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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weigh In: Week 26 on Vacation

So I followed up my worst week on the Belly Fat Cure with a week on vacation! Brilliant, right? Last time I weighed in I was up 3lbs, the first weight gain I had on the BFC. But right before I left I weighed again, and it was up even more! Grrrr... I was really upset about all this before we left, I just felt briefly out of control about eating and was so mad that basically one day had just ruined every thing. But that is all so dramatic, and one day can not ruin everything. So I jumped back on the wagon. Last week I was gone on Monday, so I don't have a weigh in for week 25, but for Week 26 I am down 1 pound. That puts me at 155.5 (up 2 lbs from my lowest).

A good friend said to me "treat yourself, you deserve to do that on vacation". But I totally did not take that advice! I really want to move beyond rewarding myself with food and it was pretty easy to do on this vacation. So I pretty much did what I said I was going to do! I did not really enjoy eating my La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious quesadilla on the plane ride, but I ate it and felt satisfied. Christine, a blog reader here, emailed to tell me she lost 2 lbs while on a cruise on the BFC, and that was really motivating too!

The hardest part? Passing up nightly ice cream or Hawaiian Ice with the kids. I took along 2 Green & Black's 85% Dark Chocolate bars and that really helped (and I ended up only eating one of them the whole week). Eating out Breakfast everyday, and seeing/smelling pancakes and French Toast would have been too hard. I packed a box of Uncle Sams instead. I sent the Husband and boys off to the restaurant and went for a 3 mile run nearly every morning and ate that dry cereal on the balcony. I grabbed the largest coffee I could find each morning later on the walk to the beach. Sunflower seeds and Pistachios were a big hit with the whole family on the beach, and we found Macadamia nuts to have an excellent S/C Value too.  One night we went to my favorite restaurant Roy's. It is a big splurge, but is really good. They were pushing pear flavored martini's, but I settled for glass of wine. They also pushed their famous chocolate soufflĂ©, but I settled for watching the kids eat their sundae. My Husband was kind enough to pass on dessert every night, which really helped me. I'd say "get one if you want, I'm fine", but he didn't.

We had a really, really wonderful vacation. A last minute super discounted trip to Hawaii for our little family was just what we needed. The boys surfed, I paddle boarded and kayaked. We visited the set of Lost and even saw the never aging Richard from Lost at a restaurant. We saw whales, sea turtles and an old friend. I was really proud of myself for staying on the plan. It was completely hilarious when a friend emailed and said Jorge was also currently in Hawaii and talking about Macadamia nuts too!

A few funny things... the size 8 shorts I wanted didn't fit yet, so I didn't buy them and decided my old size 14s would be okay. So I put them on one day and they were just hanging off me. I could take them off without undoing them. I jokingly told my sons that I was like the teenagers at the mall. My 8 yr old said "You mean the ones where you can see all their underwear? Not a good look Mom." And he was right! But they were the only shorts I brought and the photos of me those shorts are awful! I discovered that almost all the clothes in my closet are all big. And clothes that are too big, don't look good on a person that has just lost weight!

I felt comfortable in my bathing suit, but not GREAT. That was a good step forward htough. The Husband snapped this when we were night snorkeling, and I think it unfairly shows me looking better then I did in the moment. But usually its the other way around right?! Usually you think you are all looking all good and then see the photo and think, "I looked like that?!" But it hides the thunderthighs and my badonkadonk, which are desperate for their own cure now! So I'm pushing towards the 140s...


  1. Hooray for you. That is super great. Losing a pound on vacation has to make you feel great. You probably added some muscle, too, being so athletic.
    You are brave to snorkel at night. What did you see? Do the fish sleep?
    Get rid of those big clothes...donate them, be happy to let someone else wear them. Just my opinion...

  2. It sounds like you did great and, you know, that kind of effort doesn't necessarily show up overnight but I'll bet you'll see it in the next couple of weeks. So sweet and supportive that your husband passed on dessert. My husband doesn't like it (I know! Does not like that whole genre of food or course, if you will! Unbelievable) so I'm usually safe. We're off on a trip of our own shortly. I'm a little worried (It's with the overeating side of the family)but will channel your perseverance!

  3. So great to have you back! You're son is adorable, he looks a lot like you! Sounds like you need a shopping spree...great job!! Lisa

  4. Amber, I think that you were missed by all of us that follow you. Welcome home.
    There's nothing like getting back from vacation and having renewed inspiration to continue on this journey.
    You'll see, this week is going to be great!

  5. You, your husband, and your candor are great! Thanks for sharing and "being real!"

  6. Thanks so much! It was a great trip, but its good to be back too! Its cold rainy weather though...

  7. I'm sure you had a great time in Hawaii! Sounds like you handled yourself really well in the eating/exercising arena.

  8. I love reading your blog because it is so real & those of us going through the weight loss process need to share info & support each other! I had to come back & re-read the vacation portion of your blog to use as inspiration - I will be leaving on a 5 day vacation tomorrow & am somewhat concerned with how I will handle eating out & visiting friends who may not understand my way of eating now. I'm packing snacks & also my exercise clothes. Wish me luck!