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Friday, May 21, 2010

Belly Fat Cure Chicken Wings

It's time to breakout the backyard BBQ and invite over some friends! I wanted to share my #1 favorite Low Sugar/Low Carb BBQ recipe with you all.

Recently my Sister Misha had her 50th birthday and my family (who lives several states away from me) asked me what food they could prepare for her that would be on the Belly Good list. I suggested Chicken Wings and surprisingly none of them had made them from scratch! They had a hard time picturing anything that wasn't battered or loaded with high sugar sauces. So here goes my version of Belly Fat Cure Chicken Wings:

*1 bag of Frozen Chicken wings - These can be hard to find, but Safeway and Costco have them. You want them uncooked, unbattered and done up. Just the chicken parts. (The package may say Wing Sections or First and Second Wing Parts)
* Spicy seasonings - I use Old Bay Seasoning and Larry's Seasoning Salt, Cayenne if I have it. You can always add more later, so season to your personal liking
* Tabasco - If you like it spicy
* Nature's Hallow or Scott's BBQ Sauces - These two sauces are on Jorge Cruise's Belly Good list and are made with sugar alcohols. I've made my wings with them, but prefer it without now and the photos here from the wings made WITHOUT any sauce.  (Just a warning, if you order Scott's BBQ it is very thin, more like a marinade)
* Low Sugar Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing for dipping later
* Celery

Last time I made them just in the oven, and they were great! I toss together the first three ingredients and put them into a big pan and into the oven at 375 degrees. Cook for about 30 minutes, or until done. If you are adding BBQ sauce add it as you take them out. I don't turn them or anything. If you cook them on the grill, you will want to turn them once.

Serve them up with the dressing and celery as an appetizer or with other grilled green veggies if its the entree. They don't taste like diet food at all and depending on whether you used the BBQ Sauce or not, they are 0 sugar! Even my picking eater kids eat them and I had the leftovers cold the next day for lunch.



  1. Yum! These look amazing. I go in and out of wing (and thigh) moods depending on how much I can handle my chicken looking like animal parts. This recipe would even make yummy chicken tenders!

    Also, as far as I can tell, Old Bay does not contain MSG! Bonus points!

  2. Hi Amber,

    My starting weight is the same as yours was (196). I have been playing around with the BFC for about two weeks now. My issue is boredom. I am creatively-challenged when it comes to food-apparently. Could you write a post about your favorite lunches and dinners, just to show there can be variety. I can only eat so many pita pizzas and chicken breasts.

    Thanks for you blog, it's great!

    Eva in LA.

  3. I use Franks Hot Wing Sauce 0/0. Put in a ziplock with drumsticks, wings, thighs, whatever. Then put them in a foil pan on the grill. Flip them a few times. Skin gets a little crispy and yummy too. Also, do skinless, boneless breasts, then slice up for a salad with bleu cheese crumbles and dressing. Yummo!