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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Product Review: Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood

First, I want to say that I have been wanting to try Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood for months. It was on one of the menus from my class with Jorge Cruise. But it is expensive, at $27 for 8.5oz. When you average it out it isn't so bad, at about .90 per servings. So I was THRILLED when I saw that it was half price at Whole Foods. It was sign! (Sorry the sale is long over now but the Amazon links have a great deal right now too)

I have really learned to love Dark Chocolates on the Belly Fat Cure and I thought how nice a Chocolate, super low S/C drink, would be the perfect snack. Why is this better then other Whey Protein Powders? For starters, it is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Did I mention Probiotics? Because it has them too! It claims to have 6-9 servings of vegetables, which I am always low on (old habits die hard, I am ashamed to reveal).

I even had a dream about this drink, in it my kids and I were chugging it down and licking chocolate lips. Unfortunately, during the actual taste test, the kids hated this drink. My 8 year old started crying and the 5 year old nearly threw up when I "made" them drink it. Really! I, however, LOVE it just like I thought I would. There is 0 sugar. Nothing artificial and no Stevia or other sweeteners. Although you could use a natural sweetener if you still need that, it didn't help my boys.

It had a strong wheatgrass flavor, which I like, and a bit of a veggie smell. I would not recommend this if you are new to the Belly Fat Cure or the Low Sugar lifestyle. Try it when you have lost the taste for sugar, and then I think you will enjoy it for all it is. If you enjoy the Bug Juice, you will really like this.

The S/C details are 0grams Sugar, 4grams Carbs and 2grams Fiber. So it is a 0/0 by itself. But be sure and add your liquid, whatever you use, to the count. I used Unsweetened Almond Milk (USAM) or the So Delicious Coconut Milk to make ours. I actually realized later that it was the shock of the USAM that my boys were reacting to, not Amazing Grass, but it was too late.

I think I used WAY too many exclamation points to review this product, but you get the idea. If you are unsure about this product, they sell individual packets so you can try it first. I am also very excited to host a great giveaway from Amazing Grass this week, so don't forget to enter!

Amazing Grass products are available at Whole Foods and other Health Food stores. Also online at Amazon.com.


  1. What's not to like about chocolate? It makes me happy..a little something to look forward to or a reward for a good day's work. Plus, no one else in my house will TOUCH my dark chocolate, so I know it is always there, like a faithful friend!

  2. Up til now I haven't been such a chocolate fan because I have diabetes and it would be an awful temptation which I don't need. But I am about to start on the Belly Fat Cure and this product seems like it would help me get thru the "tough" times without harming my glucose results so much. Wish me luck!

  3. You can delete if this is a double comment (I actually clicked on the banner instead of Post comment)....anyhoo, I love all the AG products though their bars are a little high for BFC. I was literally just thinking about you and wishing you well. Have a great holiday weekend!!!

  4. Chocolate it's incredible and I love it addicted so just the thought that the Green Super Food comes in chocolate has my tastebuds melting you would think I wanted to taste a M & M. Im hoping to be able to win the super food so I can satisfy my chocolate addiction!!

  5. Amber...does this taste anything like the Jay Robb Chocolate powder? I wasn't really impressed with the taste of that, I'm glad i just had a sample.

  6. Lisa - It isnt like protein powder at all. It is a strong wheatgrass flavor with a great chocolate taste. It has no sweeteners at all, not even Stevia. I like it, but it isnt for everyone.

  7. I love green drinks and I love chocolate and I'm definitely going to have to try this SOON!

  8. Ernie Vander SchaafJune 5, 2010 at 1:10 PM

    I love the Jay Robb shakes so can't wait to try the Amazing Grass ones. I'm going to buy it soon but thought I give this a try for a freebie. Thanks for the blog and the opportunity. Ernie from Charlotte

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