less rubbery then the others. I found it best to use them in a way that distracted from their texture issues. Mac & Cheese and Tuna Noodle Casserole were a big hit in my house with these and were still Belly Fat Cure friendly.

Honestly, these aren't for everyone because the texture and smell can be distracting. But if you really want to keep pasta in your Low Carb diet you should give them a try. They have 0g Sugar, 3g Carbs and 2g Fiber for an S/C Value of 0/0. Compare that to whole wheat pasta that has 38g of carbs for about the same portion size!

Tofu Noodles cannot be frozen and as such, many retailers won't ship them during the winter. They need to be refrigerated at all times and many have a higher shipping cost because of that. My local grocery chain carries these in the produce section next to the tofu. I think Whole Foods carries them and of course you can get them at Amazon. Individually they are about $2.99 a packet which I used as two small servings.

Please share if you have tried these and let me know what you thought. And do you have a favorite Tofu Noodle recipe?

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of review, but in no way effected my review.


  1. I love your blog. Just bought the BFC book and will start the diet soon. I already eat the Tofu Shirataki and love it! I rinse the noodles really well and microwave them for at least a minute per package I'm using. I don't feel bad adding Alfredo sauce sometimes, and marinara with some sausage is really good too. Hungrygirl.com has some really useful recipes as she loves the stuff! (it's where I saw the product first). I find that Safeway near me has it for $2 each, but Whole Foods has it for $1.39 -ish per package. They also make a fettucini noodle as well!

  2. Maybe it's my Italian heritage but, I just couldn't wrap myself around the taste and texture of these. I got them at QFC (Kroger) near me (Seattle metro).

    Maybe I'll give them another chance.

  3. I don't eat soy (maybe some edamame rarely) so I have a couple excuses for skipping these. The thought of the texture has always skeeved me out but I know some people can't live without them. I'm glad you found a way to enjoy them!

  4. I have enjoyed them on occasion, but I find that I NEVER want to go back for the leftovers. They always sound sooo good to me when I haven't had them for a while and I'm craving pasta, but after one meal, the texture turns me off enough to make me not want them again for months.

    Glad they exist, but not my favorite.

  5. I tried these the other day, and found that while they have a sort of rubbery texture, they are wonderful in comparison to the shiritaki noodles made from just yam flour. Those (also known as Miracle noodle) are 'very' hard to take texture wise. It's like chewing on squid or something as equally rubbery. Overall however, the soy version is much easier to eat, and will give you that pasta 'fix' when the cravings become to overwhelming.
    I have found that the more you boil, the more rubbery it becomes, so try to stick to a very quick boil and rinse.

  6. I just tried these noodles with pesto, which is usually enough to make me like anything. I had issues with the texture.