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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weigh in: Week 24, Worst Week Ever!

I knew this day was coming, but I was hiding from it pretty successfully. On my 24th week on the Belly Fat Cure I have GAINED weight. Boo, hiss. Today I am up a whooping 3 lbs. That's it, I quit!

Ha, just kidding. About the quiting I mean. The weight gain was real. On a positive note, that is the very first weight gain I have had in all these weeks. Sometimes I am up in the middle of the week, but it's the first one I've had on a Monday morning weigh in. It is normal to go up and down a bit on a diet, so I'm going to try really hard not to let this bump in the road totally trip me up. Speaking of bumps in the road....

I had one slip up the whole week, honestly I think it only contributed but isn't the full cause. I was weighing higher all week if I got on the scale. I felt a little bloated all week and my digestion was a sluggish. Then I fell while running on Friday and got cut up and bruised. I fell really hard, full body face plant, all the way to the ground kind of fall. Plus I was really stressed all week (car problems, tenant problems, vacation and tax planning, baby repeating Kindergarten issues) but I didn't reach out to food all week, until Friday.

Turns out, my worst enemy on a diet is not cake or sweets. It is a bag of Doritos. If they are in my possession, I am unable to monitor myself. This should be relatively simple to solve, right? No Doritos in the house! They are banned, I say banned! They were already banned, I thought, but my kids were having friends over for Movie & Pizza night after my disastrous Friday fall. I thought the chips would be fun too. I opened them and inhaled half the bag before I realized what I was even doing. Then I was fine all weekend, perfect for Easter. After I weighed  Monday on morning I was so let down, and thought, what the hell, I went back and finished that bag. No more Doritos in my house!

I beat myself up about it all night. I felt uncomfortably full, irritable and was blabbering on and on to my Husband how I had screwed it all up. He finally looked up from his laptop long enough to say "It was just ONE day Amber, get over it". So I thought about this little nugget of wisdom (hey, you have to take what you get!) and figured that I have  been on the Belly Fat Cure for about 168 days. And I'm going to be on it for many, many more days. Hundreds of days. So one terrible, very bad day is bound to happen. It's how you deal with the day after, and the day after that.

Part of me wanted to starve myself or do shakes for a day to make up for all those Carbs yesterday. But instead I just went right back on the wagon. No skipping or cutting corners. I'm going to dance with the one who brung me. The Belly Fat Cure got me this far and I'm trying hard not to let one day bring me down.

I would love to hear how you all have overcome weight gains while dieting. Was it the beginning of the end, or just a blip on a the radar?


  1. Amber--you totally are a huge SUCCESS story and inspiration to many--of course you're going to have slip-ups--that's what makes us human! You have lost over 40 pounds!!!!! (go back and read that sentence over and over!!!!)
    And yes, it's actually ironic that I'm on a low-sugar eating plan (note I didn't say diet) as my biggest hurdle is Doritos or chips and salsa--have resigned myself that I can't buy them as I can't regulate how much I eat.
    Hang in there--this too shall pass!
    Pat in NJ

  2. OMG it's contagious! I'm so sorry!!!! It's not just the carbs in the Doritos but the MSG that's also making you retain water. Your Doritos are my Reese's eggs! I'm so sorry about your fall too.

    Everyone has been so nice to me about my slip & gain that I must pass it along. We will get through this and keep going. We are not safe around trigger foods because they've been engineered to drive our "hunger" so if you can't bring them into the house you're doing everyone a favor.

    You had a boo-boo and wanted to make it better. Sometimes we are that little kid still. Be nice to your little kid. Give her a hug.

    If it makes you feel any better, this was a hard week for a LOT of us. Not sure what the deal was but we're all picking ourselves up, some more figuratively than others. :)

    You got this one!

  3. SALT....you're just retaining water. All of a sudden whoosh, you'll be going potty 25 times a day and then you'll be down 5 pounds. Just don't let your sister know.

  4. I'm right with you Amber... had a not so great week and gained 2 lbs. But drank a ton of water Monday and weighed myself again this morning to find I lost that 2 lbs of water. I talk about it a bit more on my blog... http://bfctami.blogspot.com/. I try not to weigh too often but that stinkin scale keeps calling me.

    Hang in there... you are an inspiration!

  5. I wouldn't take this so much in stride. You've been so on w/ the the fiber kick that your body may have gotten used to it, thus limiting its effectiveness. You certainly don't need to dance w/ anyone else, but it may be time to ditch the running man for the cabage patch.

    What I mean is change something. Our bodies are smart. They adapt to what we do to make it the new norm. This is why I like to forget to do certain chores around the house periodically--they my wife won't feel so happy when they get done. I shirk my responsibilities out of love!

