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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Advice for Being Successful on Any Diet

Sometimes I really don't know how I lost 47 lbs. It seems like a gargantuan task that I'm not capable of doing. Yet I did. There are things that I knowingly did and some that I can look back on and see they really worked well. I wanted to share these tips with you, they are not Belly Fat Cure specific:

Don't set impossible limits for yourself - For example, "No Eating After 7pm". Then what the hell are you supposed to do if you are starving at 8:30 or if life has made it impossible to have dinner before that? I've tried this a few times and I just feel like a failure when I end up breaking this rule I've made for myself.

Take one day at a time - Can I do this diet for the rest of the day? Can I eat this way tomorrow, for a week...? Yes, I can. Keep it simple and don't freak yourself out by thinking you have to do this forever. Once the plan clicks, then you can think of "forever". For now, you just have to get past the chip aisle or the donut box at work.  Just take it one meal, one day, at a time.  (I must have been a 12 Stepper in another life, because this stuff really resonates with me!)

Instead of eliminating snacks, replace them with good snacks (first) - I used to want evening snacks for no reason, no matter how good or filling dinner was. My first month on the BFC I replaced that bad snack with a Jay Robb shake each night. It was more of a habit than anything else. The shake was sweet enough and very filling. Over time I didn't need it anymore either. Now I have a pot of decaf tea, with a little cream and one Sun Crystal packet for the whole pot. It warms me up, fills me up and is just little sweet.

Be honest with yourself - I found I was lying to myself about what I had really been eating and my behavior. I thought if nobody saw me eat that junk food, then its like it didn't happen. I don't care what you tell others, but be honest with yourself and you'll learn a lot about what's going on. For me that means if I wouldn't eat it in front of that Size 0 Mom from school, then I shouldn't eat it at all!

Don't set impossible goals - I'm not going to weigh what I did in college. Its just not going to happen. I'm not that girl anymore, I'm a women who birthed and breastfed had two children. And I'm okay with that. But may be I could weight what I did when I got married...

Don't let your success depend on others - Don't try to talk your spouse/best friend/sister into doing the diet with you. Let them come in their own time. If they struggle, don't let that drag you off the plan but instead work harder at setting a good eating example in hard times. People need to be really ready for change, so if you're ready jump in now and don't wait for everyone else to get onboard.

You can't follow a diet you don't believe in - If you don't actually believe the science of your diet, you won't last trying to follow it. Either convince yourself with research or do something else.

Replace a bad habit with a good habit - I used to yack on the phone with friends and putter around my house after I dropped my son off for Kindergarten and waste my few precious hours away. Now I dedicate two of those mornings to Power Walking and Running. I put on my workout clothes and walk him to school and leave straight from there. If I came back home first I'd get caught up in a million tasks and never get out again.

Track your food intake - This seems more trouble than its worth, but it was important for me (have you seen my S/C Tracker?! I'm crazy like that!) The best thing this let me do is look back over a week and see where I went wrong and right. Sometimes I'd be disappointed in my loss and say to myself "But I was PERFECT this week". But my tracker always told the true story.

If you have a tip to share, I'd love to hear it!


  1. I guess a tip that's been working for me is if there's a dessert around, i tell my mind that it's just not worth it because there is so much great food i can eat on this plan. This works for me because i like to eat And really once you get the sugar out of your body you don't crave it anymore. This is from the lady who ate dessert EVERY night, not just 1 slice, by the time i was done, it was the whole row or more! I started this plan 12 weeks ago, that seriously is the longest i have EVER stayed on a plan!!!!!! I've lost 23lbs and lots of inches. That's what really keeps me motivated is the weight loss and inches lost, i feel great every time i wake up. I've NEVER had results like this before. So please everyone, just give it a try, and read this blog everyday, that is another tip for everyone, Amber is so supportive and real!! Start reading this from the beginning and i'm sure all of you can relate. I have at least 30lbs to go but i am not the least bit worried. I WILL eat this way the rest of my life!!! Thanks, Amber, you saved my life!!!

  2. That's great advice. Thanks!

  3. I came across your blog and I love it. Have been doing the BFC for 2 months and lost 12 lbs. I like reading your blog because it comes from a real persons perspective. Goood work!!!

  4. Sure am happy you are back to giving us your inspirational words and great reasons to help us stay motivated.

    Even somewhat enjoyed my Uncle Sam's cereal this morning.

    Your blog is like opening the blinds to sunshine every morning.

    As always, thanks for all you do.....................Sally

  5. Thanks for the reminders that it is a step by step process. I love to read your blog because I really feel encouraged to keep going and not dwell on setbacks. I love this plan because I never feel deprived and really enjoy the food. I am so amazed that when my family is enjoying gelato or donuts or something I would usually devour without much thought I can easily say "no thanks" I never thought that would happen!

  6. Thank you for your always kind comments! I write about things in a positive way, because that is really how I feel. I too was feeling desperate, overweight and completely helpless in it all. That was just a few months ago. So if I can pass on what I learned to one of you and help you out of that dark place, that would make my day! You all rock! Thanks for reading!!

  7. Hey Amber!

    Life has been super busy, especially since we took a few days for our Vegas trip. Work is always crazy when I take time off and haven't had time to email you or catch up on your blog but did get to read this post and loved it. Tonight is our last Fast Track meeting and although it's made me energetic and not care about processed foods and sugar anymore, I haven't lost a single pound. I may have lost 1.5" in my belly but since I botched up my initial measurement, that's debatable. LOL I know it's at least 1" so I'm happy about that. I think tomorrow, I will start on BFC. I really want to work the protein shake back into my life for convenience sake if nothing else. :) I think once May is over, life might calm down! Ah...who am I kidding? LOL OK, I'll be in touch, Amber!!! Have you checked out my FB pics from the CF walk and Vegas? Between those two things, I think I walk about 10 miles and still didn't lose but both were fun. :) Lisa from sunny San Diego, wife of the Undaunted Dad & mom of Charlie