    Here are a few ways I would shake things up:

    1. Ad interval training to your running. Get a gymboss timer (google it; Amazon) and set it to give you 20 seconds followed by 2 minute intervals. Then sprint for the 20 seconds and jog lighter than normal for the 2 minutes. It just may get your body thinking "whoa! I better get some calories out of long term storage (aka fat) b/c I never know when this lady is gonna need a bunch at moment's notice."

    2. Limit cereal grains--or even eliminate them. This will force you to get your fiber from far more filling and macronutrient-rich vegetables. Doing this helped me go from 2 months stuck at ~235 down to ~227 in a couple weeks. Major plateau breakthrough.

    FYI I crashed and burned hard last night on those Trader Joe's "scoops" corn chips and guac. At least the guac is BFC okay....

  6. 'You had a boo-boo and wanted to make it better. Sometimes we are that little kid still. Be nice to your little kid. Give her a hug.' - Carbzilla, I love this! Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves.

    It's not that you had a little detour this week, it's how you react. Get back on the horse. :)

  7. Amber, you have helped so many people with your blog! Even your falls help us to realized we are all human! Jorge says the most important things about our falls is to get right back up! You have gone so far w/o any weight gain! Your doing great, this is all part of the process! I, like you, cant have those chips in the house ! Mary

  8. Thanks to you all! You all are the best! There must be something in the moon cycles or tax stress time that has us reaching for bad foods.

    Mike - I love the man's perspective! I feel like I only just changed it up a few weeks back. But I agree I need to be open to that! I have a great app on my Android and Im trying to move from power walking/running to straight up running. There is a big 1mile long hill that is kicking my butt though. A friend is trying to talk me into registering for a half marathon in October... and Im considering it! Yikes!

    Carbzilla - I actually read your blog post and was shocked to read you went through the same thing this week! I could have also named my post "Ive fallen, but I CAN get up".

  9. Whenever I feel down (or fall down...oweeii!) I call my little sister and let her tell me how this is not a reflection on who I am and how dedicated I am. It's a number! Love you...

  10. OK, so one bad week. You have done so spectacularly. I really relate to how you feel as even on weeks when I really good, I lose zero to 1 pound. My weight loss has been so slow. I do have thyroid issues and right now its way off. Yesterday doctor said it is not possible for my body to lose weight, but that I was doing everything right. So like you, I'm going to keep following the program as best I can, and one day we will both be losing again!

  11. Must have been a bad week for many of us...I've had a stressful time with some personal & work related issues, especially today & found myself grabbing candy (yikes) out of the kids' Easter baskets. Gotta pick ourselves up & begin a new day again tomorrow, right back on track. Amber - look how far you've come & all that you've accomplished - your blog is wonderful to read - & an inspiration to us all!

  12. Amber, that 3 lbs. that showed up on your scale so QUICKLY has probably already disappeared by now!

    There is no way that you can fail, especially with the supportive family that we are all beginning to know. Sister M, JJ and of course your Mom. I will crawl out of the weeds a little and let you know that I will turn 69 on Mother's Day. I have utilized the wisdom of all that follow your blog to help me reach my personal goal of really looking good before I turn to the next big number in my life. You must believe what a postive influence you have become in so many lives and to honestly be able to admit stubbing your toe makes all of us believe when we stub ours that it is not the end of the world.

    I have decided that scale watching has become my own worst enemy after many attempts with WW.
    This plan for life long eating is so simple and if one does have a slip, it is so easy to get back on. I do know that I have lost all over, and have been tempted to test the scales but have made the decision to wait for the six week time period.

    Please catch a big hug through cyber space and know that we all have faith that you are on top of things.......Sally, one of your more Senior followers

  13. Sally- THANK YOU, I really appreciate that! My Mom is also 69 and on the BFC, I should put you two in touch.

    Those 3lbs arent gone yet and they are playing with my psyche. But it really is all about how we recover from our stumbles, isnt it?

  14. Amber...just jump back on the wagon and continue to inspire us, at least it wasn't a huge sugar binge...white cake and white frosting is calling me everyday, but i just come to this blog and it really keeps me motivated. No one's perfect, so just shake it off!!! (: Lisa

  15. Don't forget the chemicals... in addition to MSG those Doritos contain a ton of chemicals, and from my Raw Food/Whole Foods studying I know those chemicals get stored away inside cells buffered by water to protect you from the toxic elements. A lot of what we think is fat on us is actually toxins sequestered away, one of the reasons we pee like crazy when we start on good wholesome foods. The MSG in Doritos too, ugh. Boy they taste some good though, I'll agree to that!

  16. just started and ending my 3rd day. I have not actually eaten all the sugars. I like how I feel and I seem to already have more energy. I just hope I can continue. I have 60 pounds to lose,and am 57 years old. I could use the support